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What Services Does Wix Offer in 2024?

In responding to the question, what services does Wix offer, we must first define Wix. Wix is a cloud-based website builder that offers both web hosting and design services.

 Wherever web hosting is mentioned, Wix is inevitably part of the conversation. Their widespread popularity globally, both in market share and number of websites published is worth highlighting. 

Since its inception in 2006, this Israel-based company has grown to develop exemplary services for its customers. Part of its popularity hails from the fact that you can access a good amount of Wix services at absolutely no cost. To make it even better, users can easily build their site without having to hire a specialist. At this point, you must be so eager to know how you can access these services. We got you! Read on to find out all you need to know on how you can maximize the Wix services that are relevant to you. 

Wix Services 2022

  1. Web Hosting

Wix and web hosting go hand in hand. They have an excellent drag and drop builder for creating small to medium websites. Their numerous templates are industry-specific and can be edited to the client’s preference. In addition, you can access the app store to add more functionality to your website using either the paid or the free apps.  


  • Domain name – you can create one using Wix or transfer an existing one to Wix
  • Contact form – there is a contact form builder that limits you to 5forms and 10 fields perform,. 
  • Newsletter tool
  • Widgets
  • Languages – Wix supports 19 languages making it possible to set up a multilingual website. 
  • Blog – the Wix blog is a great add-on that is SEO friendly and comes with most of the features that you need. 
  • Customer support – you can always contact the support team for assistance through mail or phone. The Wix community is also a great place to get all the answers you need. 
  • Analytics tools where you can get comprehensive visitor statistics and customizable reports on traffic and sales. 
  1. Ecommerce

Wix is one of the best platforms for small to medium-sized online stores. It is specially designed with templates and numerous sales tools for great functioning. 

Wix has stood out among other eCommerce solutions in terms of ease of use, value for money, customer support, sales features, customer rating, and design flexibility. Most of these functions have had a rating of at least 4 out 5 from user ratings on various platforms.

What’s more, is that they have provided you with a very simplified step-by-step procedure on creating your online store that even a beginner can crack. Click here to get access to this simple guide

Most of the Wix advantages highlighted below are also applicable when using the Wix eCommerce service. Be sure to check out more you can expect. 

  1. Wix Apps

On Top of the default provisions from both the Wix website builder and eCommerce, you can enhance your site using Wix apps. The Wix App Market is one of the best Wix features you will come across. It contains about 300 apps, both external and Wix extensive apps, that are downloadable in just a click. We have highlighted a couple of them below to help you get a clearer response to what services does Wix offers. 

  1. Wix bookings – this app is strategic for anyone who runs a service-based business. It can be a clinic, spa, studio, consultancy and many more. This scheduling app enables users to book appointments and make payments directly to your website. In addition, it can integrate with Zoom, manage calendars and even provide free memberships. Wix bookings have both a paid and a free version. You can find it as part of integration on the business and eCommerce apps.
  1. Ascend – this is a core Wix app that is mostly meant for small business owners. It includes email marketing, forms, live chat, automation, and so much more. You can find this useful resource as an all-in-one solution on the limited free plan. However, if you find this limiting, the premium plans will provide just what you need. 

More of these apps include live chat software, newsletter tool, constant contact form, comments and reviews, and so many more.

4.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Wix has invested greatly in building up its SEO features. These improvements are constant making Wix SEO services to be updated depending on the market needs. 

You can optimize your site using the SEO wizard which provides a personalized optimization plan for beginners. Also, you can access advanced editable robots, support customizable tags, structured data, smart caching, support from Google AMP and so much more. 

Wix provides you with the flexibility you need to customize your site to achieve high rankings on search engines, especially on Google. 

Protip: to maintain a strong SEO, you need to work on creating high-quality content. and avoid adding too much media. This will also help prevent slow page speeds that are detrimental to achieving high rankings. Keep in mind that Wix does not naturally have fast loading speeds. 

A Quick Wix Review

One can easily establish if they want to use Wix services after looking at the advantages and disadvantages they can expect. Let us have a snapshot of what you can expect from Wix services. 


  • Excellent and customizable templates with prebuilt industry-specific layouts.
  • Allows one to add animations to text and other elements. You can barely find such functionality on other builders. 
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) acts as a smart assistant for creating your website. The only limitation is that it is limited to some types of projects, like portfolios and yoga sites. It also connects your site to your social medial automatically and generates a contact form and allows you to choose a workable design for your website.  
  • As we have extensively discussed above, the Wix app market is one of those Wix resources you don’t want to miss out on. You only need to distinguish between third-party apps and Wix apps because third-party apps can be shut down anytime and Wix has no control over that.
  • Automatic site backup is a great security feature to keep you from losing valuable data.


  •  Slow page loading speeds especially on mobile devices. Most competing website builders are usually faster. 
  • Wix is considered to be more expensive than most of its competitors. The bright side about this is that you are assured of quality. 
  • You cannot change the templates easily. After selecting your first template, you cannot change it to a new one. You are only allowed to change the design within the current template. 

Wix Pricing

At this point, it is key to know how much you pay for the services you get at Wix. One of the reasons Wix is very popular is that they have one of the most lucrative free plans in the market. You can use the free plan for as long as you want as long as it is working for you. 

The pricing plans are divided into two, that is, for the regular websites and the eCommerce website.

I. Regular websites

Under this category, the combo plan is the most popular as it provides all that you need to comfortably run a personal website. You can scale your website all the way to the VIP plan according to the resources you need to keep your site running. 

II. Ecommerce Websites

Wix gives you great value for your money as much as it may be more expensive than other eCommerce website builders. 

what services does Wix offer

In Conclusion

It is quite a feat trying to exhaust the topic, what services does Wix offer. As you may have noticed from the text above is that Wix is a rich website builder resource that contains most of what you need to set up a thriving eCommerce store or a regular website. No need to wait any longer! You can start building your site right away by clicking here

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