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Zyro Vs Wix Comparison [The Best Website Builders]

Zyro vs Wix is one of the hot topics when it comes to choosing the best website builder. But which one is the best? Zyro and Wix are well-known website builders with exceptional service to clients. In this article, we try to draw a comparison, identifying strengths and weaknesses to help you find your desired provider.

Just like Olitt, these website builders offer drag and drop features, templates and third-party integration to afford you the ease in website development. Wix has over 160 million users and its one of the largest website builder in the world.

Zyro vs Wix: Which is the best?

Each provider offers a special feature that has to lead to their success. Below I discuss some topics that spell them apart;


Templates are premade sites that users customize to build the site. This ensures users don’t have to create the site layout and other website components from scratch. These reduce the time users spend creating the website.

Templates serve as the backbone website builders. Hence, providers strive to build fancy and appealing templates for their clients. They target different types of websites such as blog websites, eCommerce/ online stores,  portfolios among others

Zyro website builder has limited templates. It contains templates across 9 categories including eCommerce, landing, blogs, photography, services among others. The number of templates in each category is minimal especially eCommerce category. 

The platform is still at its infancy and the fact they have developed these templates in such a short period (less than a year) is promising. The platform is still growing and they may release more templates soon.

Wix has over 800 designer-made templates. The templates are grouped into many specific categories. These templates are eye-catchy and responsive in both desktop and mobile environment. Wix eCommerce templates are tested to be effective for SMBs and small stores.

ECommerce/Online stores

Both website builders can be used to create online stores. But which one is more established to offer this service?

A provider needs to provide all the essential eCommerce features such as ECommerce third-party features integrations, payment gateways, inventory management systems, support marketing platforms etc.

Wix has improved especially in eCommerce templates due to stiff competition from established online stores such as Shopify and BigCommerce. 

Hence, you may prefer Wix over Zyro for eCommerce

Customer support

Often, customers contact the provider for assistance when they run into a problem. However, providers provide different means to reach them depending on your plan. For instance, a provider may only accept email assistance for free or lower plans and dedicate calls to higher premium customers. 

Wix offers 24/7 customer care and priority support for VIP premium plan customers. 


This is the pricing of each plan offered by website builder provider. The price charged for a given product depends on the resourced allocated and the number of features supported in that plan. High price can dissuade a customer from buying a given plan.

Zyro offers higher discounts for each of their plans making them affordable. Below is the pricing of popular plans in Zyro.

Zyro vs Wix

Wix offers two major categories of plans; website plans and business and eCommerce plans. Website plans target normal websites such as blogs, magazines, photographs, restaurants etc. 

Zyro vs Wix

The business and eCommerce is dedicated to customers who intend to build stores and sell online.

Zyro vs Wix

Hosting Space

This is the online space where you store your content that is accessible over the internet. Website built using these platforms [Webiste builders] is within the provider’s servers. Large projects consumer more space, hence hosting space providers should meet your demand.

Zyro offers increased storage capacity. All plans except [Basic] offer unlimited storage capacity. The basic plan has 1GB of space hence, you may need to upgrade to a higher premium plan to take advantage of unlimited space.

Ease of use

Wix has pretty features and easier to use. Wix uses artificial design intelligence (ADI) which make it beginner-friendly.  Though Zyro also uses AI in most of its services, they are yet to add it in the design itself. Zyro requires a little familiarity to be able to leverage all of its features.


Search engine optimization tools re the key feature that the platform provider strive to offer. These tools assist in ranking your site on search engine results for specific search keyword.

Zyro AI writer that can generate content for SEO optimization.

Wix for quite long has been flagged as poor in SEO. Wix has improved in SEO recently. In 2019, Wix added advanced SEO options like Canonical URLs and Rich Results, making Wix a pioneer for website builder SEO. 


This is the maximum data rate allowed in a given path or channel. You don’t want your users to be flagged out because you have reached a maximum bandwidth usage. 

Zyro offers unlimited bandwidth except for the basic plan which is allocated 3GB. In Wix, Combo and connect domain plans are allocated bandwidth of 2 and 1 GB respectively while other plans have no bandwidth restrictions. 

 Table summarizing discussion on   Zyro vs Wix

TemplatesA limited number of templates especially eCommerceOver 800 templates grouped o specific categories
EcommerceAt an early stage; advance features are yet to be addedFair and suitable for SMBs. 
CostCheaper with the lowest premium plan selling @1.8 dollars/ monthCheap with lowest premium plan selling @ 4 dollars per month
HostingUnlimited space accept a Basic planUnlimited space except for combo and connect a domain plans
Ease of useFair with ZYRO AI write to create SEO contentEasy and fair with Wix ADI that is a beginner-friendly
SEOFair Fair with advance features such as Cannobical URl and rich results
BandwidthUnlimited except for the Basic planUnlimited except basic combo and connect domain plans 

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