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Site123: Build Beautiful Websites in 3 Steps

What is Site123?

Site123 is a fast-growing company located in Israel where they focus on streamlining website creation processes for DIYers like you. It is a promise are doing a great job at keeping so far.


This tool has been labeled by many as the most intuitive and easy to use website builder currently on the market. Whether you buy into that is solely up to you.

As far as delivering its promise, Site123 has accomplished a lot since its inception. It is safe to conclude that here, you will get everything you need to go from just an idea to launch without the need for additional tools.

What’s it like to use Site123?

Well, there is no better way to explain this, but here is an analogy that drives the point home.

Imagine, instead of buying and owning a home, you opt to lease one in a posh and classy development project. Here, you will get the chance to customize your new house. You are in control of décor, making it clean, and such stuff.

But, you leave things like construction, maintenance, security, infrastructure, and plumbing to the property owner.

That is how it feels when using Site123 to build websites.

Features and benefits of Site123

site123 features

Here is the thing:

Any website builder is as good as what it offers.


Because what is the point of having a site builder that doesn’t meet its promises? As a soon-to-be website owner, you already have a vision of what you want the website to look like.

Now, all you have to do is look for a tool to help you make the imaginations come to life.

Here are #6 features and benefits of using Site123 as your page builder software.

#1. Product integration

The ability to integrate seamlessly with other tools is what makes a tool like Site123 attractive.

You see, while it is vital to have everything you need under the same roof, knowing you have a way to connect your favorite tools is important.

Site123 does that perfectly.

You can integrate the platform to other hundreds of tools such as plugins to help add functionality to the site.

#2. Build around simplicity

From its name, Site123, the company is promising that the website creation process has been condensed into three steps:

  1. Pick the design you love
  2. Go ahead and add content
  3. Publish your new website

How is this possible?

The word is ‘templates.’

These are pre-made website layouts you can use without the need for creating new ones from scratch.

#3. There is everything for everyone

Are you looking for an eCommerce website, a blog, or a personal website? Site123 has your back.

You can build any kind of website using what the tools availed to you without the need to ask for help.

With integration to tools like email marketing tools, use of Call To Action (CTAs), you can create a successful e-commerce website within minutes.

#4. Search engine optimization (SEO)

The platform makes it easy to edit things like title tags, Meta description tags among other stuff that help boost SEO.

This is important especially if you want to rank on search engines and drive organic traffic.

#5. Domains

You can easily connect your own custom domain free of charge for the first year when you upgrade to any of the premium Site123 plans.

And don’t worry, with over 130 domain extensions available, you are bound to get the one you like so you can customize the site.

Also, if you already own a domain name, all you have to do is change DNS settings to point it to the Site123 platform.

#6. Security

The company has invested a lot in ensuring that your website is safe at all times. Security measures are put in place at no extra cost to you – think SSL (Site Socket Layered) encryption.

The name may sound technical, but you have nothing to worry about.

Site123 pricing


There are only two plans here:

  1. Free plan – here, you get 500MB storage, 1GB bandwidth, and Subdomain
  2. Premium plan – this one starts at $5.80/month. Comes with Free Domain for 1 year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, Remove SITE123 floating tag, Connect Your Domain, and E-commerce tools.

Additionally, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Site123 Best alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives you should check out:

  • OLITT– helps you create fast-loading websites within minutes without touching any code
  • WIX – boasts a feature-rich website builder software trusted by thousands of customers
  • – offers free life option to create a website with subdomains. Later on, you can upgrade to owning a domain

Final thoughts on Site123 website builder

Who knew creating a website could come down to only three steps. These guys have accomplished what others only dream about; being able to create beautiful and professional sites/pages in minutes without touching code.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Where is Site123 located?

Site123 is located in Israel and was started back in 2015. Their main mission is to empower individuals and businesses to build beautiful and professional websites easily.

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