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OLITT vs Sitepad: A Comparison

About SitePad

This article focus on OLITT vs Sitepad site builder services.

Sitepad formerly known as Sitemush is a drag and drop website builder developed and maintained by the company behind Softaculous (1-Click Software Installer) – Electron Technologies FZC.

A company founded by Pulkit Gupta in 2009 in Mumbai, India, with Global Headquarter in UAE.

Just like Softaculous – the 1-Click Installer, Sitepad website builder targets Web hosting Companies as primary distribution partners.

Sitepad is available as a plugin of the main web hosting control panels like:

Sitepad is therefore offered a bundled product by many web hosting companies globally.

Sitepad has a collection of about 500 templates as at June 2020.

Sitepad provide very attractive pricing to web hosting companies, as little as $5 per server.

OLITT vs Sitepad Comparison Summary

Ease of UseSitepad is ease to use drag and drop site builder, however can only accessed from a Control panel and therefore ease of use is complicated by complexities associated with accessing and navigating within Control panels.  Easy to use, no learning curve, no programming skills required. No control panel involved.OLITT
SecuritySecurity of a Sitepad website depend on the hosting provider, Sitepad has no additional security features.OLITT provides secure Websites by Default.OLITT
SpeedSitepad website speed depend on the hosting company.  Sitepad does not provide additional optimization features such as compression and CDN features.OLITT provide lightning fast websites by Default. Inbuilt CDN, and gzip compression technology ensures every Olitt Website is super optimized for speed.OLITT
Reliability (uptime)Uptime Levels of a Sitepad Website depend on the Webhosting provider. Consider a great Hosting company like Hostigator, Bluehost, Siteground, Truehost, AWS, Google among otherOLITT provides 99.999% uptime guarantee, High level of reliabilityOLITT
SupportSitepad support is mainly provided by the Web Hosting company and limited support can be accessed via Sitepad forum.Small community growing on OLITT forum 24/07 support is provided by OLITTOLITT
Ready-made TemplatesSitepad has around 500f Free Ready-made Website templates. These templates are not beautifulHundreds of Free Ready-made beautiful templates are available on OLITT Marketplace.OLITT
SEOSitepad features some limited inbuilt SEO management functionality for Search Engine Optimization.OLITT Websites have inbuilt SEO functionalities that allow websites to be SEO friendly with minimal work.OLITT
FunctionalitiesSitepad supports just a few usecases such as Blogging, Corporate Websites, and simple websites.  OLITT is a relatively new platform therefore supports just the most popular use cases such Corporate websites, blogs, General Websites, Online Stores (under development)OLITT
BudgetA small budget is required for developing and maintaining a Sitepad website, but most reliable service providers offer a $2/month package for normal Cpanel Hosting.  OLITT is one the cheapest Website Builder service and the $1.99/Month package is best it can get.OLITT


Sitepad has very dull templates not intuitive for a beautiful website as compared with OLITT.

Sitepad is hosted within webhosting companies’ servers and therefore reliability of a Sitepad website is dependent on the reliability of the hosting company.

Sitepad is only accessible from the control panel.

Therefore the complexities involved with logging in and navigating within control panels affect the user ability of Sitepad.

OLITT is highly recommended over Sitepad Site builder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Sitepad Free..?

No Sitepad charges monthly license on the Web hosting company, at least $5 per month.

However most Web hosting companies provide Sitepad for free to their Web hosting clients.

Can I use Sitepad for my Website without dealing with a Webhosting company..?

Yes, you can own your own Sitepad license by purchasing on Sitepad Website.

You will need to have a VPS and control panel to deploy Sitepad. You can consider Centos 8 and Centos Web Panel – which are available for free.

Can I deploy OLITT on my own server..?

No, OLITT is offered from OLITT private cloud to ensure maximum security, performance, and reliability.

Read more about OLITT Technology Stack.

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