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How to reset your password on Olitt

This article seeks to guide you on how to login when you forget your password and when you are updating to a new password.

Common error notifications will be:

Sorry check your password or username.

Failed login

You no longer recall the password you used for sign up,no need to search it for long, consider resetting.

1.Visit the olitt login page on

2. Click forgot password option on the page

3. Fill in the email you used to sign up and click the button ‘Request Password Reset’

If email is correct, you will receive  a pop up notification as below

If email is Incorrect, you will receive  a pop up notification as below

4. Login to your  email address which you used to reset password to see reset link with email subject ‘Reset your Olitt password’ and resembles link below

Use this link to reset your password:

5. Click the reset link sent on email , it will redirect you to reset page as below

6.Fill in the new password in the first slot, repeat the new password on second slot and click ‘Reset password’ button

Possible errors include:

The reset password link you used has expired.Try resetting the password again 

To prevent the error: Utilize reset link before one hour ends.

7.  A successful password reset redirects you to the olitt login page for a fresh login using the new password set.

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