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Wix Pricing Plans: Must Read Now Before You Signup

Puzzling about how much a Wix website costs? This write-up will help you cure the curiosity by giving you the Wix pricing guide in detail. It will show you what plan to pick for your project, what to avoid, and what you can do without.

Wix Pricing: How Much Does Wix Cost?

Wix pricing has two categories.

  1. Website plans
  2. Business & e-commerce plans.

The figure below gives us an overview of the two (2) plans

Wix Website Pricing Plans
The website plan
Business & e-commerce Wix pricing plans
The Business & e-commerce plans

Regular Websites Plans: Wix Pricing

Connect Domain plan

Let’s start by looking at the Connect Domain plan on the website plan category aforementioned. Basically, the main difference between this and the free plan is the ability to connect your own proper domain name with your Wix site (e.g.

The Wix ads will remain on your page, which makes this plan not such a great deal, at least not for a business.

Please note that the Connect Domain plan may not be available in the US anymore and probably will also disappear for the rest of the world soon.

Notably, the yearly, 2-year and 3-year plans are charged at once, so you’ll be paying the full term upfront in one payment.

2. Combo Plan

Combo comes with a domain name if you pick a yearly subscription. You can get .com, .net, .org, .biz and a few other extensions. Please note that it’s only free for the first year. Basically, Combo has everything except an online store option.

3. Unlimited plan

The unlimited plan has pretty much the same features as the Combo plan above. The only difference between this and the Combo plan is storage, bandwidth and the included video hours.

4. The VIP Plan

Now, this is the Pro plan. It includes a logo that you can create with Wix Logo Maker. But certainly, you wouldn’t need this plan because unless you absolutely need the 20 GB of storage, then it’s too expensive for what it is.

The VIP plan’s main selling point is the priority support so that any question you have is pushed in front of the line. Be aware that this plan doesn’t include the online store module. You’ll need one of the Business plans for that.

Business &Ecommerce: Wix Pricing

But of course, if you’re looking to start an online store and need more video storage; you should consider one of the Business or eCommerce premium plans:

The Business & eCommerce plans let you accept payments through your website and grant you access to Wix’s online store. Additionally, you’ll also be able to use the most interesting Wix premium apps like Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurants, Wix Bookings or Wix Music.

1. Business Basic

Wix Business Basic is the most recommendable level. It’s enough to get started with e-commerce or use one of the aforementioned premium apps to receive payments. There are no commission fees charged by Wix other than transaction costs for your payment gateway.

2. Business Unlimited

With Business Unlimited plan, you get a little bit more storage (35GB) and have access to a free logo.

3. Business VIP

Business VIP can be valuable if you need really fast support. You’ll always skip the support queue, which is nice but maybe not worth paying twice the other plan. Most likely, this plan is just for a sales tactic called “price anchoring”, where on seeing such a price, the other packages don’t look quite as expensive anymore.

Note that all the Wix Business and eCommerce plans include the possibility to use your own domain name, SSL encryption and are 100% ad-free.  You’ll get a free domain name for the first year.

Wix Pricing Plans Payment: How can you pay for your Wix subscription?

Accepted payments methods at Wix may differ from country to country. The most commonly accepted across countries are Visa/MasterCard, American Express, JBC, Diners and Discover. If you are based in Europe you can also pay by direct debit (SEPA). Direct debit may take 3-7 business days to process.

What’s more, Wix also issues VAT invoices that can be found in your account under Billing History.

However, PayPal is currently not accepted by Wix. Also, you can be on the lookout for promo codes that you can use to save 10% although they only work on Wix Unlimited and higher codes and won’t work with monthly subscription plans.

Accepted payment methods
Wix Pricing: Accepted payment for subscriptions

Are you an NGO? then you are lucky, you don’t get to pay or you just pay less. Charitable and non-profit organizations are eligible for a free plan or discounted plan that need to be renewed every year. Send an email to [email protected] for more information. Here, You’ll be requested to provide a couple of documents as proof.

Wix pricing in different locations.

Note that sometimes, Wix Pricing Plan may vary by Location. Luckily, you don’t have to move halfway around the world to take advantage of these price differences. By using a VPN, you can change your current location and purchase your plan from a different country. But some countries not only have different prices, but also different Wix packages.

What about Wix pricing for Email Accounts?

Email Address
Personalized Mailbox

Wix offers email accounts through G Suite, which is $6 per user per month for a basic plan and $12 for a business plan. An alternative solution is to purchase the domain name through a third party e.g. and get your email accounts from there. This will cost you less.

