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Here is a Website Builder Better Than Wix [List]

There are many website builder builders better than WIX. I’m not saying Wix is a bad website builder, truly it’s the among most popular website builders by 2021. It contains a vast community relying on their service. It has over 160 million users registered for its service.

Website builders introduced a handy way to build a website, accommodating all skill level. They also try to curb the amount of time and capital in site development. 

There has been a massive invasion into this market niche with hundreds of website builder introduced.

The stiff competition in the market has led to great innovation and extensive use of artificial intelligence for one to stand out. This works well for clients; massive features are rolling out at their advantage. 

Which is a website builder better than wix?

Truly, Wix is heavyweight in the market. This implies for any site builder to be considered better than them it has to present something special.

Usually, some of the essential features include customer support, hosting space, security, customization, ease-of-use, use of AI etc.

It’s brute to say others don’t offer the aforementioned features, but the extent and amount spell the difference. After an in-depth review of many website builders, here‘re some of the website builders, you might consider;

This is the new platforms introduced less than 1 year. They’ve thousands of registered users thanks to their amazing features and customer support. Currently, the platform contains 2 plans for customers i.e the free plan and life plan.

Here are some of the features they offer in each package.

Olitt has easy-to-integrate plugin on various payment gateways, Hotjar, youtube, social media platforms, etc. provides beautiful premade templates that users can customize to build their website through the drag and drop feature from various categories that suite in the many projects.

For a commercial website, website easily integrates with an online marketing platform and has integrated payment gateways through which you can collect your payments. 

Unlike Wix, Olitt only contains only one free and one premium package.

Website builder better than Wix

Though Wix offers more plans, the packages sell at a relatively high price.

Website builder better than Wix

Zyro website builder

Zyro is a new website building tool that supports AI to facilitate the development process. Also, this tool is used in logo marking, AI writer, Ai heatmaps, AI slogan generator etc. 

Also, though this tool is still under development, there are more promising features anticipated in the near feature. Zyro contains extensive documentation for training and starting price of $1.99 only. 

Check the pricing and features of each package in Zyro.

Website builder better than Wix


Just like, Squarespace offers beautiful templates but outscores WIX with its powerful blogging tools and excellent customer support. Though Squarespace editor is not a nightmare, the Wix editor is easier to use.

Squarespace template works better on both mobile and desktop compared to Wix.

Other benefits while using Squarespace

  1. Best-suited for both SMBs and eCommerce websites
  2. Sells services
  3. Ability to edit source files such as HTML and CSS
  4. Very good SEO tools.

 Shopify is an ideal solution for building eCommerce websites with various commercial features available. easily integrates with other online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Shopify contains multiple payment gateways that you can use to collect your payment. 

If you target to build an online store, it isn’t hard to say Shopify a website builder better then Wix. Shopify is suitable for large stores and its flexible enough to scale to thousands of store items.


Another website builder that you can build your online store. Weebly has an excellent inventory management system. Just like, they contain beautiful templates and excellent customer support and you may like to consider them as alternatives for Wix.

One of the world’s popular website builders with a large developer community.  

It also contains mobile applications that you can use to manage your website. They contain free and 4 other premium packages selling from $4-$45 per month.

WordPress easily integrates PayPal (the most popular payment gateway) that you can collect payments if you are running a commercial website


Popular among small businesses, it offers great customization of interface colour and fonts.JIMDO is one of the rare solutions that let you create your website from their app. It works for smartphones or tablets.


New website builders are being released hence its always good to check out the amazing features they bring while avoiding bind in absence of Wix. This article focuses on website builders better than Wix on a feature basis. Though it isn’t an extrusive review, I hope you discover it amazing and informative.

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