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The Best Website Builder In India [Top 11]

Today we will discuss which is the best website builder in India. India, a populous country in South Asia isn’t left behind on technology. 

Besides, it has become one of the fastest-growing techs in the world. First, let’s dig in to learn a few things.

What is a website?

It’s a collection of web pages with related data that is published on one domain and hosted on one server. However, the several components of your website can be hosted on different servers.

What is a website builder?

It’s software that helps one build a website freely and without having to hassle with skills of design or coding.

There are two types of website builders:

  • Online website builders- these are builders that allow you to create your website online with all the tools provided for you. All your data is saved as you edit your site.
  • Offline website builder- it’s a builder that allows you to create a website freely but without needing the Internet. But once done you will post online.

Are website builders free?

Yes, that’s the best thing about them. You get to utilize the different features it provides and go live fast and easily.

Are website builders easy to use?

Yes, those worried about how to create your website consider using a website builder. Besides, it saves a lot from cost to time and also you get to create a website that stands out.

Here is the list of best website builder in India:

#1. Olitt

This is a new builder in town that has helped over 3,491 websites go live. It also has helped people create and host freely but already rocking the trees as the best website builder in India. 

It’s simple that you barely use ten minutes to get your site up. Besides, it has a drag and drop tool that enables content creation, editing, and publishing to be easy.

 Best Website Builder In India: OLITT Homepage
  • Ease of use- the navigation is easy and all your components are readily available at a click of a button.
  • Free hosting- once your site is published it’s visible to everyone what you need is to connect a custom domain which is also free or use the subdomain provided.
  • Secure- all your sites are protected with SSL certificates guaranteeing safety for your site and the clients too.
  • Fast- all the sites are responsive because of built-in frameworks like CDN, GZIP compression technology, among others.
  • Stands out- the predesigned themed templates are specially designed to suit all your needs.
  • Single page website- currently templates available are for creating a single site.
  • Transferring site is a bit complex.


Since we have learned that it’s simple and free to use, take the step, and create your website with Olitt.

 Besides, it takes you less than ten minutes. Just click here.

#2. Wix

Popular, most talked about, and shared website builder that allows one to build great websites and get sharing fast. This makes it the best website builder in India.

It has an artificial intelligent editor, one just gives a description and it provides you with the content fast. 

wix website builder homepage
  • ADI Editor- the creation of a website is easy since by just giving a small description your page is easily generated.
  • Wix Blogs- those into building stores there are readily customized storefronts, product pages, and many more.
  • Velo by Wix- it’s an open development platform that developers can use to create advanced web applications.
  • Mobile-Optimized websites- whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, or even a desktop your site will always look great.
  • Website promotion- provide features like social tools that allow you to share your content to different platforms.
  • Wix hides complexities- it’s easy to create a website that doesn’t stand out since Wix is focused on you getting online.
  • Migrating Wix data is difficult- once you want to do a major overhaul it becomes difficult to migrate your data.
  • Expensive- For you to add plugins like Google Analytics you must have subscribed to either Unlimited or VIP plans.

Well apart from being popular, website creation is easy. It also has a wide range of options to offer. 

Learn more from the Wix website.

#3. Squarespace

An American website builder and hosting company founded in 2004. It provides software as a service for website building and hosting which allows clients to build their websites fast.

They also offer lots of pre-built templates and a drag and drop tool to make the process of website creation simple.  

 Squarespace  Website Builder
  • Stock Images- it provides a wide range of images ready to use when you are building your website.
  • Many templates- whenever you decide to create any type of website with the vast available customized templates.
  • Customer Support- it’s always available through emails and live chats on the web platforms.
  • Friendly user interface- components are arranged well to ensure one takes a few minutes to understand and begin using it.
  • Mobile editing- create, edit, delete, and publish content on the go using the mobile app.
  • Expensive- their pricing starts with $12 which for once is a bit expensive for a beginner.
  • Editing and adding content can sometimes be difficult- adding, moving some elements, and editing design templates sometimes take time.
  • Lack of support for 3rd party apps and extensions- since they have tailor-made customized applications they support few.

Squarespace has been in the market for a while, it’s a good website creator that has many things to offer. Continue to learn more here

#4. WordPress

It’s a content management software as well as a website builder. It’s the leading internet website builder with 39% of webs built on it.

They aim at helping Bloggers and small businesses get online fast.

 Best Website Builder In India
  • Free- create, edit, delete, and publish your website without having to pay for any dime.
  • Access to integrations and third-party apps- develop your site to the best version and make clients keep visiting with the available tools and ready to install.
  • Easy to use- customize any templates as well as navigate easily through the website with the responsive website.
  • Built-in marketing tools- grow your site’s traffic easily with analytics and SEO tools that allow your site to rank.
  • Fast, friendly support- get help on how to use, edit, publish, or any other issues that you may encounter with their 24/7 support via email and our community forums.
  • No drag and drop tool- editing and content creation may be a bot complex for first-time users.
  • Minimal maintenance support- site maintenance is personal; since you have control over the website, you have to do site maintenance, installing themes, and many others.
  •  Speed- some themes contain a lot of unnecessary generic code which takes time to load your site hence slowing your website.

WordPress is a competitive blogging platform. It’s free and easy to use which makes it best for anyone who is starting.

Visit the WordPress site now.

#5. Weebly

The free website builder makes it easy to create a website, blog, or online store. It’s also a hosting company which was founded in 2006.

It offers a drag and drop tool for easy website creation.

