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How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Website Builders

In this article, we are going to talk about how technology is changing how we treat website builders.

We all love using technology. Our day-to-day activities are dependent on technology.

A while ago maintaining a technology-free life was kind of hard. Tasks took time and were not efficient.

Technology is changing the world. It making everything possible and reducing workload and increasing efficiency.

It changing markets and how we transact. We don’t waste time and spend a lot with technology.

Tasks have become easy to complete. It has also become easy to reach out to many fast.

Gone are the days they used smoke signals; now just a text or email is enough to communicate.

So before we dive into how technology is changing how we treat website builders, let’s get some facts.

What is a website builder?

It’s a tool that enables one to create a website fast. This means it eliminates the whole process of coding and design.

Has a simple drag and drop tool for website creation. Doesn’t matter whether you know how to code or not.

Website builders however come in two categories:

Online website builders– this type means one works online. The host provides you with all the necessary tools to help you create your website.

They are safe and flexible. Besides they allow one to work from anywhere even without owning a personal computer.

Offline website builders– these are downloadable software that one creates a website with.

However, one has to later upload the website after creating it. It also requires one to have the technical know-how.

Website builders make amateurs web developers. Makes one create a stunning site with no skills.

The cost of a website builder

A website builder is a software that allows one to go online. Different website builders have different plans.

Most website builders are freemium; have a free trial and paid plans. This means one can create a website for free.

They have the best plans. Are cost-effective as compared to paying someone to build a website for you.

Besides you create what you want. You don’t worry about security since you do all by yourself.

Are websites worth it?

Yes, they are convenient they ease the process of website creation. They allow everyone to own a website.

Well, website builders offer this:

  • Flexibility- one can create from anywhere, plus one doesn’t need a personal computer to create.
  • Security- no need to worry about your content getting stolen since you are the author.
  • Time- creation can be done in less than 10 minutes and one can start transactions after publishing.
  • Ease of creation- one doesn’t need to have any special skills to have a stunning site.
  • Cost-effective- one can go live for free. You don’t need a huge budget to start your transactions online.

Here is how technology is changing how we treat website builders

Mobile compatibility 

More than 75% of web users use their phones. Before creating a website one ought to keep this in mind.

Before one makes a purchase, they need research. They have to use their phones to get enough information.

Websites now have to be accessible on all devices. Website builders have three modes: Desktop mode, Tablet mode, and mobile mode.

They have been integrated to allow fast, easy, and responsive website views on all devices.

Also, one should ensure that they get this feature. Make sure that they build sites that can be accessed across all devices.

Responsive websites

People love fast sites. We hate a site where you have to wait whenever you click on a button.

Such sites make it difficult to make transactions. An average website also should load in less than 10 seconds.

Within that time it’s when a visitor can decide to try another site. Besides no one likes a site that doesn’t look good on their devices.

Responsiveness also contributes to ranking. So whenever creating a website consider the mobile users.

It’s a must-check before you decide to use a website builder. 

Artificial Intelligence

This is a smart tool that can be integrated with website builders. Not many are website builders use it.

However, it makes website creation much easier and smarter. One is hassle-free since the AI gives them the best insights.

Websites need the right tools to make them effective. Always look for what works and makes your sites stand out.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way and is making designs simple and easy to use. It gives us another way to treat website builders.

Testing environments

A while ago there just a few testing platforms. One just used the debuggers apps which aren’t as effective the modern technology.

Testing all did take time. These days once you create a feature it’s easy to test before implementing it.

Website builders offer to help you out. They eliminate the long approach of debugging and waiting.


We all love accessing a fast website. No one wants to wait before they can transact.

We all want pages that are easily accessible. Those that are easy to get to and make transactions fast.

Speaking of website builders, here is a special one; OLITT.

OLITT is an easy drag and drop website builder. It is also a free site builder that helps you go live instantly.

In less than 10 minutes you can have your site live. Begin transactions fast and easy.

Why use OLITT?

  • User-friendly- you don’t need any special skills to create your stunning website.
  • Secure- OLITT provides all users with a FREE SSL to secure their websites.
  • Cost-saver- creating a website is free. Start and go live without spending a dime.
  • Time saver- in less than 10 minutes your website can be live and transactions can be instant.

OLITT offers more. It makes sure you go live instantly with the best design to stand out.

It also makes sure you don’t spend a dime to have a website. Gives you a lot of free tools.

Website builders have come along to ease the process of website creation. However, technology has influenced how we treat website builders.

As technology evolves so do the website builders. One however should always know what they get before choosing one.

There are many applications of websites. It’s up to you to know what best suits your website.

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