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Website Builder or WordPress? Which One Should You Choose?

Should I use a website builder or WordPress?

To help you answer this intriguing question, this article discusses both approaches while highlighting the pros and cons of each.

Let’s dive in.

A website builder is an online tool that facilitates website development through drag-and-drop features of predefined components into templates to make a website. The common website builders include Olitt, Wix, Shopify among others.

The platform provider incorporates components such as container elements, buttons, input field that users drag into the editor to customize the template into your desired website.

WordPress is a leading CMS (content management system) that powers more than 30% of websites online.

It is an open-source project written in PHP and uses either MYSQL or MariaDB databases. One of the key strength of WordPress is the plugin architecture and extensive use of templates commonly know as themes.

There are many factors that may prompt you to choose a certain approach. Often, each approach suites a given task. 

Below are some of the factors that dictate a given approach.


Flexibility is a broad factor when deciding for a website builder or WordPress. This is because it encompasses many mini requirement consideration such as migration, template customization, adding a new feature among others.

WordPress is more flexible than Website builders. This because WordPress uses a plugin architecture. Every new idea can be presented as a plugin which easily integrates with the original project. 

However, adding new plugin requires adjustment of the underlying code. This unaccommodating to non-programmers or individual not conversant with the core language [PHP].

On the other hand, there is a limitation on flexibility while designing the layout with WordPress. Unlike WordPress, website builder allows you to be your architect.

Designing the layout just as you desire it to be. You can highly customize the template to match your demand.

WordPress sites are easily transferable from one hosting provider to another. This is the missing feature on website builders. Website builders are restricted to one provider and you cannot migrate the site to another provider.


WordPress is an open-source project, hence most templates are free. However, most free templates contain adverts which are not properly managed.  

There are a few themes in WordPress for sale.

Website builders are also affordable. Most providers offer free plans that you can start with. Providers include many plans that are accommodating when you wish to upgrade.

Though WordPress templates are free, WordPress requires separate hosting. This is an extra expense that you rarely incur in website builders. The hosting plan is included in the general cost of website builder at a discounted price.

Skills required.

WordPress is not beginner-friendly. Building a website using WordPress requires technical skills.

This includes familiarity with the PHP, database systems and MYSQL language. This implies that there is a steep learning curve with WordPress.

Website builder was introduced to mask these technicalities and to be accommodating as much as possible. As aforementioned, this tools uses a drag-and-drop feature and the editor to build a site. Hence, no need to master any language.

Easy of use 

Though using WordPress is not a nightmare, it’s extremely easy to build a site using a visual editor and dragging features into it. You can see the actual outlook and design of the website while developing.


This is the online space where a site or web pages are stored. 

Website builders and the site you develop using these tools are exclusively within the platform provider servers. The provider includes the cost of hosting in the site builder plan or offers it for free.   

WordPress site can only install in a server running PHP and MYSQL database. Users have to find a hosting service elsewhere. This is an extra expense.


How much do you have to build your site?

It takes a few minutes to go live while using a website builder. For instance, You can build a pleasing and fully functional website with Olitt website builder in less than 5 minutes.

WordPress has a steep running curve and it takes quite a while to build a functional website.

Size of the project

Most site builders are one page. This is only effective for SMBs. 

If you are opting for a smaller, simpler website with a limited amount of content and pages, A website builder is a great alternative.

WordPress can scale and accommodate any size of the project. 

Which is the best approach, website builder or WordPress? 

Then answer is defined is the aforementioned factors.

Though WordPress is dominating the market, website builders are providing some of the features rarely found in former approaches.


It’s worth it to invest time assessing which approach to take in building your website. This will save you inconveniences or extra expenses. 

In summary, there is no better approach than the other, but the fitness depends on the task and requirements at hand. 

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