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Website Builder in Morocco: 12 Must-Know Tools (Free & Paid)

You need a website builder in Morocco to design a beautiful website in less than an hour. Within this modern technology, it will take weeks to design a website successfully.

Technology has made things easy for man, it’s now possible for you to create your website without coding or technical skills. The technology employed is as simple as surfing the internet.

There are already made templates available on the Website builder, all you have to do is select from the available templates and customize them by adding your images, editing the fonts, blocks, and other features.

This is the reason why you don’t need to have coding skills, anyone can now wake up one day and design a website on their own without any assistance whatsoever.

You can now take your business online without spending a fortune. This post will discuss the available website builders in Morocco you can select from and use to design your website.

12 Best Website builders in Morocco

1. Olitt

Olitt website builder has hundreds of modern and beautiful templates that you can select from to design your website.

The website builder is easy to use, you will not need to be taught how to use it. The templates are divided into categories to enable you to make your choice of a template without much hassle.

Olitt plans are affordable and their services are excellent.

The cost of Olitt website builder in Morocco

Olitt has two plans. The free and the premium plans. 

Olitt free plan
  • 1 GB Storage
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  Connect your Custom Domain (1)
  •  Support via forum & KB only
  •  Google ranking with SEO
  •  DNS Management
  •  Security with SSL
  •  Discounted Domains
  •  Pre-built Websites (fewer)
  •  OLITT branding ads

This plan is good when you want to design a personal website or you want to test the product.

Olitt premium plan
website builder in Morocco

Price: MAD300.48 per year

  • Free hosting
  •  Unlimited Storage
  •  1 Free domain for 1 year
  •  10 Free Websites
  •  Connect Multiple Custom Domains
  •  Ticket & Live Chat support
  •  SEO & Marketing tools
  •  More Pre-built Websites
  •  Remove OLITT branding ads
  •  Social Media Integrations
  •  HelpDesk/Livechat Integrations
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Hotjar
  •  Facebook Pixel
  •  Google Tag Manager
  •  MailChimp Integrations
  •  Custom JavaScript Integrations
  •  Accept online payments
  •  Simple Online Shop
  •  30-day money-back guarantee

2. Mozello

It is a website builder in Morocco that is compatible with any type of device, mobile, tablet, or desktop. That means you don’t have to worry about your customers’ kind of device to visit your website.

They also have powerful marketing and SEO features that will help to bring traffic to your website. You can also create multilingual websites, this makes it easy for people of different languages to understand your website.

The cost of Mozello website builder in Morocco

website builder in Morocco

Mozello website builder has three plans, free, premium, and premium plus. The free plan doesn’t offer much, you can use it to do very little.

The free plan online store has a 0 % sales commission, and only 5 products and variant uploads.

While the premium plan costs $8 per month, this plan gives you a free domain, 50 GB storage, a multilingual site, and free SSL certification.

The last plan ( Premium plus ) costs $18, you will have a Free SSL certificate, and unlimited storage and you will be able to change the website icon.

The online store plan gives you the power to upload an unlimited number of products, you will also have discount coupons, digital product delivery, and a lot more.

3. MailChimp Website builder 

MailChimp is popularly known as an email marketing company. But they have added a website builder to their products.

They have beautiful and modern templates for different kinds of websites. They have made it easy for you to incorporate email marketing into your website.

Website building has been added to all their plans.

The cost of MailChimp website builder in Morocco

The cost of MailChimp website builder in Morocco

They have four plans for you to select from, the plans include email services.

The plans are free, essential, standard, and premium. 

If you want to test their services, the free plan is for you, you will be given a marketing CRM, a creative assistant, MailChimp form, and landing pages

The Essential plan offers email and landing page templates, a customer journey builder, custom branding, A/B Testing, and 24/7 email & chat support in addition to the free plan features above. The cost of the plan is $11 per month.

In addition to the Essential plan, the standard plan offers customer journey builder + branching points, send-time optimization, behavioral targeting, custom templates, and dynamic content. You will be charged $17 per month.

Finally, MailChimp Premium plans offer advanced segmentation, multivariate testing comparative reporting, unlimited seats & role-based access a d phone & priority Support. This plan costs $299 per month.

4. Shopify

Shopify is a website builder that is made specifically for eCommerce and online stores. They are king when it comes to e-commerce website building.

They have features that will make your business online a successful one. They have beautiful templates, many online payment gateways, analytics, and SEO tools integration.

Millions of e-commerce business websites have been built using Shopify. 

The cost of Shopify website builder in Morocco

The cost of Shopify website builder in Morocco

Shopify web builder has three packages, namely, basic, Shopify, and Advanced.

