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How to add product properties

These are settings for products that show more details about the products:

Such as sizes available and colors for clothes. Book publishers and authors for books and journals. Brands and manufacturers for tangible goods.

Product with properties manufacturer, colour and brand

How properties appear on your product

Benefits of properties:

1.The properties give your customer a variety to choose from. 

2. The properties help to distinguish suppliers of similar products

3. The information provided may draw buyers of specific brands.

Product variants

These are selective product properties that allow price allocation.These qualities work together with product options.  

  1. Variants require selection of the option type on the product page as below:
Setting option types under a products
  1. The specific price for the product variety require to be updated, when the product has varying prices for same product, for example if a shirt, size S costs $120 and shirt, size XL costs $125.Or if selling oil in jars, you can create Variants using the jar size such as 0.5 liter, 1 liter and 5 liters.

variants on a shirt, size S costs $120 and shirt, size XL costs $125

Image of variants for a tshirt, size S costs $120 and Tshirt, size XL costs $125:

These variations can be updated on products as on table below:

Variants selection form
  1. The variety details on checkout page appear as below:
Property size displayed as S and XL

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