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Elementor Page Builder: Simple Guidance For You

An elementor page builder is a user-friendly, drag and drop visual editor interface that provides the best design to a user with record experience speed. It also allows live editing with live results.

 It doesn’t require coding hence an easy to learn process given it uses drag and drop interface. With the ability to create from scratch it offers a new world of uniqueness to your website compared to the template’s offered within the page builder. 

It also works on the front end of your website allowing you to view changes as you perform them in any manner of your imagination despite any themes applied. With the ease of design, it offers one can create a robust website without a professional or have any experience. 

Pages: this is the whole preview of the site how it will look and content it has.

Blocks: These are sections on the page where you create certain content to appear on the page. A single page can host as more than 10 blocks depending on the user’s need.

Elementor page builder
  1. Section —-> part of the block where you place content and it is the broadest layout block.
  2. Column —-> found inside the section used to divide to parts required in the section.
elementor sections and columns

Benefits and Features

  • It offers more than 50 elements to choose from that include images, headings, buttons, carousels, counters, progress bars, testimonials, and more.
elementor elements
  • All these elements work with drag and drop and with it working on front end whatever is displayed on the elementor is what the visitor will see.
  • You can import templates from the library that has over 300 different styles for editing or save your already made from scratch as a template
Elementor page builder templates
  • Creates a custom code in case you deactivate elementor from your site hence the only thing you loose is formatting styles. 
  • Contains a full revision of history that enables you to revert to a particular stage in case you messed up with the contents or the site.
  • It enables you to custom design for both desktop and mobile preview. 
making page mobile friendly


The best thing about the elementor page builder contains a free version with 90% capabilities and pro version for 100% flexibility. The free version is the most used and delivers as required despite having pro versions that are easier to use with additional features. The elementor pro pricing is as follows:

Elementor page builder pricing

Most sites don’t require you to upgrade to the pro version and it is built for people creating beautiful websites without actually being a designer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Is elementor page builder free?

YES, the elementor page builder constitutes a free open source plugin containing already developed addons to be integrated and extended further, and suitable for code-free web builders.

2) What is Elementor page builder?

It is a user-friendly, drag and drop visual editor interface that provides the best design to a user with record experience speed.

3) Is Elementor the best page builder?

Given the fact it is free with most features, it’s a perfect solution to people who want to create beautiful page designs with no coding skills.

4) Should I get Elementor pro?

NO, but if you are building complex pages outside the basic skills its recommended you get a pro version widget that will allow you to get in handy when executing complex designs. 

5) Does Elementor slow down your site?

The incredible tool for the design comes at a smaller cost as It slightly slows load time for pages and increases the bounce rate of your site that can damage S.E.O rankings.

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