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Shopify Pricing: Which Shopify Plan is Best for You?

Shopify Pricing: When it comes to business everyone looks out for the best deal available both in terms of price and what it offers. Most startups find themselves stuck in choosing the best plans available for their need hence a good review is needed. Here is what Shopify offers:

It consists of a free plan. The free plan is a 14-day grace period and after that you are prompted to upgrade to one of 5 plans available in total. Here is an overview:

Which Shopify Plan is Best for You?
Which Shopify Plan is Best for You?

 Shopify Lite Plan ( costs $9/month)

This is the most basic plan consisting of only a buy button. It is very useful for a very small startup as it got limited functionalities. Works with all websites just a few clicks and the buy option is available on your website. It also allows you to generate invoices and accept credit card payments. Here are features of the lite plan:

  • Sell with Buy Buttons
  • Accept in-person payments with an iOS or Android device
  • Create custom orders
  • Email and live chat support

Basic Shopify Plan (costs $29/month)

Welcome to e-commerce, this plan is the basic functionality to a fully-fledged online store. You get the most important features and functionality you need in an online store at the best price possible. This makes the Basic Plan a pretty low-risk investment for new/untested eCommerce business.

The key features include:

  • Upload unlimited products
  • Unlimited file storage
  • 2 staff logins
  • 24/7 support
  • Fraud analysis
  • Manual order creation
  • Discount codes
  • Website and blog
  • Free SSL certificates: this a must have for public perception if nothing else

Shopify Plan (costs $79/month)

The Shopify plan is a step up from Basic, and it comes with five staff accounts, better discounts on shipping and payment processing, and more advanced features. In addition to all basic plan features you will get:

  • Five staff accounts
  • Assign inventory to five warehouse locations
  • Professional reporting features
  • Shipping with better discounts on shipping rates
  • USPS Priority Mail Cubic pricing
  • Discounts on payment processing with Shopify Payments
  • 1.0% transaction fees

Advanced Shopify Plan (costs $299/month)

Advanced Shopify plan includes all of the features in the above plan, in addition to more advanced features and better discounts on shipping rates and payment processing

  • 15 staff accounts
  • Assign inventory to eight warehouse locations
  • Advanced report builder with custom reports
  • Display third-party calculated shipping rate at checkout
  • Best discounts on shipping rates with Shopify Shipping
  • Best discounts on payment processing with Shopify Payments
  • 0.5% transaction fees

Shopify Plus (cost $2000/month)

This plan is designed for businesses with over $1 million in annual revenue. Shopify Plus offers more advanced features, better hosting for higher traffic, and personalized support through a dedicated account manager.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Able to handle large fluctuations in traffic
  • Sell on over 20 different channels
  • Automation tools
  • Wholesale and B2B features
  • Priority customer service

Credit card payments: this are the rates for the three major plans:

  • Basic Shopify Plan –  2.9% + 30 cents per transaction
  • Shopify Plan –  2.6% + 30 cents per transaction
  • Advanced Shopify Plan –  2.4% + 30 cents per transaction

Here is a brief summary when choosing:

Choose Lite If…

  • You don’t need a website or blog
  • When you want to sell in-person and on social media
  • You have a very small operation
  • You’re okay with just live chat and email support

Choose Basic If…

  • wanting to build and host a full online store with Shopify
  • are just beginning to sell online
  • don’t need many reporting tools
  • You need four staff accounts
  • needing phone support in addition to live chat and email

Choose Shopify If…

  • You need access to professional reports
  • Or need five staff accounts
  • If you want to access discounted processing fees, lower Shopify transaction fees, and further discounted shipping rates

Choose Advanced If…

  • When you need to create advanced reports
  • You need 15 staff accounts

Choose Shopify Plus If…

  • You’re a high-volume business, enterprise-level operation, large wholesaler, etc.
  • Requiring extensive scalability and customization in staff accounts, sales volume, sales channels, site speed, etc.
  • There is a need for a dedicated account manager
  • You need more than 15 staff accounts

Altanatively to Shopify you can try one of this :

#1 WIX

Wix is a great place to start for smaller businesses on a budget because it’s much cheaper than other e-commerce platforms. It does offer less advanced features than dedicated e-commerce builders, but this also makes it a more budget-friendly option for small businesses. There are three Wix eCommerce plans to choose from:
The Business Basic: $23 per month
Business Unlimited: $27 per month
And Business VIP: $49 per month

#2 BigCommerce

BigCommerce has four pricing plans:
starting with Standard plan, this is the cheapest at $29.95 per month while the most popular is the $71.95 per month Plus plan
the Pro plan will cost you $224.95 per month and provides even more scalable features, lastly, the Enterprise plan is the most advanced, and has custom pricing
There is a 15-day free trial, and you can even request a demo to see how BigCommerce can benefit your online store.

#3 OLITT builder (e-commerce coming soon)
OLITT is a web design platform that includes an easy to use Website Builder that allows the creation of a Beautiful Website using ready-made templates that can be customized by drag and drop of objects and inline editing of text

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