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Best Web builder in Uganda in 2024

The easiest and most cost-effective way to build a website is by using a web builder in Uganda. Web builders make it very easy for you to build your website from scratch without having any coding skills.

Web builders work like magic, they adopt a drag and drop technology that enables users to “drag and drop” or “copy and paste” already-made templates. 

You can design your website without hiring a web designer. And guess what? It doesn’t take time to complete a design. You can finish your website design within an hour.

What is a web builder in Uganda?

A web builder is a tool that has features that make the design of a website easy.

Web builders operate by having already-made templates for users to pick from and customize to their taste.

You can customise the font, colours, icons, images and many other features with a web builder in Uganda.

This makes choosing a web builder in Uganda a very good option for people looking to design a website or blog.

Features of a good web builder in Uganda 

When the quality of any product is to be determined, it has to be weighed against certain features to determine its level of quality. 

In the same vein, a web builder also has features that have to be considered before it can be tagged a “good web builder”.

Some of these features are cost, already-made templates, payment gateways, customer support, freebies, and ease of use.

1. Cost 

The cost of using a web builder is a very important factor because you will not want to spend more on a product when you can get the same product for a lesser price.

A good web builder should offer a free plan that you can use to test run the features it has to offer. It should be like an appetizer with great taste. 

2. Ease of use 

Web builders ought to have features that make them easy to use. It has to be designed in a way that you can easily find the features available for editing the templates available.

3. Customer care 

Customer care service is a service you should not neglect because it may look little at the point of buying a hosting but it becomes very big when you require immediate attention from them and you are not attended to.

The team ought to be active 24/7 to attend to all their customers promptly.

4. Number of templates

Templates are already-made designs created for people to pick and customize to their taste.

A good web builder ought to have a lot of templates so that their users will have the luxury of choice.

Why you should choose a web builder in Uganda

Using a web builder can make life easy for you when you want to design a website in Uganda. Let’s look at some of the reasons why the above statement is true.

1. It saves you money 

The money needed to hire a web designer costs hundreds of thousands and can even run into thousands of dollars in some cases, but with a web builder in Uganda, you will just a fraction of that amount to have your website up and running.

2. It saves you time

The time to design a website is reduced drastically, it takes just a few minutes to design a website using a web builder.

Since templates are available already, you will just pick the one that is close to what your website requires and then customize it.

This process for the templates to be set up takes just a few minutes, and then the customization time depends on you.

3. It gives you control over your website

You will be able to make changes to your website anytime you want to without having to wait for a web designer. 

The middle man ( web designer) is eliminated from the equation. This alone reduces delay and increases efficiency.

4. You will get a free domain

Most web builders offer free domains for people to register on their platform. 

If you are on a budget you can start with their domain before you later connect your domain to your website.

The best web builder in Uganda

The web builder that has met all the above requirements and even has additional excellent features is called Olitt.

Olitt is the best web builder in Uganda.

Olitt is a web builder that was introduced into the market in 2020. 

Because of its uniqueness, affordability and commitment to excellence it has been used to build over 17, 000 websites and has about 10,000 happy customers within 2 years.

The developers of the web builder have committed their time and effort to see that it’s world-class. Which indeed is.

Features of Olitt web builder in Uganda

Remember we talked about the qualities that make a web builder stand out at the beginning of this post.

Some of these factors are customer support, cost, number of templates and ease of use.

Olitt has one of the best customer support you can think of, they respond to customers swiftly.

It also has hundreds of templates available for you to pick from. The templates are categorised to make it easy for you to identify the one you want.

Additionally, it is easy to use and is very affordable.

Now, we will further discuss other features available on Olitt.

1. Payment gateway

If you are designing an eCommerce website that requires customers to make purchases online. You will need to give them a payment option which is called a payment gateway.

Olitt has three payment gateways for your customers to use. This gives them lots of options ( This could increase your conversion rate ). The payment gateways are:

  1. Flutterwave
  2. PayPal
  3. Stripe

2. Global CDN 

The closer the location of a server is the faster the load time of the website. Olitt uses a Global CDN ( Content Delivery Network) with over 44 Pops that allows users to be given servers closest to their location whenever they browse.

In other words, the technology Olitt adopts makes 

websites designed with them fast.

3. DNS Management

DNS management is a premium service in most web builders but Olitt has made it free for all their users. 

It is one of the freebies you will get in addition to a free domain and other cool features on their platform.

4. Domain

When you design a website using Olitt you have three options of domain; Firstly, you can point your existing domain to the website, secondly, you can buy a domain from their platform and finally, you can use their free domain.

This makes their platform super flexible for users to enjoy.

5. Custom code

Olitt has an option for people that need advanced customization in their web design. 

Experienced users can add JavaScript codes to their websites to make them have a certain uniqueness.

How to design with Olitt web builder in Uganda.

You can create a free website with Olitt using the following steps.


web builder in Uganda

Click on the create a website button at the top right corner of the home page.

You are directed to log in.

How to create an account 

The login in page will give you options to log in or create an account. If you are new to the platform, you are required to create an account but if you already have an account, you will just fill in your login details to continue.

How to create an account 

You will need to fill in the following information to create an account

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password

After filling in the above information, an email will be sent to your account to verify the account.

Select category

web builder in Uganda

You will direct to the design homepage where you can start your design swiftly.

Select the category you want, the templates are categorised to help you find the one you want to use easily.

Select a template

The template selected below is for a design agency

Select a template

There are lots of other templates you can select, based on the kind of website you want to design.

The templates contain everything your desired will need, all you need to do is customize them to your taste.

Start customizing your website

1. Edit text

When you want to edit text, you are to highlight the text you will love to edit and then change whatever you desire

Start customizing your website

The following are some of the changes you can make to your text, you can:

  • bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough
  • Add hyperlink
  • Change alignment
  • Change colour
  • Pick fonts in that order.

2. Upload or remove images

You can select image files from your computer or drive to upload them to the website. But if you like their image, you are at liberty to use it that way.

Upload or remove images

How to add block

You can add blocks to your website by clicking the button at the top right corner

web builder in Uganda

There are lots of blocks you can choose and add to your website. Some of which are in the image below.

web builder in Uganda

How to add integration

Olitt has plugins you can integrate with your website to increase its functionality.

One of which is the Google analytics tool. This tool makes it possible for webmasters to gain insight into the behaviour of their site visitors.

Connect your domain

Whether you have an existing domain, or you want to buy a new domain or use a free domain, Olitt is ready to meet your needs.

The purchase of a domain cost on Olitt is cheap when compared to other web builders.

Click on the button shown below to connect a domain to your website.

web builder in Uganda

The cost of using Olitt

You can create a free website with Olitt. But you have very limited features

The cost of using Olitt

If you want to enjoy everything Olitt has to offer, you will the 1-year plan that costs only UGX107528.46

See the features you will enjoy in the image below.

The cost of using Olitt


You now know how to use a web builder in Uganda to start your website at an affordable price.

Olitt makes life easy for you. Start with Olitt today.

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