The basic package cost is $29 per month. 2 members of your staff will be given access to the admin dashboard and you will be charged 2% for purchases on your website.

The Shopify package costs $79 per month. This package gives 5 members of your staff access to the admin dashboard and you will be charged 1% for purchases on your website.

The advanced package costs $299 per month. This is the highest package and is suitable for scaling businesses requiring advanced reporting.

15 members of your staff have access to the admin dashboard, 8 inventory locations, and just a 0.5% charge for the purchase.

5. Wix

If you are looking to design a website with perfect ease then Wix is the website builder for you. They have an AI tool called ADI ( Artificial Design Intelligence ).

With ADI you can design a website by answering questions about the purpose of your website, and then your website will be automatically designed for you. Cool right? 

They have over 500 templates you can select and customize.

The cost of Wix website builder in Morocco

The cost of Wix website builder in Morocco

Wix has four packages on their platform, namely; connect domain, combo, unlimited, and VIP.

The Connect domain package will give you access to 500 MB, Free SSL, 1 GB Bandwidth, and a custom domain. This package costs $4.5 per month.

The second package called Combo will give you access to 3 GB space, a free domain for 1 year, Wix ads will be removed from your site, and 2 GB bandwidth. The cost for this package is $8.5 per month.

Thirdly, the unlimited package also known as the Freelancers and entrepreneurs package will make you enjoy Free SSL, Unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB storage, and a  site booster. The unlimited package costs $12.5 per month.


WordPress is more of a CMS ( Content Management System ), than a website builder, however, it has page builders that you can use to design pages with templates and blocks.

WordPress is free software you can install to start your website in Morocco, it can be used to design almost any kind of website.

It has thousands of themes and plugins that you can install to create an online presence through your website. Themes are templates in WordPress that you can install and customize to your desire.

Plugins on the other hand are software that adds functionalities to your website. You can add forms, improve your SEO, have data for analysis, and create different kinds of websites if you can identify the right theme and plugin.

The cost of WordPress website builder in Morocco

If you want to use WordPress, you will need to buy hosting and domain. Hosting is the space online that stores your website files and sends them to users whenever they demand them.

While a domain is the identity of your website online, the name that will be used to differentiate your website from others. You will need to buy hosting and domain.

The cost varies based on the features you require for your website and the web hosting company you want to use. 

There are lots of web hosting companies but check Truehost to see their affordable price and quality services in the image below.

The cost of WordPress website builder in Morocco

7. Weebly

Weebly has been able to gain the trust of thousands of businesses, the website builder has been used to design over 500 million websites.

They also have easy customization and hundreds of templates you can pick and start your website design immediately.

The cost of Weebly website builder in Morocco

The cost of a Weebly website builder in Morocco

It has four packages, connect, Pro, Business, and Business plus.

Weebly Connect costs as low as $5 per month, but your website will have Weebly ads on it.

The Pro plan costs $12 per month, it doesn’t have Weebly ads and you will even be given a free domain.

Weebly Business costs $25 per month, you will be given a free domain also.

Finally, Weebly Business plus will give you access to free email marketing and a free domain. This plan costs $38 per month.

8. Squarespace

Squarespace website builders have mobile editing for you to use to make quick changes to your website on your phone. This reduces the stress of having to use a desktop or laptop.

They have beautiful templates for website and blog design. You can also design your blog on Squarespace with extreme ease.

The cost of Squarespace website builder in Morocco

The cost of Squarespace website builder in Morocco

Squarespace has four plans namely; personal, business, commerce, and advanced commerce.

The personal is the least expensive plan for small websites that are used for a resume or portfolio. The cost of this plan is $14 per month.

Next is the Business plan, the features of this plan meet the needs of a small business. You will be able to upload an unlimited number of products. 

However, you will be charged 3% for every transaction you make. The cost of this plan is $23 per month.

The third one is the commerce plan, this plan has advanced e-commerce features that will meet your business needs, you will be given analytics and video studio tools.

And the Advanced commerce package is for businesses that have grown and need more advanced features to meet their needs. This plan has advanced shipping, advanced web analytics, and advanced discounts. It costs $49 per month

9. Zyro

Zyro is new when compared to other website builders that have been in existence for years. They have very affordable plans and cool features.

Business websites that required customers to buy from them online have access to many online payment gateways. Customers can use Stripe, Master card, Visa card, PayPal, and other options to make their purchases online.

They also boast of hosting the websites of about 250,000 businesses in the world at the time this post was written.

The cost of Zyro website builder in Morocco

The cost of Zyro website builder in Morocco

Zyro has a website plan, business, online store, and advanced store plan.

