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Truehost Cloud was officially founded in 2016 to provide Reliable, Affordable cloud solutions to emerging markets with special focus on Africa.

Starting out in Kenya, then Nigeria, South Africa and United States, Truehost Cloud serves ordinary website owners who in most cases were small business owners, developers and students.

Quality services and Affordable services has helped Truehost Cloud to sustain a double digit growth on Monthly basis since 2016 to today.

Continuous innovations have helped Truehost Cloud to have incredible customer loyalty in the past few years.

Some of the problem that Truehost Cloud has solved include:

  1. Low Uptime Levels – Truehost Cloud guarantees 99.9% uptime levels.
  2. Poor Security – Truehost Cloud provides Bullet-proof security for shared hosting, email hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers services.
  3. Lack of Easy to use tools – Truehost Cloud provides more than 400 Content Management Software and Website Builder scripts for free such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Opencart, OS Class, Sitepad among others. These script help users to launch websites in a few hours.
  4. Lack of Support – Truehost Cloud provides 24/07 Support on multiple channels including WhatsApp, Online Chats, Phones, Emails and Tickets to developers and non-technical website owners.
  5. Lack of Fair Pricing – Truehost Cloud provide the best prices for domain names registration, Web Hosting set up and the subsequent renewals. Truehost Cloud does not have hidden charges in the clients’ billing but instead provides transparent and straight forward billing.

Some of the problem Truehost Cloud has not been able to solve.

  1. High cost of Web Design and Development.

 There are millions of businesses around the world that cannot afford the initial $100 Website Design and Web Development fee. It’s also true that it may not be economical for a web designer to charge anything less $100 for Web Design and Development.

Truehost Cloud launched Truehost Marketplace to address this problem. Truehost Marketplace is a Service Marketplace where Website Developers, Web Designers, Graphics Designer provide competitive services to Businesses.

Truehost Marketplace has helped clients to acquire quality design services for $100 or less and therefore has not fully addressed the $100 website design cost issue fully. How about empowering clients to Do it themselves..? Would it fix this issue..?

2. Not very, very fast Website

Websites hosted by Truehost Cloud are fast but not Lightening Fast. Truehost Cloud provides one the fastest web hosting services running on powerful SSD servers with websites loading under 2 seconds and therefore Truehost Cloud Hosting Services are in the top 1% in the World.

However, Truehost Cloud want to have websites loading under 1 second and have the fastest website hosting services on earth.

Existing shared hosting software are not optimized to provide Website loading under 1 second and therefore, Truehost Cloud decided to develop, a platform  that combines Fast Website Design Scripts, fastest web servers, fastest private cloud platforms, Content Delivery Network (CDN), fast SSL Gateway among other features all optimized for superfast website design and hosting. offers Beautiful Do It Yourself (DIY) websites that are lightening fast.

No coding skills, Designing skills or technical skills are required to launch your beautiful website on

At Truehost Cloud we are confident solves the $100 Website Design and Set up issue and more incredibly offering lightning fast websites to the clients.

Try out for Free Today.

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