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Domain verification on google console

Domain verification helps the domain names to be linked to Google search.

  1. Visit link:
  1. Sign up/sign in with your gmail account.
Google console
  1. Click Add property
  1. Add your domain name 
  1. From the list given, select your domain registrar name (domain registrar is the company that registered your domain name).

If your domain registrar  name does not appear, select other.

  1. Copy the TXT Value provided by google such as


  1. On a new tab, Go to the DNS Manager for your domain to add the record for verification
  1. Click Add to save the TXT value on dns manager.
Adding TXT RECORD on Olitt dns manager
  1. Return to the google webmaster console 
  1. Click verify to complete the verification process.
  1. A successful verification message will appear.

Watch summarized video tutorial

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