The website plan cost $2.9 per month. It offers free hosting, free SSL, and Google analytics. The features are limited compared to other plans.

The business plan which costs $4.9 per month offers 100 product listings, blogging tools, inventory management, email notifications, and other features.

Next is the online store plan, with this plan you will have access to WhatsApp and messenger live chat on your website, Gift cards, 70+ payment gateways, 100% free commission, and more. It costs $8.9 per month.

Zyro’s biggest plan is the advanced online store. With this plan you can upload up to 2,500 products, you also have unlimited storage, abandoned cart recovery, subscription sales, customer groups, and a lot more. The plan costs $15.9 per month.

10. IONOS Website builder 

This website builder is also an additional product of a web hosting company. It has about 17,000 high-quality images.

You can select from this rich library of images to design your website. It has easy sync with PayPal, credit cards, and direct transfers.

The cost of IONOS website builder in Morocco

The cost of IONOS website builder in Morocco

IONOS website builder has 4 plans you can choose; they are plus, starter, and pro plans.

The starter costs $1 only and $5 per month on renewal, it has the basic features to design a website but without many functionalities. This plan also has the online store category that costs $1 too but $12 on renewal.

Secondly, the pro plan has additional features like multilingual and You can design a website with video backgrounds and animations. This plan costs $5 per month and $10 per month on renewal. 

If you want an e-commerce website with this plan it will cost you the same $10 but $20 on renewal. The online store pro plan will give you social media integration, an image slider, and 5000 product listings.

The last plan ( pro ) will cost you $10 per month on your first payment and $15 on renewal. This plan gives you additional features like targeted content delivery and personalization.

The online store category under the plus plan will cost you $25 and $35 on renewal.

11. Webnode 

Webnode is a website builder that has been in existence for more than 20 years with over 40 million websites designed on their platform.

They employ the same drag and drop technology as other website builders in Morocco. You can test their features for free.

You can use your phone or tablet to design your website on their platform with ease.

The cost of Webnode website builder in Morocco 

The cost of Webnode website builder in Morocco 

Webnode has four plans; limited, mini, standard, and profit.

The limited plan is the least plan ( $3.89 per month ). You will be given 200 MB and the website will have their ads.

If you want more space you can go for the second plan ( Mini ), the plan costs $12.9 per month, the space given for this plan is 1 GB, and you will also have 1 email account and you can also use background video on your website.

Next is the standard plan that costs $12.9 per month, some of the features of this plan are  3 GB storage, 20 email accounts, an online store, Adsense, 2 languages, and 5 backups.

The final plan is for professional websites, it is called Pofi, it costs $22.9 per month, you have access to 7 GB storage, 100 email accounts, and an unlimited backup.

12. GoDaddy Website builder

GoDaddy has been known to be a popular web hosting solution in the world. They have registered millions of domains on their platform.

They also have a website builder that you can use to design your website in Morocco. Their website builder has AI tools that can make your website building experience smooth.

However, they have high costs when compared to other website builders, and the cost increases further on renewal. You can get what they offer on other platforms at a cheaper price.

The cost of GoDaddy website builder in Morocco

The cost of GoDaddy website builder in Morocco

GoDaddy website builder has four plans; basic, premium, commerce, and commerce plus.

The basic plan has very limited features, your website can host only 100 email marketing sends per month, and your website won’t rank on Google, but you will have a premium SSL certificate. The cost is $6.99 per month and $11.99 per month on renewal.

GoDaddy premium plan costs $13.99 per month and $21.99 power month on renewal. You will be able to send 25000 emails to your customers directly from your GoDaddy dashboard and your website will rank on Google.

The next plan is for small businesses, it is called Commerce. It has e-commerce features to meet your business needs.

You can list 5000 products, and your customers can buy directly from your website but you are limited to 50 orders per month. You have online inventory and you will be able to give discounts to your customers through coupons and sales badges. The cost of the plan is $14.99 per month and $24.99 per month on the renewal.

For more advanced features you need to buy the Commerce plus plan. In addition to the commerce plan, you will have automated sales tax calculations and forms and your orders per month will be increased from 50 to 1000. The cost of this plan is $29.99 per month and $44.99 per month on renewal.


It’s now easy for you to design a website considering the number of website builders in Morocco. You don’t have to go through the stress of learning codes and other technical skills.

You can select from any of the above Web builders to start your website or blog in Morocco. 

Our recommendation for you is the Olitt website builder since it’s affordable and also gives high-quality features.

Olitt also has greater customer support to help you if you get stuck.

Design your website with Olitt today.

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