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Websites Problems And How OLITT Can Fix Them.

Every day people are making great things happen especially online. Well, let’s talk about the problems with websites and how OLITT can fix them.

Websites have become everything. Shops are now online, classes, booking, and many more are done online.

A few years back all these services required one visiting a certain building or office to accomplish them. Technology has eased all these.

Each day people are finding new ways of solving problems. Having a website is great and helps one reach out to many people at once.

A website is great but what makes it more interesting? Well, a number of things such as:

  •  Speed- an average website loads between 10-20 seconds depending on the device and the internet speed.
  • Responsive- one click or touch of an element should be enough for it to show actions.
  • Security- each website should secure both visitors and clients. Should be free from malicious activities too.
  • Navigable- a website should be easy to use. No one wants a site they can’t read and access data.
  • Informative- how will your clients reach you? A contact form should be readily available.

Of course, different clients have different preferences. However, every new visitor has to check out the above things.

Create a website that makes a customer “wow”. Well, you don’t need even a lot… utilize your creativity.

Do websites make money?

Yes, websites are just like businesses. Here is how to earn from a website:

  • Advertising- (Google Adsense) every ad you place on your website when clicked guarantees you make money.
  • Affiliate marketing- find the best product, market it and recommend it and use the affiliate link for people to use to purchase with.
  • Selling digital products- ebooks is a good example of a product you can sell from your website and earn cash.
  • Donations- one can add a donor button to your website and get money from donors.
  • Create premium content- If you got exceptional content that visitors can’t get enough of; you can always ask them to pay for it. 

What do you need to create a website?

1. A domain name

A domain is an address to your site. It’s the name that people will use to access your website.

A domain has two parts: the domain name e.g Facebook and the extension .com. A good domain also should be short and easy to remember.

Here are things one should consider when choosing a domain. Also, here is a step-by-step on how to buy one.

2. Hosting

This is the service that holds your domain and your websites. Hosting simply is online storage.

There many places one can get their hosting plans. However at Truehost, one can even host for free.

It’s up to you to pick what best suits you. Get value for what you are paying for.

3. Name of your website

This is another crucial element. A name is very important for it states what your website is about.

A good name should be interesting yet informative. It should speak for your website.

People are prone to mistakes and often one should consider creating a great name that goes along with what you do.

4. Content

This is what your website will be about. Content also can be about a product or the service intended to be offered.

One should consider creating SEO-friendly content. Content also helps in marketing your site.

The more visitors you get the popular you become. Driving traffic also helps one get indexed on Google.

Google is the best-used search engine. The popular you become the easier it becomes for people to reach you.

5. Building platform

Well, this includes the themes, plugins, and many others that make a website. One can choose code and many other coding languages or use a website builder.

A website builder is a platform designed for the creation of a website without code. This means drag and drop elements till you get your desired design.

A website builder allows everyone to create a website. No need of learning coding or web design.

Besides, it also eliminates inconveniences in delivery time. Imagine creating a website in under 10 minutes…

Yes very easy. How? OLITT is the best website builder. Featured with the best tools it’s user-friendly and responsive.

Create the most amazing sites for free! It also offers security for all websites created.

You don’t have to spend anymore.

How do you create a website for free?

Budget constraints are always there. Websites have become popular and their prices either have raised.

 Before creating a website one has to draw a budget. At times the budget is too high that you have to forego the website.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Create your stunning sites without incurring a dime.

It’s an easy process:

  1. Visit OLITT homepage
  2. Click on Create your free site or Get Started
  3. Pick a template
  4. Proceed to edit.

Here is the detailed procedure.

Coding vs OLITT 

  • Cost- OLITT is much cheaper than coding especially if you have to hire someone to do it for you.
  • Unique designs- coding allows one to tweak some elements which might not be possible for website builders.
  • Time- with OLITT one can create a website within 10 minutes which is hard for a developer to accomplish.
  • Tech support- on a website builder the support team will be there to help as compared to coding where one relies on online content.
  • Easy- website builder offers an easy way to create and manage your website. A developer however has to keep managing your website for you.

The problems with websites; how OLITT can fix it.

1. Cost

Website prices range with complexity, usage, and many other factors. Each web developer has their own rates.

Creating a website has become expensive. However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

With OLITT one can create for FREE! Yes, free no costs. Cut down on the website budget since OLITT is amazing.

OLITT also offers free hosting and cheap domains for as little as 0.99$. Create your stunning site for free now.

2. Time

Time is a limiting factor that one considers. Many developers work with a timeline and one can’t get their website done in just 10 minutes.

Under the timeline, there are stages/processes to be done. It’s not just coding it has to be tested too.

Well, How OLITT can fix it?  OLITT eliminates all these processes and allows you to create in 10 minutes. You don’t need to keep calling and following up on your project.

Create and start transacting fast. Start your online journey with the least amount of time ever.

3. Slowness

People hate slow sites. A slow site also eliminates the chances of being ranked by Google.

This also makes access difficult. At times codes may be disorganized which might affect overall speed. 

How can OLITT fix it. OLITT however eliminates code. It makes sure your website runs smoothly with amazing speeds.

OLITT also comes with inbuilt frameworks to guarantee speed such as  CDN, GZIP compression. This ensures all your sites are fast and responsive. 

4. Security

This is a major concern. Hackers and malicious people are manipulating systems and extorting clients.

Websites however have to be protected against such people. No one wants to have a site that can be used for malicious activities.

Also, one needs to be responsible too. Malicious activities can also originate from your own device.

OLITT on the other hand offers security for all sites. Whenever you create a site you get a free SSL certificate.

It also has an anti-malware detector that filters content. About security, OLITT takes that very seriously.

5. Mobile incompatibility

Recent research has shown that most websites are accessed via mobile. Every website however ought to be compatible with mobiles.

Some custom-designed sites are created without compactibility. This then makes a website look bad on a mobile device. 

A good website should be accessible on all platforms. Creating with OLITT makes sure your site can be accessed through all platforms.

It also guarantees responsiveness as well as fast access. Get your happy clients visiting more and more by using OLITT.

6. Lack of Social Plugins

Everyone is part of social media. It’s the best market to connect with millions of users despite their locations.

A website should have social plugins. This is to help you share your content, advertise your brand, and many others through social media.

OLITT has social plugins. Share on the largest market communities with just a click of a button.

Besides, these tools are for free! No more incurring costs for using them and creating a wide reach.

7. Poor Design

Everyone is battling to be the best. Design is crucial for it’s what attracts and keeps visitors coming.

A good design also markets itself. OLITT has the best-themed templates that are stunning and responsive. Besides, it allows one to create easily. 

Create the best using OLITT.

8. Messy code

When a code is not organized it becomes messy. Such a code also affects the overall performance of a website.

How OLITT can fix it; with OLITT you have no worries. Your website is fast, safe, and easy to use with no issues with messy code. 

9. Incomplete information

Websites should provide all information especially on how to reach you. Some builders forget to include this crucial detail.

At times a page has so many things and makes it look unorganized. How OLITT can fix it; Well, OLITT on the other hand allows one to add information easily.

Websites are the best but however, at times they too have issues. Having a way to eliminate or solve them makes running a website easy.

The above are problems with websites and how OLITT can fix them… Start your online career with OLITT.

Author: Markide

I’m a seasoned freelance technology writer with over three years of experience. My passion is the information technology and the internet working. I have many specialties, from web hosting and web design to marketing. Also, I have learned about graphics and social media management.

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