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Breaking Down Wix’s True Pricing and Fees in Romania

Wix’s free plan and its limitations

Wix offers a free plan that allows you to create a basic website with limited features. Here’s an overview of what’s included and not included with Wix’s free plan:

  • 500MB of storage
  • 1GB bandwidth per month
  • Free Wix domain (
  • Wix ADI website builder
  • Standard apps like contacts, blogs, forms
  • Wix SEO Wiz
  • Ad vouchers

However, there are some key limitations to be aware of with the free Wix plan:

  • No ability to use custom domains
  • Branded Wix ads
  • No ecommerce features
  • No email marketing integrations
  • No premium applications like stores, restaurants menus, or booking services

Overall the free plan is very limiting if you want to build anything beyond a simple website. To unlock more features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid WixCombo or Unlimited plan.

Here’s a comparison table summarizing the key differences in features:

FeatureFree PlanCombo PlanUnlimited Plan
Custom Domain
Ecommerce Features
Email Marketing
Premium ApplicationsSome IncludedAll Included

As you can see, the free plan is missing some essential website features, so factor Wix’s pricing into your budget if you need to build more than a basic informational site.

Wix Combo Subscription Plans and Pricing in Romania

Wix Combo Subscription Plans and Pricing

If you want to unlock more advanced features beyond what’s included in Wix’s free plan, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their Combo subscription plans.

Wix currently offers three Combo plans:

  • Connect Domain
  • Combo
  • Unlimited
  • VIP

Let’s take a closer look at what each Combo plan includes and how much it costs.

Connect Domain

This is the most basic paid Wix plan in Romain. It allows you to connect a domain name to your Wix site.


Well, 20.44 RON per month!

Wix Combo Plan

Wix Combo Plan

The Wix Combo plan starts at 38.61 RON per month. Here is an overview of key features included:

  • Custom domain name – Connect your own domain vs. using subdomain on Wix
  • 3GB storage – More space for images, videos, audio files
  • 2GB bandwidth – 2GB limit on site traffic or visitors
  • Access to premium applications like ecommerce, bookings, restaurants menus, and more
  • Wix Chat – Live chat support widget for sales & customer service
  • SSO & Enhanced Security – Single sign-on, site backups & hack recovery tools
  • Email Marketing – 300 emails per month + automation flows
  • Google Analytics – Detailed site analytics integrations

The basic Combo plan is a good option for small business websites, online stores, portfolios, and community sites. It removes the major limitations of Wix’s free plan while still being affordable.

Wix Unlimited Plan

Wix Unlimited Plan

For more advanced websites that need additional features, the Unlimited Combo plan costs 20.44 RON per month.

Everything in the basic Combo plan is included, plus you also get:

  • 20GB storage
  • Access to Wix Code advanced site development
  • Unlimited Premium & Business applications
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • $100 ad voucher per year to spend on Google/Facebook advertising

With robust storage, unlimited applications, ad credits, and advanced code capabilities – the Unlimited Combo unlocks Wix’s full suite of tools. It’s ideal for web developers, marketing agencies, product brands, and complex ecommerce sites selling large inventories.

Wix VIP Plan

Wix VIP Plan

Wix also offers a VIP Combo plan for 111.27 RON per month. Everything in the Unlimited plan is included, in addition to:

  • VIP-only customer support for faster response times
  • Site booster – WordPress migration tool
  • Password protected staging environment to test changes
  • $300 yearly ad voucher

The VIP plan is tailored towards IT companies migrating multiple complex sites or large brands needing personalized support. For most small businesses, it’s likely overkill compared to the standard Unlimited plan options.

Overall Wix’s Combo plans offer an affordable way to access pro-grade tools to customize and enhance your website far beyond basic free plans. Consider how much you plan to grow your online presence when deciding which tier is right for your needs and budget long-term.

Wix Business and eCommerce Pricing Plans in Romania

Wix Business and eCommerce Pricing Plans in Romania

If you want to sell products or services online in Romania with Wix, you’ll need one of their eCommerce enabled plans. Wix charges extra fees for ecommerce capabilities on top of your base subscription pricing.

Here’s an overview of key things to know regarding Wix eCommerce pricing in Romania…

1. Business VIP Plan – 158.96 RON/month

  • Ideal For: Large-scale businesses and enterprises
  • Key Features:
    • Accept payments
    • Custom domain name
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 50 GB storage space
    • 24/7 priority customer care
    • Automated sales tax
    • Up to 50,000 products

2. Business Unlimited Plan – 113.54 RON/month

  • Ideal For: Growing online businesses
  • Key Features:
    • Custom domain name
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 35 GB storage space
    • 24/7 customer care
    • Subscriptions and multiple currencies
    • 250 products for dropshipping

3. Business Basic Plan – 77.21 RON/month

  • Ideal For: Small businesses and startups
  • Key Features:
    • Custom domain name
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 20 GB storage space
    • 24/7 customer care
    • Product reviews by KudoBuzz
    • 1,000 reviews

When to Consider a Standalone eCommerce Platform

For basic online shops, Wix provides an easy all-in-one solution to get started selling online without needing to setup a standalone ecommerce platform.

However if you plan to grow into a major retail site or brand with significant order volumes, standalone ecommerce solutions like Shopify or BigCommerce can ultimately provide more advanced functionality, scalability and competitive fees compared to building on Wix.

