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A quick look at Versus OLITT Resume Builder. Which one has what you need to get that job?

Any individual looking for a resume builder definitely wants nothing less of a professional, elegant resume that places them at the cutting edge of their candidacy in the job seeking quest.

The rate of unemployment is quite high and for you to get noticed, your resume has to prove your worth. This is the first thing that recruiters notice about you.

For this reason, we are going to look into two leading resume builders that will help you put your best foot forward. They are definitely the fastest way to get your resume ready and customize it to apply to as many jobs as possible. Read on to find out how each of these builders works and makes a decision for what works best for you between vs OLITT resume builder. 

The Versus OLITT Resume Builder builder

It was launched in 2012 as a web app that has since made gradual improvements to what it is today. Their mission is to help job seekers grow their careers and stand out in their job search so that they get hired faster. 

Currently, they have up to 9,529,670 resumes built and 19,630 sign-ups in a day. Features features
  • Easy online resume builder with a sleek user interface. From the log in section, you will notice that it is an uncluttered, straightforward, and modern interface that allows you to create an awesome resume without leaving your web browser. In addition, you can create a resume in just three steps which makes it one of the easiest builders you will come across.
  • Data protection. Resumes contain personal information that should only land in the correct hands. keeps your data private and safe by using a strong 256-bit encryption.
  • Professionally designed templates that are approved by recruiters which make it easy for you to edit and download your resume in a matter of minutes.
  • Automatic spell checker that checks your grammar and enables you to produce a resume with zero errors and typos
  • A job search function that is on the dashboard and is integrated with which enables you to search for your perfect job on the portal
  • An application tracker t.hat helps you know exactly how you stand on each job. This is very beneficial after you have applied for the job at
  • It is a versatile builder that enables you to customize your resume for each application. These sections also come in handy to help you put across important information.
  • An automatic summary generator that creates a powerful resume profile for you a click away
  • The customer support offered by is very reliable and timely, whether during weekdays or weekends. 
  • Tips from recruiters that are gathered from actual recruiters. With this, you can create an amazing resume with expert knowledge and hiring practices in mind to help you stand out
  • Cover letter builder which works the same way as the resume builder to help you create elegant designs for your official documents
  • Multi-format resume options that enable you to save your resume in any format including PDF and TXT. As much as the 2.0 version does not have an option where you can download the MS Word version, it allows you to make an unlimited number of resumes and customize each of them for the specific job you are applying for. You can even make and download more than 10 customized resumes in a matter of minutes.

The Pros

  • UI Navigation enables you to know your progress and what you must do before downloading the final copy of your resume
  • A live preview that enables you to see the changes that you make on your resume in real-time 
  • An excellent editor that stands out from other editors
  • High level of polish as a result of the UI Cons

  • You must sign-up before you start creating your resume 
  • Limited customization options as you can only change the color and font size on a template
  • Contains a small number of templates that are not as flexible

Pricing: pricing

One can use a 7-day trial at €2.95 after which will be renewed at €19.95 billed every four weeks.

A 6 months plan at €44.95 which is a one-time payment

12 months plan at €74.95 which is a non-recurring cost

OLITT resume builder

OLITT resume builder is a relatively new feature that has been launched under the OLITT website builder. When you are pressed with time and you want to save that extra dollar, Olitt is your go-to. They not only have an easy editor, but it is also freely available to all users.

In their quest to make things smooth and easy for job seekers, they have provided resume templates that are industry-specific and so you are sure to be relevant in your field and more so remain at the edge of the competition.

Building a resume from a website builder may be a new concept to most users. The biggest advantage is that your information remains private to you and you can even earn from creating resumes for other people using your website.

OLITT Resume Builder Features

  • Seamless sign up process that allows you to use your favorite google account 
  • Modern, professional templates 
  • All templates have a desktop, mobile, and tablet view that enables you to make your resume on whichever device you have.
  • Friendly editor
  • Undo and Redo Feature makes editing and customizing more friendly for users
  • An efficient preview and Save button that alerts you to save your work before leaving a page thus preventing you from losing information
  • An edit, publish or delete option.

OLITT resume builder Pros

  • Convenient as you can create a resume on whichever device you desire
  • You can create as many resumes as you want for free. OLITT does not have any hidden costs
  • Some templates are industry-specific hence enabling you to 
  • Undo and Redo buttons enhances the creativity of users to experiment with various features without going off track
  • With the modern and professional designs, you are sure to have a highly competitive resume

OLITT Resume Builder Cons

  • Few resume templates
  • Editing is done per section which is good for organizing your work, but it can be quite slow at the same time.

Wrapping up Versus OLITT Resume Builder

You should try both and see what happens. It doesn’t hurt to have two resumes, right?

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