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Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce? [8 Popular Choices]

Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce

Are you considering selling your products online or upgrading your current sales system? Many are wondering which website builder is best for ecommerce. Well, we are going to learn about ecommerce site builders.

Are website builders the best option?

Yes, they are. For the save on time, cost, also one doesn’t have to code or have web design skills to create a website.

Besides you get free templates that are well themed and are easy to customize.

What are the ecommerce websites?

They are online portals that facilitate the sale of goods and services through the internet without a physical presence. Also, allow payment online.

Types of E-Commerce websites:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)- it involves one company to another.
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)- involves selling from a business to a customer.
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)- selling between customers or to other third-party apps like Olx.
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)- involves customers selling to a company.

How does an ecommerce website work?

It’s not different from the physical store only that everything is done online without even meeting up. Besides, prices are fixed and are not bargainable as is the case with physical commerce stores.

You add your products to the cart and after shopping, you check out and pay and wait for confirmation and delivery.

Why create an ecommerce website

It’s easy to monitor your business, products and also get reviews on what customers check out most, besides all pre-designed themes and features are readily available.

What to consider:

  • Size of your website- different website builders are suited differently, some for small sites others for big sites.
  • Ease of use- look at the website like a customer, make sure you can easily navigate through it.
  • Customer Support- can customers easily reach you in case of troubling issues.
  • Payment Gateways- can you pay with many options or just one online payment system.
  • SEO tools- are the tools to make your site rank available and free
  • Design responsive- are the themes easy to use and do they look good on any device. 

Here are the best website builders for ecommerce

  1. Wix 

Founded in 2006 in Israel, Wix has become a popular website builder for all online stores providing cloud-based web development services.

 It also allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

Wix is popular for the following reasons:
  • Wix ADI- this is an artificial intelligent editor that helps one create content easily with just a little guiding.
  • The Wix Editor- It is a drag and drop tool that allows one to design any site simply.
  • Mobile-optimized- all the websites created are ready to be viewed on any device.
  • SEO Friendly- Your site is market-ready and easily rankable on Google and other search engines.


VIP $39/month

Pro $23/month

Unlimited $18/month

Combo $14/month

  1. GoDaddy

It’s an American Internet Domain registrar and web hosting company founded in 1997 by  Bob Parsons. 

GoDaddy has the following to offer:
  •  Customizable themes- create a beautiful and powerful website with designer-made templates
  • Website security (SSL)- create websites that are safe and secure besides, ensure your clients are safe too.
  • Contact Forms- get in touch with your customers easily. You can post which website builder is best for ecommerce? And wait for responses
  • Backup and Restore- your site is always backed up so it’s easy to retrieve an element or content once you lose it.


Basic $9.99/month.

Standard $14.99/month.

Premium $19.99/month.

Ecommerce $24.99/month.

  1. OLITT

It’s a free website builder. It stands out because it offers free creation of websites and also free hosting. Besides, one doesn’t even use code.

  • One because it’s free- create any website at no cost.
  • Free domain connects- use your custom domain without having to pay for the connection.
  • User-friendly- simple to use as well as design any website
  • Free SSL- all your websites are protected from attacks and malicious people.


OLITT has a good offer on pricing:


Professional $5.00/month. 

Business $10.00/month.

  1. Shopify

It’s a website builder and also an overall ecommerce management platform. It has a powerful user-friendly and has intuitive navigation alongside incredible customization options.

Why use Shopify:

It’s suitable for those who are planning to start a high-volume eCommerce store. Shopify provides 70+ free and premium themes that are easy to use and customize.

Here are the features they provide:

  • Integrations like Amazon- easy link your products to big markets and get in touch with many people at once.
  • Online Store- upload your products without running out of storage.
  • Social selling- connect to your clients through Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Messenger, Buy Buttons, and market your products fast.
  • Unlimited bandwidth- keep your site always active despite the number of people visiting it.

With all these features, Shopify has the following  plans and prices:

Basic Shopify $29/month

Shopify $79/month

Advanced Shopify $299/month

  1. BigCommerce

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is a technology company that provides an ecommerce platform for both small and big businesses.

It has better built-in tools and also the following features:
  • SEO Tools- move up in search results by building your site up through SEO and get traffic running.
  • Sell on social media- make it easy for your customers to find your products and purchase them through the website. Also, get posting on which website builder is best for ecommerce.
  • 24/7 Support- get in touch with the support system and get helped on all your issues anytime.
  • Easily manage your inventory- it has tools that manage stock levels and understand order trends over time.
  •  Page Builder- launch your store quickly and easily with the drag and drop editor.


Standard $25.95/month.

Plus $75.95/month.

Pro $299.95/month.

  1. Weebly

It’s a simple web builder and hosting company founded in 2006. Aims at helping anyone build their online presence quickly and with ease.

It has the following features:
  • Free SSL- your website is safe from attacks and malicious people as well as the clients that visit it.
  • The Drag and Drop Editor- create your site easily and fast using the intuitive drag and drop.
  • Fully Integrated Shopping Cart & Secure Checkout- once you start up your site the set-up is automatic so you can start selling online immediately, no technical skills are needed.
  • Track Your Inventory- manage your stock by checking products that are being bought fast and those that are not being bought.



Connect $5/month, when paid annually.

Pro $10/month, when paid annually.

Business $20/month, when paid annually.

  1. Squarespace

It’s an American website building and hosting company founded in 2004. It aims at giving the best tools to create a website, host your content, register domains, sell products, and much more.

Why use Squarespace?
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage- scale your site up fast without the worry of falling.
  • Product Subcategories-create different categories of products and make it easy for clients to navigate.
  • Social Media Integrations- keep your clients updated on new products and also do postings on which website builder is best for ecommerce.
  • Commerce Analytics- get to know how your business is doing by tracking revenue, orders, units sold, and much more.


Personal $16/month.

Business $26/month.

Commerce $30/month.

Advanced Commerce $46/month.

  1. BigCartel

It’s a unique cloud-hosted ecommerce platform, online store, and website builder that allows one to sell their work and run a creative business.

It also has the following features:
  • Custom Domain- no need to register another domain for your new store just add your old domain
  • Free customizable themes- create any good looking website that is free and readily editable.
  • Ease of use- get your website running fast and easy.
  •  SSL encryption- all your websites are safe and secure meaning all information sent and received from your website will be encrypted.



Platinum Plan $9.99/month.

Diamond Plan $19.99/month.

Titanium Plan $29.99/month.

To sum up,

Ecommerce is growing and more products are becoming available, the online platform has become easy and vast. 

Everyone is upgrading by taking their businesses online besides it’s advantageous. You get to check on stock, set fixed pricing, and many more.

It’s upon you to find which website builder is best for ecommerce and that which suits your needs.  Best of luck!

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