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IM Creator: Create a Stunning Website Completely Free

im creator

IM Creator is a brainchild of Wix’s former employee. Ever since its inception, the creator has made major moves and continues to leave a mark on this website builders industry.

Considering that its founder came from Wix, arguably the best website building software with over 100 million users, you’d expect the tool to at least be impressive.

Well, it turns out, that is not the case.

According to some reviews we’ve gathered, IM Creator isn’t something you’d expect from a page builder.

You see, a builder has only one: help you create a website without headaches. That’s where the drag-and-drop feature comes into play. That is where this tool falls short.

It turns out, the tool allows you to use what’s available.

This is what I mean:

You only edit elements that are already in place.

Even with that, in the end, you need to create a website. So, how do you do that?

Let’s look at its features and then discuss what it means to you.

IM Creator review: Features and Benefits (what’s in it for you?)

im creator features
im creator features

 #1. SEO Friendly

The software gives you access to comprehensive SEO resources out-of-the-box. These tools help you increase your site’s engagement, traffic, and finally be able to make that sale (conversions).

These resources include tracking for Google analytics and Facebook pixels.\

#2. Ecommerce

IM Creator joins the small list of website creators offering their users online shops.

With this tool, you can create a website and start selling almost immediately. But there is one problem.

Unlike other builder tools, this creator doesn’t support major and essential e-commerce toolset, which means you get basic stuff.

All you get is:

  • Credit card checkout
  • Analytics
  • management console

#3. Visually Impressive designs

Their templates come with clean layouts, impressive animation effects, and responsive visuals.

This way, you are sure to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. A word has it all of IM Creator templates are designed by experienced, professional web designers.

#4. Scalable

With this builder, you can easily create a one-pager, or a 1000-pager.

This can be a simple landing page or the largest news website you can imagine. The growth is unlimited.

#5. Responsive designs

This is huge, especially now when mobile users make up three-quarters of internet traffic.

With such designs, you are assured that any content you add will be responsive and will naturally adjust itself to any device screen – think laptops, tablets, and phone screens.

IM Creator website: Pricing and Plans

The software has free, Premium, and Commercial Accounts in the form of a white-label plan.

  • Students, artists, and Non-profit – get free forever plan. All you have to do is apply and if approved, you gain access to unlimited hosting, be able to connect your own domain, etc.
  • Premium account – starts $8 per month. Have access to all themes, connect a domain, unlimited hosting among other goodies
  • Unlimited Licences (white label) – with only $350 annually, created for web hosting companies, agencies, and designers.
im creator pricing
im creator pricing

Here is something to note:

Even though there is a free plan, it’s not available to everyone. Only students, artists, or non-profit can have it, and that explains why you need to apply to be considered.

IM Creator best alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives:

  • OLITT– the best website builder software for fast and secure pages
  • Wix – trusted by over 100 million users
  • uKit website builder – no coding skills required to create a website

Final thoughts on IM Creator review

While this may not be the best website creator tool, it has some worthy features you can appreciate.

Frequently asked questions

#1. Is IM Creator free?

Yes, IM creator website is free, but to selected groups. If you are a student, artist, or a non-profit organization, then you can use this tool completely free. Otherwise, premium plans are starting at $8 per month.

#2. What is IM Creator?

IM Creator is a website builder, founded by Wix’s former employee. It was created to help you create websites without headaches.

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