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#6 Best Website Builders for eCommerce (Free)

In this article, you will learn more about some of the best Website builders for eCommerce.

Ecommerce enables individuals to buy goods and services online while exchanging payment and necessary data to complete transactions. Most businesses build their online stores where users interact with products through an application or web interface. 

Building an e-commerce platform can be achieved through hiring a web developer or by doing it yourself using building tools called website builders

These tools offer an efficient interface that supports drag and drop features through which builders can add features and templates that will eventually make a website.

Are website builders the best option?

There are many benefits that users can leverage from choosing website builders over hiring a web developer. 

These benefits include fast development, no prior coding or programming skill required, beautiful templates, cost-effective, integrated payment gateways among others.

Which are the factors to consider when choosing a website builder for eCommerce?

Choosing the right website builder from numerous in the market can be a pain. We often tell them apart based on their plan pricing but is cost really the main factor? 

Even though we all choose a budget-friendly provider you may also wish to consider the following:

i) Size of the project

Some builders are best fitted for small stores while others can manage a large store. You may wish to consider the size of your store before going for the provider.

ii) Ease of use

Any website builder you choose is easier than building a website through coding/programming but that doesn’t mean all are equally easy to figure out. 

The Website builder is always geared to providing user-friendly tools and interface that accommodates all levels of users from beginner to advanced users. 

You may want to try the one with an easy-to-use editor.

iii)            Presence of Marketing tools

iv)             Customer support

At some point, the thing might get messy and need help. The ability to reach support at any time is. 

Most website builders provide support through different communication platforms such as Massager, chats, Facebook, and phone calls.

v)               SEO features

SEO tools help you improve your website rank on search engines such as GOOGLE. You all want users to find your website, right? Then, consider a provider with SEO tools that will get you started.

vi)             Payment gateways.

Ecommerce websites may at some point require the customer to pay for goods/services offered.

E-commerce website builders have integrated payment gateways such as PayPal. 

You may consider those that support the gateway of your choice.

vii)           Number of themes and templates

Your first step in design using a website builder starts with a selection of themes that will eventually make your template. It’s this template you customize to make up a website.

Responsive and attractive themes constitute heavily on the success of your website. It’s worth looking at the template available before opting to invest.

Who are the best website builders?

Sometimes, even with the factors above, it’s time consuming trying all hundreds of website builders out there just to determine the perfect fit for you. 

To ease your work, here is a list of the best eCommerce website builders that you can choose from:

1. Olitt

Though new in the market, is backed with premium features that are hardly found in other website builders. 

If you are aiming to build a stunning website, provides fancy features to help you achieve it. currently supports Stripe and PayPal payment gateway. 

Moreover, considers security key to business. 

And that is why they provide a free SSL certificate to all of their packages.


One of the key reasons you will choose is that the majority of features are free and affordable premium packages with amazing features.

Common features in the plans:

i)                Free SSL certificate

ii)              Support of custom domain in all plans

iii)            Free DNS management

iv)             Pre-built websites

v)               SEO tools

2. Wix

Since its inception back in 2006, has been getting better, and they have over 160 million customers to show for it. 

Their longevity in the ever-growing and competitive market can be attributed to evolution to meet customer demand.

Why choose

Wix provides the following outstanding features

i)                Multicurrency support

ii)              Advanced shipping

iii)            Variety of payment methods including MasterCard, Visa

Other features

iv)             Offers free hosting

v)               Support for own SSL certificate

3. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best website builders for eCommerce. 

It provides a tool to build an online store in the shortest time possible. 

With a variety of themes at your disposal, you can customize them to build your brand and sell your products within no time. 

If you would like to build an SMB, Shopify is an ideal solution.

Why is Shopify plans highly-priced?

Shopify plans come with amazing features hardly provided by others. You may wish to overlook the price because of the benefit that comes with these features.

Some of the unique features:

i) Easily integrates with other market places like Amazon

ii) No third party accounts – Merchants accept credit cards directly from Shopify

iii)  Support for multi-channel retailing

iv)   No selling limit

4. BigCommerce

One of the close competitors to Shopify is BigCommerce. They help large and fast-growing businesses to set up and manage their online stores. 

BigCommerce plan sells at close prices to those of Shopify.

Their features include; easy integration with sales platforms such as eBay and Amazon, support payment platforms such as Apple pay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay, Multi-currency, unlimited API calls, etc.

BigCommerce comes with top store management capability that competitors yet match, making it one of the best website builders for eCommerce. 

5. Big Cartel

We all want something affordable, isn’t it? 

Yes, unlike others, big cartel provides a free plan and cheaper premium plans with the cost ranging from $0 -$29.9 per month. 

They say ‘cheap is expensive’. 

Big cartel may be affordable but lacks essential features in other providers. It also ships with Google analytic features and real-time stats.  You may wish to take advantage of a free plan to build your store and upgrade as the business scales up.

6. Weebly

It contains both a free plan and premium packages. Similar to Big Cartel, plans are affordable with prices ranging from $0-$26 US dollars. 

One of the distinguishing features is inventory management, which easily embeds third-party code.


Choosing the right website builder for your online shop/store marks the first step in your business success. Your choice should be dictated by your needs. 

The above list outlines the top 6 website builders with their main strengths that you may wish to take advantage of.

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