Weebly website builder homepage
  • Design flexibility- it’s easy to customize the predesigned themes and hence create the best site. 
  • Simple editor- just drag and drop elements, content, and others easily and fast.
  • App center- whenever you want more tools just go to the app center that provides over 270 free and paid tools for better website creation.
  • Responsive themes- all the websites created are mobile ready which means that when viewed on mobile it looks great.
  • Ecommerce builder- whenever you create a commerce store Weebly automatically integrates the Shopping Cart and Secure Checkout so you can begin selling immediately.
  • Limited blogging tools- the blog posts are much like website pages where you use drag and drop to add content which is not that great as compared to WordPress.
  • Platform lock-in- it’s difficult to migrate data from Weebly to any other site.

Weebly comes with its advantages and disadvantages too. However, it’s a successful site builder that has allowed many people to create websites easily.

Get online now by simply visiting Weebly’s homepage.

 Still on the best website builder in India, we have GoDaddy.

#6. GoDaddy

Besides being a website builder GoDaddy also is a domain registrar. It also offers hosting services.

Founded in 1997, it boasts of having more than 20 million users, this makes it reliable and an Internet giant.

GoDaddy website builder homepage
  • Many payment options- it’s not limited to one payment method so makes it reliable.
  • Fast- the website loading speed is fast
  • Responsive Support- the website support is 24/7 responsive so you get help without having to wait for long.
  • Beginner-friendly- they have step by step tutorials on how to set up and edit your website.
  • Multiple themes and templates- create any type of website with more than100 responsive and customizable themes
  • Restoration fee- at times when you make a mistake restoring the website may be expensive thus making it difficult to restore it.
  • You can’t switch between themes- you lose your content whenever you choose to change a theme instead of sticking with the current one.
  • Expensive- basic add-ons make the pricing rise a bit besides, they don’t offer the best deals.

With GoDaddy, you get to not only a website builder but a domain registrar, and a web hosting platform. 

Being there for a long time makes it reliable. Get registering here.

Website builders are great as you can see; still on best website builder in India

#7. Shopify

Canadian ecommerce store and website builder founded in 2006. It allows anyone to set up a store and sell products.

Shopify homepage
  • Multiple channel product sale- increase your sales by selling on many platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and many others.
  •  Payment Gateways- Payment is easy with over 100 different integration payment processors to handle different currencies.
  • Simplicity- provides a clean and clear interface that allows users to focus on sales that solve technological issues.
  • Abandoned cart recovery- boost your sales by reminding clients every time they want to sign out without checking out the products on the cart.
  • Customer service- get responsive feedback every time you are stuck or experiencing any difficulties.
  • Expensive- the basic plan starts at $29, this is way much for a small business start-up.
  • Poor Content Management System- since it’s a commerce store their main focus is making sure you sell products.
  • No product filtering- searching for a specific product is a bit difficult because they have not integrated that option.

Thinking of joining Shopify? Well, get to know more about it and sign up here.

#8. Webnode

It’s a simple online website builder that makes the creation of websites to be simple and fast. 

They provide a great platform to create your website as well as maintain it. Besides, they have SEO marketing support and allow custom domain connect.

Webnode  homepage
  • No startup fee- create a free website and get to share about the best website builder in India.
  • Easy to use- no need to be skilled in design or coding for it comes with a simple intuitive design that is simple, understandable, and navigable.
  • Multi-Language support- create a website in many other international languages which makes it easier to reach the target market.
  • Responsive templates- create a stunning website with a wide range of customizable templates.
  • Flexibility- Whether you are using the free plan or the paid subscription you get access to a wide range of features to run your site.
  • No app market– has no app market to shop for more features that one can use to customize their sites.
  • Lack of eCommerce Functionality- doesn’t support large website stores, also they lack must-have tools for small and medium stores.
  • Free hosting is only available for 15 days after that you begin paying for it.

Using just a few clicks and a few minutes you can get your site up and running. Webnode simplifies the process of web building.

Get more information and get to sign up here.


It’s a hosting and website builder platform that enables small businesses and individuals to create their online presence fast. homepage
  • Ecommerce ready- tools provided to help you boost your commerce store to get more clients.
  • Ease of use- takes a few minutes to sign up and begin creating your site.
  • Scalability- it’s easy to grow your site with the available expansion options that make your site highly functional.
  • 24/7 phone support- help is available whenever you run into difficulties, just dial and you will be helped.
  • Publish your site is easily- the templates provided are specific with photos, menus, headings, and other content.
  • The site gets freezes up sometimes.
  • Outdated Templates- they don’t constantly update to have new web templates.
  • No free trial- you have to pay at least $1.95 to create a simple site.

Sign up here.

#10. Jimdo

A German website builder and a hosting platform. It was created to help clients create an online presence fast without using code or having design skills.

Jimdo website builder homepage
  • Ease of use- the editor can be used by an absolute beginner it’s easy to add an element with just a few clicks.
  • SEO optimization- provides SSL security and full control over page elements that one can use to improve ranking.
  • Great support- get responses and help whenever you contact them.
  • Mobile app- create, edit, and manage your website from the comfort of your mobile device.
  • Modern templates- use the best templates to design your site and make it stand out with the vastly available templates.
  • Limitations of some templates- some templates limit one from dragging and editing some elements.
  • Limited E-Commerce- provides a few tools to support online stores.

Jimdo is cool, it’s super-easy to use, it allows you to work fast and get your site up and running within a few minutes. 

Find out more here.

#11. Duda

It’s a responsive website builder founded in 2009; for digital marketing agencies, hosting companies, and all website professionals.

Duda  homepage
  • Slick templates- create a website easily and fast with customizable templates.
  • Duda has plenty of apps and widgets to use to take your website that little bit further.
  • Vast features- to help you grow your site fast.
  • Integrations- get vast and reliable tools to boost your website performance.
  • No free pricing- the basic offer is $19.
  • SEO tools are lacking compared to other website builders

Get creative here.


Website builders are the best tools to use to get your site up. The above is the best website builder in India to use.

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