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Wix Ecommerce in South Africa Beginner’s Guide

Wix has outstanding visual strengths and the ability to create professional sleek websites. Using Wix eCommerce South Africa is a great advantage for your online business since your products will definitely look appealing to your customers.

You would be interested in noting that in 2020, Wix added about 200,000 stores bringing it to a cumulative total of more than 700,000 stores present in 190 countries globally. 

This shows that it is a thriving and promising platform to look into. 

However, before setting up a store using Wix eCommerce South Africa, let us first find out if it is a suitable solution for you.  

Who is Wix Recommended For?

The following points will help you know if Wix is for you.

  • You want a site with a great visual appearance
  • You are looking for an easy way to sell online
  • You want customers to have personal logins. 
  • You want to sell both physical and digital goods. 
  • If you want to easily make money online in South Africa without having to worry about web hosting and stuff.

Wix eCommerce South Africa is not for you if:

  • You will need live support
  • You want to handle many goods in wide varieties 

 Now you know where you rank and if your site cannot do without these features. To bring the picture closer home, let us look at the advantages you’ll enjoy while using Wix and what you will need to put up with. 

Pros and Cons of using Wix


  • Ease of use- this factor is common for the whole Wix website builder. Even beginners can easily set up their online store.
  • Wix doesn’t charge a sales commission
  • It is the most affordable online store in the market. This gives you a great deal for getting a good profit margin.
  • You can sell both digital and physical goods. 


  • Low loading speeds especially when you are considering a large online store that gets a lot of traffic. 
  • Not fully customizable. Some elements like the confirmation email cannot be fully designed according to your preference.

Step by Step Procedure on How to open a Wix store

People love shopping online. It saves time and is convenient in very many ways. The best part is that Wix eCommerce South Africa provides you with one of the best and easiest solutions there is in the market.

As much as Wix is a straightforward platform, paying attention when setting up your site determines the success of your online store. 

You don’t have to worry about a failing site, we got you! All you need to do is follow the simple steps below and you will have a thriving scalable site. 

Step 1: Create the online storefront

A good design draws the attention of the buyers and serves to provide a seamless shopping experience. One of the ways to achieve the best design for your eCommerce site is by choosing a suitable template. The first thing to consider is the size of your product catalog. Check out below how you can display the different catalog sizes. 

  • Large product catalog:

Use a template that has several prebuilt product categories, navigation functions, and deep searches. This will largely assist you to organize your catalog, and allow your clients to easily find items on your online store.

  • Small product catalog:

Select a template that displays all your product catalogs on the homepage.

  • One product:

Choose a template that highlights your product at the center and focuses on a quick purchasing experience.

Protip: Wix eCommerce South Africa contains hundreds of professional templates that you can choose from to suit any store type. The templates are organized according to industries making it easy for you to navigate through the collection. 

Here are some design tips that you can use to sell more and improve your conversions:

  • Visible shopping cart – ensure that your cart icon stands out from your site’s regular colors and show them that their items were registered. 
  • Mobile optimized sites – most customers shop using the most convenient gadgets, that is the mobile phone. However, most times they complete the purchases on the desktop. Every time you make adjustments on your desktop view, ensure that you check the mobile view too.
  • Clear navigation – the best online stores help customers to easily navigate their storefronts by organizing their storefronts with menus, a search box, categories, and filters. 
  • Optimize site speed – you can optimize your site loading speed. In addition, ensure that you place heavy files, like videos lower on your pages. 
  • Bold call-to-action (CTA) buttons: these are meant to guide customers through their shopping experience. For example, highlighting the discount offers using bold colors that complement your site design. 

Step 2: Add your products

This is where you add the products that you plan to sell. Note that the product pages are your sales pages where shoppers actually come to purchase your products. 

The Wix eCommerce platform automatically creates single product pages that you can use to add inventory to your storefront. To create a new product catalog, upload your products individually to your site on the dashboard. 

Here are some special tips just for you to enable you to create pages that actually bring high conversions:

i) Use professional and quality product images to make the products clear for the clients.

ii) Add clear and informative product descriptions to increase credibility. Inserting keywords on your product name increases the possibility of your products appearing on-site search engines like Google. 

iii) Create store features that will increase your chances to sell. You can do this by adding in-built customer support, and social proof to improve the selling capacity. This can look like adding customer reviews and a related items gallery for each product to improve the shopping experience and increase sales. 

Step 3: Accept online payments

Getting paid must be the most interesting part. You can start by accepting online payments and connecting to at least one payment provider to your site. To make it better, add more than one payment option to increase the convenience for your customers and consequently have a bigger impact on your revenue. 

Statistics show that Wix stores with more at least three payment methods have 39% higher sales revenue. Some of the common payment options you can use on Wix eCommerce South Africa include PayPal, Stripe, and Wix Point of Sale. you can add any other local payment method that is popular in South Africa. 

Step 4: Optimise your site for search engines

A big part of marketing your products on the online store involves driving your target traffic to your online store. This is the reason why search engine optimization is fundamental in setting up your eCommerce business. 

You can use the following resources in improving your Search Engine Optimisation:

I. Wix SEO Wiz

II. Google my business

Step 5: Publish and Manage your store

This is the final step but also one that is continually done. Firstly, the good news is that your site is ready to go live. Go right ahead and click on the publish button. Secondly, that is not all. Folding your hands after this equals a diminishing site. Here are a few things to keep in check for a growing site:

  • Use a short and catchy website domain name
  • Keep track of your site progress using Wix analytics 
  • Make use of the Wix owner app to run your store from any location.
  • Market your online store focusing on your target customers
  • Keep yourself updated with the dynamic market trends.

In Conclusion

Getting your business online is one of the best decisions you can make in the current day. Wix eCommerce South Africa is the ultimate solution for your small to the medium-sized online store. It is like a close companion that will keep in step with you from creation until you achieve your dream online store and even better keep growing it. 

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