What is Wix Ascend its pricing plans?

Wix Ascend provides additional marketing tools that aren’t included in Wix’s standard subscriptions. Mainly think of live chat, email marketing, and better registration forms. With a paid Ascend plan your visitors also won’t see any branding in your live chat window.

Keep in mind that you can also get contact forms, live chat, and email marketing elsewhere, often for free.

These are the four Ascend levels

Wix Ascend Pricing Plans
Wix Pricing: Ascend

a. Free

At $0. Includes 3 email campaigns, 5 forms with up to 10 fields, chatbox with branding, and more

b. Basic

At $10 per month. 5 email campaigns (up to 9500 emails), 10 forms with unlimited fields, branding-free live chat, 5 recurring payment plans with invoices, and more.

c. Professional

At $24 per month. 20 email campaigns (up to 5,000,000 emails), 20 forms with unlimited fields, and unlimited recurring payments with invoices.

d. Unlimited

At $49 per month. Unlimited email campaigns (up to One Million emails), unlimited form features, unlimited automation, unlimited recurring payments, and more.

Cancellation: Wix pricing plans

Assuming you have already made payment and you would like to cancel, how can you cancel your Wix account or website? And is the cash refundable?

You can easily cancel a Wix premium package from within your account. There is a 14-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for all premium plans. Please note that this refund policy doesn’t apply to domain names.

Wix Pricing: “Hidden Costs”. Look out for these!

Wix’s Advertised Plan Prices Are for YEARLYPayments

With all Wix plans, you can either pay per month, or pay for one, two, or three years in advance. The longer your subscription, the lower your total cost will be. But you have to pay for the entire subscription upfront to get those savings. To find the actual cost, you have to multiply these “per month” numbers by 12 to get the total Wix yearly cost, which you’ll have to pay upfront.

 Wix Promotions Won’t Last Forever

Wix is great about offering new users promotional rates, especially when you first sign up. It’s not uncommon to receive discounts as large as 50% off. But these promotions are for a limited time only, typically for the first year. The price goes back to normal after one year, and you might get stuck paying a much higher price than you expected and you won’t be able to migrate your Wix site anywhere else.

Free Domains

“Free domain” voucher doesn’t mean that your true Wix domain cost will be zero.

The free domain voucher included with an annual subscription is only good for the first year. After the first year, you’ll have to pay to renew your domain

Email is Extra

You’ll also have to pay if you want email addresses with your domain name

Many Wix pricing for Apps Cost Extra

Although some of them are free, many of the most useful Wix app. requires additional payment. Premium apps are available on the Wix App Market from both Wix and third parties, with prices typically ranging from around $3 to $15 a month.

Storage Isn’t Unlimited

Because no Wix plan offers unlimited storage, you might eventually run out of space to upload images, videos, file downloads, or products. (As an easy point of comparison, you probably have enough photos on your phone right now to exceed the 3GB of storage provided in the Wix Combo plan.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Wix Website really free?

“Free domain” voucher doesn’t mean that your true Wix domain cost will be zero.

The free domain voucher included with an annual subscription is only good for the first year. After the first year, you’ll have to pay to renew your domain. Additionally, you have to display Wix ads and have limited functionality.

Is it Worth Paying for Wix?

Yes and No depending on what you are looking for and what you want to achieve.

Yes, because the Wix Pricing plans allow you to get a site up quickly with no technical fuss and everything bundled and provided for you. And No because of its Long-Term Pricing, it starts at 100% totally free, but it includes ads on your site, along with lots of limitations. However, as their plans go up, they all remain more expensive than their main competitors, such as GoDaddy, Squarespace, Olitt, etc and at each stage, Wix doesn’t even allow unlimited bandwidth or file storage.

How often does Wix give discounts for the plans?

Wix offers 50% off on the first year of yearly Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP plans for a limited time when you activate the coupon code. They also offer a 50% student discount on all yearly plans with Student Beans.

Furthermore, you can build your website at a discount with Wix promo codes and Wix coupon codes.

Wix Discounts
image representation of discounts offered from time to time: Wix Pricing Plan

Does Wix give you a domain?

Yes, Wix does give you a domain. Firstly, When a Wix site is published, it receives a “free domain” or URL with the name Wix in it. The format of the free Wix site URL is You can buy a personalized domain name, register a domain you already own or connect. Secondly, You must upgrade your Wix site to a Premium Plan before you can connect your domain. A Yearly Premium Plan gets you a one-year free domain voucher.

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