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What Is The Webnode Website Builder: The Online Website Builder

Webnode Website Builder

Webnode Website Builder is a user-friendly interactive, drag-and-drop program for creating and launching websites for both beginners and developers.

Webnode website builder is built for small companies, professionals, and bloggers. Being a cloud-based platform building offers very affordable plans helping you create a fully functional and engaging website.

Ranking highly on ease of use and the features offered the platform is built on a Microsoft like editor with easier interface with additional technical features for professional users.

Founded as a global website builder back in 2008 by a swiss company it boasts over 40 million active users and the managing system supports over 20 languages. A major boost is that there is no software to install or download and the ability to edit at ease whenever you like.

The webnode online editor is suited for

  • Online stores
  • Bloggers
  • Artist and students
  • Small companies
  • Professional

Features Of Webnode Website Builder

features of Webnode Website Builder

Having a high rating from both beginners and experts, the website builder is no joke. However, the builder getting over 40 million active users supports everything they stand for. Here are the top reasons why?

Ease of use

Designed with an easy drag and drop editor, the editors equipped with interchangeable mobile-friendly temperate. Has a variety of professional and personal site designs to choose from supporting most website styles and requirements.

Backup and Restore

Webnode is one of the few site builders that lets you create (and restore) backup copies of your website. Therefore it is safe to know your data is kept care for.

Multi-language support

Using international language is a major breakthrough in website builder and boost the usability without being limited to particular language

languages supported by Webnode

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The editor fully supports google optimization with added feature of google analytics that boost your website rating.


  • With a free account, you can’t connect your domain name until you upgrade
  • Add-ons are available for both free and limited accounts.
  • No direct support offered to users in form of chats

Pricing Of Webnode Website Builder

Webnode Website Builder

They are categorized into four groups of websites.

  • MINI
  • e-commerce website plans

After the categorization of groups comes to the payment plans and are into three. The three plans cost the same in each grouping of websites but have different features depending on the category.


Build the site, manage the content, and receive lots of features and some support. Goes for $3.95 billed monthly.


$5.95/month for 500MB storage, 3GB bandwidth, and one mailbox.


Get it for $11.95 per month, free domain for a year, and 2 GB storage space

E-Commerce Websites Version

Webnode Website Builder

There are two plans you can choose from here:

  1. STANDARD – gives you access to an online store builder and 2 GB storage space for $11.95 per month. Check out other features here
  2. PROFI – here, you get an absolute powerhouse to boost your online store business. Charging just $19.95 per month, be sure you are getting features you need to scale even faster.

Webnode Website Builder Alternatives

Here are some of the best website builders you can find:

  • OLITT– new to the industry but with revolutionizing features. Build fast and secure websites within minutes
  • Weebly website builder – free page builder designed with you in mind. Up to now, the tool has created over 50 million sites
  • Mobirise Website Builder – it is a standalone website builder available both online and offline and capable of creating beautiful landing pages.


Building websites has been made easy with no coding or technical skills required and Webnode capitalizes on that. The editor used by Webnode Website Builder is very friendly in terms of usage and best fits many users’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How canceling a Webnode subscription works?

within the first 15 days, the platform allows you to cancel and cashback is done except for domain. After 15 days you still can cancel the subscription and no billing invoices will be sent.

2) Is webnode a good website?

Since it ranks highly on ease of use and the features offered by the interactive drag and drop program its best for both beginners and developers.

3) Is webnode really free?

Once you have created an account, there is no payment to publish a website until you opt to upgrade the package or use your own domain.

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