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Is This EnhanCV Best alternative? Learn More Now

In this article, we are looking into EnhanCV best alternative. To do that, we are diving into comparing Enhancv and Olitt resume builder. 

They are both equal to the task of getting you noticed by the hiring managers with the goal of being putting your best foot forward and standing out from the crowd.

The job market is getting more competitive every passing day and having an outstanding resume is no longer a luxury but a need. 

Creating such a resume requires expertise in both the design and the content. Starting from scratch is admittedly not a piece of cake and it could take long hours to put together one.

To add, before getting what is supposedly the final masterpiece can be quite draining and that is exactly where to resume builders come in handy. They exist in numerous numbers and narrowing down to one can also be tasking.

EnhanCV best alternative

Enhancv Online resume builder

EnhanCV best alternative

Enhancv is one of the resume builders with the most attractive resume writing interfaces you will come across. The design quality is not only evident in the resume templates but also in the cover letter templates which are modern and fun to use. 

So far, this tool has attracted more than one million users and companies globally.

Creating a resume with Enhancv is an easy process. When you are starting a new document, you first need to choose a template and add the content. You can select any one of the 20 sections where each has an explanation of its objectives and how you can bring out your information in the most impactful way. 

In addition, you can easily rearrange the sections with the drag and drop feature until you are satisfied with the final product.

Some of its programs use a program wizard tool that assists you to fill out your resume by responding to form questions and then it automatically generates your resume in your selected template. 

On the document preview page, you can also type any information directly to the document preview. 

EnhanCV Features

  • A simple and user-friendly editor; new users can easily maneuver around it
  • Contains a range of highly customizable templates
  • A straightforward drag and drop editor
  • It has an inbuilt cover letter builder
  • An impressive, modern, and clean outlook which is also evident on the final copy of your resume
  •  Highlights unresolved problems throughout the resume and makes content suggestions 
  • Real-life stories from resumes and cover letters to inspire you

EnhanCV Pros

  • The modern builder ensures that your resume stands out 
  • The What You See Is What You Get editor allows users to seamlessly edit within their choice templates
  • The CV highlights both personal and professional strengths which is a great way to stand out 
  • The premium plan offers instant tips for fixing mistakes.
  • Allows high customization hence suitable for people at all career levels
  • One can access other website resources
  • Contains a free version 
  • Provides content suggestions when you are typing which makes the process of building the website easier
  • It is possible to share your CV with friends while you are still editing for them to share more input on what you need to improve and perhaps make comments on your work

EnhanCV Cons

  • It has a poor mobile experience which does not allow zooming and it is quite rigid to work with
  • A limited variety of downloadable formats, that is you can only download your resume in PDF format
  • It is impossible to upload an existing resume therefore one has to create it from scratch.
  • The free version is quite limited, and one has to upgrade so as to remove the branding from the resume or cover letter
  • Lacks a spell checker 

EnhanCV Pricing

Enhancv has a free trial period and subscription options which include:

  • Monthly billing – $19.99 is billed every month
  • Quarterly – charged at $14.99 per month and $44.97 is billed every three months
  • Semi-annual billing – charged at $10.99 per month and $65.94 is billed every six months

Using the free plan is not advisable since the templates have a branding that is not considered professional. 

Upgrading to the premium plans according to the duration of use serves you better.

Olitt Resume Builder 

This is the EnhanCV best alternative. It is a unique resume builder that is found under which is primarily a website builder. 

The Olitt website builder is renowned to be secure, fast, easy to use and it is absolutely free for all. 

Getting access to the Olitt resume builder is fast and easy. 

This is because the sign-up process is seamless, and the templates are designed with the user’s needs at heart, as you will find out that some of the designs are industry specific.

The designs are endowed with the most important sections of a resume and what you need to do is add your most important information. Finally, you can customize the document by adding or removing sections until you achieve the desired outlook.

Building a resume from what is primarily a website builder provides a wide range of advantages and one of those is that your personal data is in one of the most secure platforms.

Olitt resume builder Features

  • User-friendly editor
  • Modern and professional resumes 
  • All designs have a mobile, tablet, and desktop view 
  • An easy sign-up process using your favorite Google account
  • Your site is secured using an SSL certificate which is provided for free
  • Preview and save buttons which always prompt you to save your work before leaving the page hence preventing you from losing information
  • Undo and redo buttons make the editing process smooth

Olitt resume builder Pros

  • It is easy to access your resume builder through your Google account
  • Produces modern, polished, and professional resumes
  • One can create as many resumes as they want
  • Olitt resume builder is free and does not have any hidden costs. 
  • It is a fast builder which has most tools accessible on the dashboard 
  • The undo and redo buttons provide insurance to getting creative around your resume without losing important information
  • It is convenient as it allows you to build your resume from any device
  • It provides the objectives for every section
  • Reliable customer service who are available 24/7

Olitt resume builder Cons

  • Contains a small number of resume designs
  • Editing can only be done one section at a time which can slow down the process

Wrapping up EnhanCV best alternative

Yes, EnhanCV has all the pretty features to create an awesome resume online. On the other hand, Olitt resume builder gives you that upper edge of presenting your CV as website!

Thus, making it the EnhanCV best alternative in 2021

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