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Olitt vs Weebly: Which One is Better For Your Website Needs?

The first step towards having a thriving website is making a wise decision on the choice of the website builder. Olitt vs Weebly is a tight match which we have carefully picked out from the vast market options.  

Over the years the number of website builders is building up, making it hard for you to narrow down to a specific one. After an in-depth look at what most of the website builders have to offer, we are confident that these two website builders stand out.

Even more, we will now look at the important factors that you need to consider in choosing a website builder and help you choose between Olitt vs Weebly.

Ease of use

If you are considering going the Do It Yourself (DIY) way, then both OLITT and Weebly are a good fit. To add, both have the drag and drop editor which makes it easy for anyone to build their site. 

OLITT has already built websites and hundreds of industry-specific inbuilt templates that you can customize and publish your site in a matter of minutes. 

Weebly has more than 40 themes that are mobile-friendly. Most of the tools are easily accessible and visible which is also friendly for beginners. 

The difference between OLITT and Weebly is that users sometimes complain that Weebly is quite structured and therefore you may not always place your texts and images as desired. 

OLITT wins in this category as it is super flexible.


Olitt has enabled Search Engine Optimization for all websites and landing pages. All you need to do is upload your Favicon, put your website title, keyword and meta description, and get started with SEO.  This way, your website gets easily noticed on the internet. 

On the other hand, Weebly contains SEO guides in Weebly’s help and support center. Here, you can get advice on keyword optimization, coding, and helpful tips on boosting your website’s ranking.

In this category, it depends on how you like it done. It looks easier with Olitt but also Weebly has the upper hand in with offering you support from their help center. At the end of the day, both website builders optimize your site on search engines.

On SEO optimization, OLITT vs Weebly gets a tie. 


Value for your money is a primary consideration for OLITT vs Weebly. As we saw earlier, they are a tight match as you will notice that both have an unlimited free plan which is quite lucrative on both sides. 

We can not advise you to stay on the free plan the whole time is because you will have limited storage space and adverts displayed on your site for both builders. However, we noticed that OLITT allows you to use your custom domain on the free plan which you can not with Weebly. 

Weebly is known for having simple and friendly pricing plans while OLITT remains the leader in the market as it offers high-quality sites with the lowest prices there is the whole world.  Compare the plans from the images below.

OLITT pricing:

OLITT Pricing

Weebly Pricing:

weebly pricing

Our winner for this category is OLITT! 


Connecting domains with OLITT has been made quite simple for you. All you need to do is to add the DNS record to your domain, click connect and go live with a custom domain name. To add, you can get a DNS manager that will enable you to point your domain to other services like external mail service. 

OLITT also has more than four hundred domain names you can choose from and they are the cheapest you can ever get in the market. 

Weebly also has impeccable domain deals. You can get the perfect domain name with full ownership and DNS control. Their pricing is also fair but more expensive than what OLITT offers.

For this category in OLITT vs Weebly, Olitt gets the win!


OLITT is a unique website builder that will give you a fresh approach to building your site. It is mostly meant for Startups, Apps, Entrepreneurs, SaaS, and any individual looking to launch their site swiftly.

As much as their blogging feature is not renowned, the website will provide you with a vast resource to keep your clients well informed.

Weebly has impressive blogging features. Whether you want to start blogging or run a small blog along with your store, you will get awesome tools from Weebly that will keep your readers glued to your site.

Some of these features include blog-specific themes, scheduled sharing on social media sites, advanced comment management, media integrations in your blog dashboard, and inbuilt RSS social sharing features.

As for blogging between OLITT vs Weebly, Weebly gets the win!


Start small but do not stay stuck there. The same applies to start a website. Choosing a website builder that seamlessly allows your growth is the goal. 

Weebly has tons of inbuilt features that are available in the Weebly App Centre. These are reliable tools for you to explore as you grow your site.

A huge bonus is that Weebly also allows you to customize your site using code. The only limitation with Weebly is that it is not ideal for large online sites.

OLITT is also up to the game. So far with unmatched deals in the market. You can grow your site by starting from a free plan.

Later upgrade your website to a premium plan that will allow you to add inbuilt features, increase your uptime rate and get a fast, resourceful site that will get you higher conversions.

In this category, Weebly gets the win!

So far it looks like OLITT has the upper hand over Weebly. Visit and get yourself a website that is in a class of its own. 

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