So consider your short and long term ecommerce ambitions to decide if Wix makes sense or if migrating to a pure-play platform is smarter as you scale. Either way, ensure you calculate the full costs with Wix transaction fees, premium apps and added platform expenses when budgeting your online business.

Additional Fees to Consider with Wix in Romania

Beyond the core Wix subscription plans covered already, there are some other common fees to be aware of if you need extra services or capabilities for your website.

While occasional and optional – these additional expenses can still add up over time. So it’s important to budget for these potential Wix add-ons as part of your overall site operations.

Here are some of the most notable extra fees that could arise down the road…

Domain Registration & Renewals

If you want to use a custom domain ( instead of the default Wix subdomain, you’ll need to purchase the domain registration separately (typically $10 to $20 per year).

And then you need to continually renew that domain name registration annually to control the rights. Domain renewals are usually $15 per year.

So while connecting a custom domain is seemingly simple in Wix, don’t forget the recurring annual costs associated with managing domain purchases and renewals every year.

Premium Applications & Add-Ons

Wix offers over 200+ premium apps and services that add advanced functionality like ecommerce, marketing automation, surveys and more.

While the Unlimited plans include unlimited access to all premium applications, the Combo plans charge à la carte based on your usage and needs.

Apps range from $5 to $500+ per month, so these additional expenses can really pile up. Scrutinize which premium add-ons are “must-have” versus “nice-to-have” to control these potential costs.

Email Marketing Service Upgrades

Wix provides basic email marketing capabilities out of the box, but if you want added features like advanced automation, custom surveys, SMS messaging, or additional subscriber quota – you’ll pay more for upgrading the email application.

These incremental email marketing upgrades can tack on an extra $10 to $30 per month typically.

Specialized Site Migration

If you need help migrating an existing website over to Wix, you may need to pay their specialized Site Migration services which start at $149 for basic sites.

More complex site transfers with heavy customization can cost $500+. So if migrating an old site, prepare for potential fees during the transition.

Custom Development / Consultancy

If basic Wix site building doesn’t meet your advanced needs, you can pay for 1-on-1 design and development consultancy. But it’s pricey.

Wix quotes custom site development services cost around $100 per hour or more. And most sites take upwards of 30-50+ hours for customized builds. So you quickly run $3000+ or more when paying Wix designers to craft tailored sites.

Factor all these additional fees into your budget to determine the true long-term costs with Wix. While core plans seem affordable, all the extras can ultimately pile up over time. So scrutinize which add-ons are essential versus nice-to-have when mapping out expenses.

Romanian Payment Methods on Wix

Romanian Payment Methods on Wix

Wix supports several payment providers in Romania, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Rapyd, Paysafecash, Bankful, and Klarna.

These payment methods allow users to accept various forms of payment, such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency payments.

Additionally, Wix Payments supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, Alipay, and Apple Pay.

Stripe is available in Romania and supports credit/debit card payments with a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Rapyd Payments is also available in Romania, supporting multiple currencies with transaction fees starting from 1.2% + 25¢ per transaction.

Pros and Cons of Using Wix in Romania

When considering if Wix is the right website builder for your needs in Romania, it’s important to weigh some of the unique pros and cons to their platform.

Here is an overview of key advantages and disadvantages to assess when it comes to using Wix specifically within the Romanian market and locality…

Pros of Using Wix in Romania

  • User-Friendly Site Builder: Wix stands out for having one of the most intuitive drag and drop website builders, making it easy for non-technical users to create sites.
  • Localized Romanian Language Platform: Wix automatically detects locations and provides site admin and editing functions translated into Romanian language.
  • Globalized Payment Processing: Wix seamlessly configures payment acceptance with popular Romanian preferred methods like card payments or bank transfers. No special international setup required.
  • Responsive Technical Support: Wix support offers 24/7 chat, email and phone assistance in Romanian language to smoothly troubleshoot issues.
  • Automatic Google Ranking Optimization: Built-in SEO features like meta tag editing, site maps and search engine indexing assists Google Romania prioritization.

Cons of Using Wix in Romania

  • Limited Romanian Payment Options: While Wix works globally, some localized Romanian payment methods or billing preferences may not be supported.
  • Primarily English Documentation: While translators are available, most Wix tutorials, docs and guidance is published first in English then translated to Romanian secondarily.
  • Lacking Market-Specific Tools: Wix builds general sites well, but lacks tailored functionalities specific for Romanian norms — like integrated billing software common in the locality.

Overall Wix does a decent job appealing to Romanian users relative to other international SaaS platforms.

But there are still some commerce limitations, language gaps, missing regionalized features and pricing premiums to factor in for the Romanian market. Assess both pros and cons closely for your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Wix’s free basic plan allows you to make a simple site, but with limited features.
  • Combo and Unlimited plans unlock better functionality like custom domains, ecommerce, and advanced customization.
  • Plan fees range from $4.50 per month up to $24.50 per month when billed annually.
  • Understand all taxes, transaction fees and add-ons that raise costs over time.
  • For large online stores, standalone ecommerce platforms can beat Wix’s scalability.
  • Consider both the advantages and limitations using Wix specifically in the Romanian region.