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Wix for Nonprofits: Making it Easy to Create a Website

Today, we are looking at how to use Wix for nonprofits. See, many nonprofits around the world know that it is important to have a website. 

A website can help them raise money, promote their cause and share information with others in the community. 

However, they often struggle when it comes to creating a site because of time constraints or lack of expertise in web design and programming languages like HTML and CSS. 

Fortunately, there are many tools out there that make it easy for nonprofit organizations to create websites without any coding or technical experience at all.

In this blog post, we will discuss Wix for Nonprofits: making it easy to create a website.

What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder that allows for the creation of beautiful, responsive websites without any coding or technical experience necessary. Wix was founded in 2006 and has over 100 million users worldwide!

Why use Wix?

Nonprofits often struggle with creating their own websites because they have to learn HTML and CSS languages first before being able to build a site. 

Many organizations hire outside help or turn to volunteers who may not know how to create a fully functional site either. 

This can be costly as well as time-consuming; which makes it difficult for nonprofits to maintain an updated presence online on top of all their other work. 

On the other hand, using tools like Wix makes it easy for anyone (who has at least basic computer skills) such as staff members, volunteers, and interns to create a website within minutes.

Benefits of using Wix for nonprofits

What is in it for the nonprofits using Wix?

Easy to use

Users don’t need to know HTML or CSS in order to build a site (although these languages are still available if you choose). 

Users can drag and drop elements onto the page, edit them using intuitive controls and even add photos right from their computer.

This makes it easy for anyone with basic computer skills such as staff members, volunteers, and interns to create a website within minutes. 

It is also very cost-effective because Wix for nonprofits does not require any upfront fees; nonprofits just pay when they want monthly hosting options. 

Wix is mobile friendly 

With over half of users accessing the internet from their smartphones, it’s important that nonprofits have a site that can be viewed on any platform. 

Wix sites are automatically built with responsive designs which means they look great across all devices!

Free website domain name 

Nonprofits receive one free personalized address when creating an account for hosting purposes (in addition to 24/h support). 

This makes it easy for donors and volunteers to find your organization easily online. 

Easy integration 

You can integrate your Wix website with social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc… through widgets in order to share content directly onto their accounts or pages without having to leave the site itself.

The combination of these features makes it possible for anyone to create a successful and fully functional website for their nonprofit without any previous experience!

Great for fundraising

Nonprofits can also use Wix to easily create online donation forms that are fully customizable. 

They allow users to set up recurring or one-time donations, choose the currencies they want to accept, and even provide detailed information about their cause.

This makes it easy for donors to find all relevant information without having to do any research themselves.

Easy sharing of content

Nonprofits can easily with visitors through email subscriptions as well as social media widgets in order to get more out of your site by engaging them directly on platforms where they already spend a lot of time such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How to get started with Wix for nonprofits

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use create a website for a nonprofit for free using Wix.

1. Go to

Go to Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website |

Head over to to get started with Wix for nonprofits. This is the homepage you will find.

2. Click on Get Started

Click on Get Started

Click on get started to start creating a website for a non-profit organization for free.

3. Create an account

Click on Continue with Google

The next step is to create an account.

Here, you have four options;

  • Use an email and choose a password
  • Use a Facebook account
  • Google account
  • Apple account

Personally, I use a Google account because I won’t have to type in the password every time I want to log in to Wix.

Pick whichever you are comfortable with.

4. Answer some questions to get the best tools for what you are creating.

Click on Answer some questions to get the best tools for what you're creating.

You may choose to answer some onboarding questions set by Wix. This is aimed at helping you get the best using Wix for nonprofits.

5. Choose website category

Click on Non-Governmental Organization

Now that you are creating a website for an NGO, go ahead and pick the non-governmental organization.

6. Add features

Click on highlight

Here, go through the list and pick the features and sections you will need for your new website.

For example;

An NGO website will need;

  • A blog section to share news
  • Form to collect payments and email addresses
  • Events page to showcase upcoming events

Do you get the idea?

7. Click on Start Now

Click on Start Now

Here, you have two options;

  • Wix Editor – here, you will be required to pick a template and start editing
  • Wix ADI – here, you answer a couple of questions about your project, and then a website will be created for you automatically.

Pick the one you prefer.

For example;

If you are in a hurry, you can go with Wix ADI because it creates a website automatically.

And pick Wix Editor if you’d rather experience the whole process.

For this tutorial on how to use Wix for nonprofits, we are using the Wix Editor option.

8. Choose a template


You can now choose the most appropriate template.

Luckily, Wix gives you access to hundreds of free website templates.

To get what you are looking for (or something close), just search for it using a keyword describing your project.

For example;

Type “nonprofit” to get templates for NGO websites on Wix.

Sort through the available list and the one that catches your eye.

9. Click on Edit

Click on Edit

Click on View to preview your chosen template.

If you like what you see, click on Edit to start editing.

10. Home Tools

Click on Home

You are almost done creating a website with Wix for nonprofits.

The remaining part is customizing the website to showcase your messages.

  • Change images and texts
  • Add new pages
  • Connect a custom domain if you do not wish to use the Wix extension
  • Integrate your social media platforms.


You have created a website for an NGO for free on Wix!

How much will it cost to use Wix for NGOs?

Wix gives you 100s of templates, unlimited pages, and top-grade hosting FREE. 

You can upgrade to Premium and get even more.

The cost starts from $4.50 per month. This package allows you to add a custom domain, gives you a free SSL certificate, 1GB of bandwidth, and 500MB of storage space.

If you want more, consider the higher plans.

Best Wix for nonprofits alternatives to consider

There are many great website builders that offer nonprofit pricing; some of the most popular alternatives include: 


Offers a free plan for nonprofits with up to five pages. 

They do not have any monthly plans, but they also provide hosting services so you won’t need to find an alternative solution for getting your site online. 

However, there is no limit on how much bandwidth or storage space you can use which makes it one of the best Wix alternatives out there! 


Squarespace is another one of the best Wix for nonprofits alternatives.

It provides customizable templates and allows users to choose from three different subscription options depending on their needs (pricing varies per). 

Plans range from $12/month for basic personal websites all the way up to $144/month if you want unlimited professional websites and storage space. Their plans also include 24/h support, 500+ fonts, and Google Analytics integration among others!


Jimdo offers a basic free plan that allows nonprofits to create up to five pages with no ads or marketing materials (no hosting included). 

They offer paid monthly subscription options ranging from $11/month for the most basic option all the way up to $22/month if you need more advanced features such as custom domain addresses etc… 


Provides customizable templates with an easy drag and drop interface; it is extremely user-friendly but still powerful enough to build great-looking sites without any previous knowledge of coding! 

Plans range from $1/ month for personal use only sites and for unlimited professional websites. 

They also provide free hosting so you won’t have to find your own solution in order to get the site online!

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Wix is an excellent option for nonprofits that are looking to create professional-looking websites without having extensive technical knowledge or skills needed

The combination of easy drag and drop features, fully customizable design elements with powerful fundraising tools make it one of the most popular website building sites on the market!

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