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Top 5 Online Resume Builders in 2024 (List)

Today, we are looking at Online Resume Builders.

Quick question: What is the point of having a good resume if not getting you noticed?

Most of the time, good jobs will have hundreds if not thousands of applicants and sadly many resumes will not land in the hands of hiring managers. 

As a job seeker, you want to have a resume that puts you on the cutting edge of the vast competition. What’s more, is that employers use a screening software called Application Tracking System (ATS) which is why you should be keen to use keywords that are specific to your industry. This way, you can be in a position of securing an interview on the path of getting closer to your dream job.

What is an Online Resume Builder?

It is an online tool inform of a software or application that is used to create resumes. They consist of resume templates which you can personalize and customize according to your preference. You will find that resume builders cannot produce the desired outcome on their own, you have to provide the required content. The good thing is that a good online builder will give you tips and guidelines to help you make quality content. 

Resume builders not only help you save your valuable time, but they also cost you less money than you would spend in hiring a professional resume writer.

Features of A Good Resume Builder

Good Online Resume Builders should the following features:

  • ATS friendly: your resume has to beat the ATS for you to get shortlisted therefore your choice resume builder needs to be ATS-friendly.
  • Price: a good resume builder should be affordable if not 100% free. Some builders will charge you a one-time charge, a recurring payment or subscription payment. The cheaper it is, the better!
  • Easy to Use: some resume builders make it difficult to build a resume in a short time. Such are not recommended as they can be confusing to users. A good one should be easy to use and create a resume in the shortest time possible.
  • Templates: resume templates are the best part of any resume builder. The more templates it contains the better it is!
  • Spelling and Grammar checker: wrong spelling and gramma on your resume have a negative effect on your career. Having a spell and grammar checker on your resume builder is a great advantage
  • Ready-made content: builders that provide predefined text make it easy for the user to create a resume.
  • Additional services: a resume builder that offers additional significant career resources under one roof are very beneficial to the users. These can include cover letter builder, LinkedIn profile optimization service and resume analysis tools. 

Top 5 Online Resume Builders Resume Builder Resume Builder

This is a resume builder that you can find on the internet and it is easy to use for all. It enables you to customize your features at absolutely no cost. As a user, you first need to add your profile and then you can format by changing the style, layout, font, colours, and other features until you get your desired result. has a unique feature which allows you to share your CV as a link to your friends to first get feedback from them before downloading the final copy. 


  • It has an auto-save option
  • Free pdf download
  • More than 60 templates 
  • Multiple resume versions
  • Generates a private shareable link to your CV
  • Provides helpful tips


  • Some resume templates are very fancy hence you need to be careful when choosing one


It is 100% free. 

OLITT resume builder

OLITT resume builder

OLITT is a unique, fast, and totally free resume builder. It is endowed with modern templates and a user-friendly editor that enables you to easily edit your content and customize it to your desired outlook.

You will find the OLITT resume builder as template option under the website builder. This template offers you professional designs some of which are customized to suit specific career fields which is a huge bonus in saving time and helping you remain relevant in your field.

As much as OLITT is the best free website builder, it joins the ranks of other Online Resume Builders to bring you the best templates under one roof.


  • It contains the mobile, tablet and desktop view which enables you to create your resume comfortably on whichever device you have
  •  One-page resume and others that are industry specific
  • The site is secured using an SSL certificate
  • Contains modern designs 
  • One can build an unlimited amount of resumes
  • A very efficient preview and save feature
  • An edit, publish and delete option 


  • Contains five outstanding templates to choose from
  • The resumes are designed specifically to career fields
  • One can create a resume for free, you are assured of no hidden charges
  • The undo and redo buttons make editing seamless
  • Signing up is very easy using your favorite google account 


  • A small number of templates
  • Editing is done on individual text boxes which may slow you down

Novo Resume Builder

Novo Resume Builder

Novo Resume is another one of the Best Online Resume Builders. It is good and fun to use resume builder as many career professionals would describe it. It contains both free and premium versions. The basic account allows you to only create and edit one CV in one language but you have the option of upgrading your account and creating up to 18 diverse versions and 3 extra language sets.

Free features

  • Predefined layouts
  • ATS friendly
  • One-page resume
  • Content optimizer

Pro Features

  • Custom layouts
  • Can build up to 3-page resumes
  • Cover letter builder
  • 8 professional templates


Monthly package: $16.00 

Quarterly Package: $29.99 billed monthly

Yearly package: $89.99 billed monthly

Zety resume builder

Zety  online resume builder

This is one of the hugest and most popular resume builders in this industry. Has been used by thousands of job seekers in the past ten years and is considered as the best you can find on the internet. 

The only downside is that it is not a free tool. One can create a resume from the beginning or format an existing one. 


  • Well-designed resume templates
  • Many customization options
  • A cover letter builder
  • Tips from resume experts
  • A text editor


  • A step by step guideline is made available for you
  • You get access to more than 15 templates 
  • Provides helpful tips for you 
  • A nice selection of color schemes
  • Contains pre-written phrases


  • Does not have a free plan
  • Contains both old and new builders within Zety which may be confusing to new users
  • It is not the easiest builder to use


$34.99 which is a 3-month premium and a one-time payment

$17.99, you pay monthly and can cancel at any time

$6.99, you can pay monthly and cancel at any time

EnhanCV Resume Builder

EnhanCV online Resume Builder

EnhanCV is a sophisticated resume builder that produces very professional resumes. It contains a free version that allows you to only create one resume hence if you want more you must upgrade your account to a Pro version. On top of creating more resumes, it also allows you to have access to more features. 

Free features

  • ATS friendly
  • 2 resume templates available
  • Content analyser
  • Resume contains EnhanCV branding

Pro Features 

  • More than four resume templates
  • The resume does not have the EnhanCV branding 
  • Additional customization features


Monthly package: $19.99 billed once a month

The Quarterly package: costs $14.99 per month. $44.97 is billed once every 3 months

Semi-annual package: $ 10.99 per month. $65.94 is billed once every six months

Wrapping up

These Online Resume Builders are here to help you get the best out of each application you make.

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