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Best Website Builder in Ethiopia in 2024

You don’t need to have technical or coding skills to design a beautiful website because with a website builder in Ethiopia you can design a full website within a few hours.

The advance in technology has made a lot of complex things easy and website design is one of them. You don’t need to spend money on web developers anymore because web builders make it so easy that you can design a website yourself.

If you have ever looked for a way to design a website with ease, without necessarily having coding skills, worry no more, this guide will show the exact steps to achieve that in a few hours.

What is a website builder in Ethiopia?

A website builder is a tool that helps you design a website without having coding skills. There are many website builders in the world with different features, pros and cons.

Website builders adopt a technology called drag and drop. They have templates you can drag and drop or copy and paste in a way that will meet the demands of the type of website you want to design

Advantages of using a website builder in Ethiopia

No doubt using a web builder in Ethiopia will benefit you in a lot of ways, some of them are listed below 

1. You will save money

The money you would have spent hiring a web designer will be saved because you will be able to design it yourself. Most web builders have free offers that you can start with to test run their services before purchasing the premium offers that have more features and templates.

2. You will save time

A web designer may take weeks to design a website for you but with a web builder, you can create your website in less than an hour.

Most web builders have many already-made templates for you to choose from. After selecting the template of your choice, you will just customise it to the feel you want. This process doesn’t take time because everything is set for you already; it’s just like magic.

3. You have control over your website

You can design the website the way you want it and anytime you want to. You don’t have to wait for a web designer to make changes to the website.

4. You will be given free hosting and domain

Most web builders offer free hosting and domain for you to use. This means you can start your website instantly without spending a fortune.

The best web builder in Ethiopia

After inspecting many web builders we have concluded that Olitt is the best web builder in Ethiopia.

Olitt is a web builder with tons of tools that makes web building very easy. It was launched in 2020.

Since then it has been used by more than 10,000 happy customers and over 17000 live websites have been designed with the web builder.

What makes a web builder good? That’s what we will answer next

Web builders are generally measured based on ease of use, cost, number of templates, customer support and freebies. 

Why Olitt is the best web builder in Ethiopia

1. Ease of use

Olitt makes web design very easy, you can never go wrong with them. When you select a template, it takes less than a minute to install on your computer after which you can start customisation immediately.

It happens like magic, you will get your website up and running before you know it.

2. Cost 

The cost of using their service starts from Zero bill. Yes, you are spending nothing to start a design with Olitt. 

However, if you want to enjoy better features and more customisation you will have to opt-in for a premium package which for as low as 1552 ETB per year.

The cost is so little compared to the benefits you will enjoy from them.

3. Number of templates 

Templates are already made designs available for you to use. Olitt has hundreds of templates you can choose from to design different types of websites.

The templates are categorised for you to easily find the one you want. Some of the categories are agency, photography, freelancing, e-commerce, restaurant and resume.

4. Customer support 

When you encounter any difficulty or have any enquiries you will be responded to almost immediately. They have 24/7 customer service that will attend to your needs.

Other features of Olitt web builder in Ethiopia

1. Payment Gateway

As a web builder in Ethiopia, you can use it to design an eCommerce website where you integrate payment for your customers to make purchases online.

Olitt gives your customers more than one payment gateway. They can useĀ  the following payment gateways

  1. PayPal
  2. Flutterwave
  3. Stripe

This makes the payment flexible for customers to decide the one that suits them.

2. Domain 

When you create a website with Olitt, you can point your existing domain to the website, use olitt free domain or buy a domain from them.

The cost of buying a .com domain with Olitt costs just $8.39. 

If you have an existing domain, you can easily integrate it for free without stress.

3. DNS Management 

DNS is a system that helps to edit domain records.

Many web builders charge customers for this service but Olitt offers it to you for free.

4. Global CDN

CDN means Content Delivery Network, this system determines the speed of the website designed using Olitt.

A website’s speed is fast when its server is in the location of the website visitors.

Olitt uses Global CDN with over PoPs. This system makes it possible for your website visitors to be served by servers close to their location.

This means websites designed with Olitt are fast

5. Custom code 

As earlier stated that you can design a website without code using Olitt, but there is still an option for using code.

This option is for people that want advanced customization. They can add only JavaScript codes.

How to design a free website with olitt web builder in Ethiopia

For you to create a free website with Olitt. You are to visit

website builder in Ethiopia

Then go ahead to click on the create your free site button at the top right corner.

Create an account

The link will lead you to the login page, where you will be required to create an account if you don’t have one. 

website builder in Ethiopia

You will be required to fill in the following information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password

When you fill in the above information and click on the register button. You will be required to verify an email account through an email sent to the account.

How to select templates from categories

How to select templates from categories

Olitt arranged the templates in a way that will ease your journey. You can locate your desired template by just selecting the category you think it will fall under.

After selecting your category, next is to choose a template from the hundreds of available ones.

How to select templates from categories

Templates are pre-made designs that meet all the requirements of a website. After you have selected your templates, it will take less than a minute for your website to go live.

When your website is live, you will now customize it to look like what you want

How to customise your website

There are certain things you can edit to make your website feel more like it’s yours, some of them are what will be discussed subsequently.

How to edit text

How to customise your website

When you want to edit text on your website, you will highlight the text you want to edit and make the necessary changes. Some of the changes you can make to your website are listed below. You can

  • bold
  • italicize
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough
  • Add hyperlink
  • Change alignment
  • Change colour
  • Pick fonts in that order

Upload or remove images

The templates come with different beautiful images for your use, but to make the website personal and unique, you will need to remove and upload images.

You can do that by selecting the upload button as seen in the image below

Upload or remove images

Add blocks 

There are different blocks you can select from to customise your website. Click on the button at the top right corner to select and add your desired block.

website builder in Ethiopia

The image below shows some of the blocks you can select

website builder in Ethiopia

Add integration

You can integrate your website with a plugin to increase its functionality

One important tool you can integrate your website with is Google analytics. This integration will give you insightful data on the audience visiting your website.

This data can help you make better insightful decisions based on verified data and not just trial and error.

website builder in Ethiopia

Connect your domain

Click on the button shown below to connect your website to your domain. 

Connect your domain

There are three ways to identify your website on Olitt

  1. Use Olitt’s free domain
  2. Connect your existing domain
  3. Buy affordable hosting from Olitt

It takes just a few clicks to make the connection.

The cost of Olitt web builder in Ethiopia

The cost of Olitt web builder in Ethiopia

The cost of designing a website with Olitt is free, you don’t need a credit card to do that. However, if you want to enjoy more features and the freedom to make as many changes as you want, you will have to go for the premium version.

The premium version costs only ETB 1565.86. See the image below for details on the features you will enjoy.

website builder in Ethiopia


The easiest way to design a website is to use a credible web builder and this guide has shown you the best web builder in Ethiopia and how you can start your free site.

Don’t delay in your decision making. Design your website with Olitt today.

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