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Free Web Hosting And Where To Get It

There has been a huge trend of businesses shifting to the online space. More than ever, the need and the urgency for both small and huge businesses to move to the digital space has influenced this. Consequently, it is now easier to get free web hosting for your site.

Previously, creating a site was left for the people who were knowledgeable or rather the professional web designers used to rule the day. That is no longer the case. Today creating a website is as simple as a click away.

Website builders have made it possible to get free web hosting even for beginners.

Advantages of online website builder

Unlike during the former days when one needed the assistance of a professional web designer, nowadays it is just between you and your computer. Such kind of efficiency is what has contributed to massive growth of the digital world.

The main advantage of online website builders is that you can get your website hosted for free. More to that are other benefits as stated below:

  • No required expertise
  • Access to many customised templates
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Free sub-domain name
  • You can launch your site even in five minutes

For the sceptics, it key to highlight that free does not mean cheap. The outcome of your site is dependent on how it is laid out and whether it has a clear interface and functionality.

What does the OLITT Free Plan Entail?

As a beginner in creating a website, it is highly recommended that you start off with a free plan. This way, you can grow your site gradually and upgrade to other favourable plans with time.

Olitt allows you to smoothly upgrade your site to the premium plans and enjoy better benefits that come with as low as $5. However, let us first focus on what you will get from the free plan:

Free SSL Certificate: Olitt ensures that you operate on a secure site regardless on the plan you choose.

SEO tools: with this you are sure that your free site will still be found on search engines

Free domain

Connecting to your custom domain

DNS management

Prebuilt websites

1 website package

200MB Disk space

For a free plan, I must say that OLITT has outdone many other packages that you can come across. Of course, this package may be limited to some extent but for a beginner, I can say it a package worth considering as you endeavor to upgrade your site for better features.

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