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Website Builder GoDaddy Login Tutorial (Step by step)

You may be seated there and wondering how you can build a personal or business website with GoDaddy? First, you need to access the Website builder GoDaddy login page.

Because you don’t want to get lost or spend more time performing the ‘try and error’ to find our preferred services, this article provides relevant information on usage of the platform and assist in building understanding of website builder GoDaddy login while revealing the strengths and weaknesses of using this platform.

Why use GoDaddy website builder?

GoDaddy is one of the technology powerhouse offering a variety of products such as domain registration, hosting and servers, etc.

The platform has an artificial intelligence design interface to improve your experience and ensure you get your site online in the shortest time possible.

Also, It’s beginner-friendly.

Though GoDaddy is known as a tech giant in domain registration, GoDaddy’s website+ marketing contains smart technology to help you create a brand. This includes website builder, templates and online stores, etc.

You can also build a website for a 30-day free package . This trial is important to help have a test of the product and for beginners to familiarize themselves. Great deal, right? For non-tech-savvy individuals, the tools help you build a website with simplified technical aspects.

GoDaddy’s website builder is one of the powerful tools to use but it’s only suited for blogging and small business. The tool requires you to select the type of website and other details such as pictures and theme to generate a website through which you can customize.

Here are some of the pros and cons of GoDaddy website builder


1. Easy to use user interface

2. Responsive and SEO optimized webpage

3. Mobile and desktop responsive

4. Easy customization of the templates.


1. Not a popular choice among the webmasters

2. Poor color combination

3. Not flexible

Website builder Godaddy login is a little easy and standard and it is the main entry point to getting your site. The following guides you on how you can access the website builder GoDaddy login:

1. Open GoDaddy website on your favorite browser.

Website builder GoDaddy login is a web interface that is accessible through a web browser.

You can type into your browser

Website builder GoDaddy login

2. Click the Sign-in tab at the top right

This will open a drop-down layout containing many options. On small-size devices such as smartphone, a user icon is shown instead. On the desktop, it contains 3 columns while on mobile devices, these items will be vertically.

It’s good to note that the display may change or the items disappear depending on the size of the device.

Website builder GoDaddy login

3. Click Sign in button on the second column

This is the main entry into the GoDaddy login page and log in accessible in other services that require authentic users. Also this pages can redirect user back to the login page. This may include an attempt to access the free trial from homepage.

Website builder GoDaddy login

4. Choose your signing in option

Godaddy offers 3 means to create an account with them. This includes manually entering your details into the web form or signing through third parties like Google or Facebook.

Website builder GoDaddy login

Likewise, during login, website builder GoDaddy login presents all the 3 that you can select from. Regardless of the signing option you use, the site can redirect to the homepage on successful authentication or you will be prompted the error.

Authenticated user can access his account from the top left tab “my account”. Most likely, you access the website builder to customize your page or check your products. To perform all these, click on the “my account” and select “my products”. Below it will display all your products.

If you like to edit the product, click on more: an icon that appears when you hover the mouse over the product. Click and select “edit your plan”. 


Website builders are tools that try to automate most manual work, make it easier, and save us time. While using GoDaddy’s website builder you don’t want to ramble performing the “try and error” method to access the website builder GoDaddy login. The above guide aims to help you by ensuring you are conversant with the tool and hopefully, you find it informative.

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