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[Updated List] What Do I Need For Building A Website?

Many people struggle with the question, what do i need for building a website. Today, we put an end to that.

But first, congratulations and welcome to the world of website building!

Whether you’re unsure where to start, or you’re just looking for some expert tips and tricks to take your site to the next level, we got you covered. 

Are you thinking of starting up a site to share your thoughts, products, or service? Well in just a few minutes you will learn what you need.

It sounds complex especially if it’s your first time but it is actually easier than you think, and you can do it all yourself, without hired help.

I know you are asking yourself; what do I need for building a website building? Here are a few tips to consider before building a website:

  1. Domain Name

A domain name is an address that links to your site, you should choose something simple and captivating. When you purchase, register your domain, and use it makes it easier for clients to find you. 

Here you also choose the plan to use; whether free or paid hosting. Hosting keeps your site online by storing website pages on the server.

There are many types of web hosting and how you choose depends on the level of security you want, the number of visitors that will be coming to your website, and many others.

Shared Hosting is the finest to start with it’s not only economical but simple to manage since the service provider takes care of everything.

  1. Marketing Strategy 

This is a plan for reaching potential clients and making them your customers. You can do this either freely or at a small fee.

The world is competitive and you need to have a plan to counter competitive rivals. Social Media is the best since most people are using it and you can post what do I need for building a website for free.

Google also helps your site get the desired traffic through its many tools like SEO Tools and Google Analytics.

  1. SEO Tools and Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization Tools are the most important tools to have, they help take your content into the marketing world. Yoast is a good example that aims to publish your content in a best-optimized way for search engines. 

Google analytics also is a tool that you need to be checking on how many people visit your site when they visit, and what they check on mostly.

This data helps you know where to improve on and get your target audience and also make the user’s experience satisfying.

  1. Type of Website you want to build

Means having a goal, know what you want to achieve, and the target audience. Research about the market before diving into it, always place yourself in the customer’s shoes. 

Always provide detailed information about products or services. You have to do lots of research before taking the next level. Information is key since it affects other factors like design, cost, and many others. 

Make sure to check on your competitors and aim to do more, offer more than they are. Your site should be mesmerizing to keep the clients coming again and again. Always prioritize the client’s needs.

  1. Website Building Platform

Once you have registered your domain it’s time for building. There are many website building applications and platforms available to use. While others prefer coding, there are many website builders that one doesn’t need coding or designing skills.

With just a simple drag and drop you can create your website in a few minutes. Whether you choose to do it online or offline, picking the best tool will help you get your desired results.


  • WordPress – for blogging (Self-hosted WP.ORG and a free one at
  • Joomla
  • Blogger – owned by Google
  1. Content

A website is not complete without content, it should be interesting enough to keep clients coming over and over as well as keep them interacting with you. You need to pay close attention to whom your user is and what type of content they want. 

It’s good to have a mixture of text, diagrams, images, and videos, especially when answering a question like; what do I need for building a website? Your content should be in line with your branding. 

This helps your site stand out and get ranks by Search Engines. 

How To get free hosting and domain now

Now, you have learned the essential things you need at hand before you even start building your website.

Here are some good news;

We mentioned that you need a domain and web hosting account to get started, right?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, both of them costs money.

For example:

A .com domain is going for $11.99 on GoDaddy. That is a lot of money especially when you are working with a tight budget.

Now, remember you are yet to add hosting.

The most basic hosting package on Bluehost will cost you $2.95 per month. That might not seem much but the moment you add all the costs together, you will be shocked.

Why am I telling you this?

There is a better option.


Olitt is a free website builder you can use now to create a website without the need to touch code.

Being free means you get hosting and domain ( at no extra cost.

Other things you get include:

  • Free Website Builder tools

Drag and drop tool is available with lots of free and themed designs for any web design.

  • Free SSL Gateway

These are security sockets that protect your site by encrypting data and keeping the Internet connection safe.

  • Free Landing Pages

These are the designed and themed templates available to use.

  • Free Domain Connect

Linking your custom domain is free at Olitt, which means you can go live without additional costs.

Winding up, Olitt is the Best Free Website Builder

Try it now for free.

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