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The Best Way To Sell Website Builder To A Skeptic

Well, it’s hard selling anything to anyone who is unsure. However, today will tell you how to sell website builder to a skeptic.

A skeptic is someone doubtful; the likes of doubtful Thomas. Everyone in business needs to be good at pitching to make a sale.

It’s from the pitching that comes convincing; use it to turn someone’s will into sales. A skeptic will always be in question finding a way to transform them is a challenge.

Of course, there are many unanswered questions behind website builders. People are still committed to traditional ways of website creation.

It all comes to cost, flexibility and features provided. Coding tweaks and adds many functionalities which website builders may not provide.

Website builders, however, provide flexibility and save cost. Besides, one is the manager and creates whenever they want to.

Well, before diving into selling to a skeptic, let’s gather some insights.

What is a website builder?

It is a website-creating tool. This tool helps anyone create a stunning site without coding or designing skills.

Website builder provides all the necessary features and resources needed for a website. It is an all-in-one platform.

Website builders can be divided into two:

  • Online Website builder
  • Offline website builder

Online website builder provides the tools for building your website online. This means that everything is done online.

As you build the website the online builder saves the progress. Having a drag and drop feature makes it easy to create.

The online site builder offers flexibility; one can work from any machine. Besides, one doesn’t need to keep carrying around their website files.

Offline website builder on the other hand allows one to work offline. This means that you create your site and later upload it when done.

This however requires technical know-how. It’s not safe either because when you lose your machine you lose everything.

Site builders however have come to ease the process of website building. They have saved on cost and time.

Why use it?

  • Cost-effective- There are many freemium site builders. OLITT is the best drag and drop site builder. 
  • Flexibility- one can work from any place, even when traveling. Besides, it’s up to you to choose a schedule that works for you.
  • Ease of use- as mentioned site builders use a drag and drop feature. Creation is easy with the navigable site builder.
  • Time- whether you need your site live in a day or in hours it’s possible with site builders.
  • Codeless platform- just creating without having to Google codes. Isn’t that really great?

Of course, there are other reasons one should consider; here is a comprehensive read on why use a site builder.

So how do you sell a website builder to a skeptic?

1. Being well informed 

You need the right facts to convince anyone to partner or purchase from you. Also, with the facts comes questions.

How well you answer will contribute a lot. There are going to be a lot of questions and they need actual facts.

You need to tell a convincing realistic story. Don’t overstate and provide unnecessary information. Cultivate the information based on the customer’s questions.

2. Understand client’s needs

Not all clients want the same thing. One strategy won’t work on all your clients. It’s better to derive a new strategy for every client.

Often clients’ look at the bigger picture; the sales they will get after the purchase, the new opportunities, and how fast the sales are earned.

Having this in mind will help you sell website builder to anyone. Learn to listen, understand and appreciate the client.

The client also needs guidance, they need to feel supported; all these happen when you understand what they need.

Listen and understand before trying to offer solutions.

3. Provide useful info

Jargons won’t help you in any way. Instead, it’s best to use the easiest language to pass the right information.

It’s from what people hear and see that transforms and changes their decisions. Always show, clear their doubts with factual information.

Don’t be advertising while you should be a guide, teach show the right way; convincing is not enough.

Present the information in the right way. Put yourself in their place and from there formulate the guide.

4. Change the mindset

This is now transforming the client into a partner. Once they have agreed with you it’s time to change tactics.

Change tactics? Yes… 

It means finding a common goal. Partnering with the client to make sure they benefit too: financial growth.

The partnership means shifting your attitude and dedicating your efforts towards the client’s success; besides, this will grow your business through referrals as well as build a successful business relationship.

5. Uniqueness

Being unique is also a way to sell website builders. Uniqueness means there is no anyone else using the pitch you use, it’s what separates you from the rest.

Include what makes your site different from other competitors. Like, provide what your customer needs and provide value for their money.

The five will help you sell website builder to a skeptic. Also, it’s more about how your present the information.

Speaking of website builders, here is the best:

OLITT:  an online free drag and drop site builder. Besides, It’s an easy-to-use site builder that helps everyone regardless of skills.

Sell website builder: OLITT Home

OLITT provides the following features:

  • Domain names- one can buy or transfer a domain at OLITT. Besides, also it’s free to use their subdomains.
  • SEO Tools- it’s easy to optimize your site to rank on Google and many other search engines.
  • DNS Management- means it’s easy to manage the domains hosted for Free!
  • SSL Certificates- every site created with OLITT is safe. Launch for free and securely.

OLITT as a website builder has come to help everyone in spite of skills or not.

The drag and drop feature will help anyone create stunning, responsive, and secure websites. Besides, OLITT has a lot of available plugins.

As an all-in-one platform, it makes it easy to manage all your websites. OLITT is affordable and offers flexibility.

Are you an affiliate marketer or sales agent? Do you want to make money for just convincing people? Well, here is the link.

To sum up, be always prepared when pitching your sales; you never know you will run into a skeptic.

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