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Here is How To Get Free SSL Certificates Faster in 2024

What is SSL?

An SSL stands for a secure socket layer that ensures your site data is encrypted displaying important verified information and provides authentication making sure data is sent to the right server.

Security has become a critical area in our modern technological world. With billions of money being invested in the security sector it now bests you take notes on this.

For a website, you will need to ensure your data is protected and safe from people with malicious ideas or plans.

Most people don’t proceed to unprotected sites unless the need is so pressing hence if you are a website user or owner this has become a basic need.

A statistics shows that as of 2020, 90% of online shoppers will not proceed to purchase when redirected to unsecure site

For a business, this statistic is very critical and having that know-how you need one.

There are many types of SSLs and include:

  • Free certificates
  • paid/premium certificates

Free SSL Certificates

Don’t mistake the word free for ignorance. Yes, this is offered for free but very critical to your website.

Prevention is always better than the cure itself hence you will need at least this package on your website. It offers basic protection from scammers and fishers.

Pros of free certificate

  • They come at no cost
  • Your site becomes secure within minutes
  • Protects you from security and warning messages
  • They are trusted by all browsers

Cons of free certificates

  • There is no warranty
  • They come in 1-3 month packages
  • Not recommended for e-commerce
  • May reduce website speed or performance
  • Verifies only domain and not coding.
  • No trust seal

Paid / Premium SSL Certificates

Never get worried and believe in the security process from these plans.

With a paid certificate you will dedicate what you want in terms of security. The paid certificate comes with a green padlock to ensure you are trusted and reliable.

The certificate comes with a trust seal and supports mostly used for organizations or ecommerce sites. The sensitivity surrounding money is very critical and to survive this fraud prone sector a green padlock (a paid certificate) can make or break your business.

The greatest benefit of a paid certificate is that you are not on your own and in case of a security bleach in terms of card details you will be compensated in a range between $10 to $1.5 million depending on the damage cost.

Getting a Paid SSL certificate can make you a huge difference, get one for your online business today!


In conclusion let me introduce you to olitt website builder where you can create a website for free and link your domain name without having to spend a coin. That coin can help you secure a paid certificate and ease your budget abit.

OLITT websites builder

Having now the ideology behind security if you want a website where you don’t have to worry about security i can recommend you to create a website that is already secured.

The OLITT website builder allows you to create a secured website hence saving you the hustle of searching and connecting certificates. Moreover, if you need a paid certificate the prices on packages available are super cost-friendly in terms of the budget while not compromising on security.

Get Free SSL certificates now

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