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Strikingly Website Builder: Build Your Brand

A Strikingly website builder is a platform that allows you to create a website without writing codes. it is based on WYSIWYG criteria (what you see is what you get) commonly referred to as front editing.

Strikingly website builder was developed in 2012 and was built to create beautiful websites. Being a basic website builder, it offers just a limited range of beautiful templates for customization.

Features of strikingly website builder

Strikingly website builder

Ease of use

Was built on a base of getting online fast and in a simple manner. The platform offers custom templates to edit and maneuver through. All it offers is editing and this limits your creativity level by allowing few additional features.

Help and support

The best thing about striking website builder is the ability to offer 24/7 customer service. Clients from free users to VIP users all use chats or emails. This creates a greater avenue to know where to improve and to help a customer easily navigate through the platform.

help availlable


Apart from the free plan, all other paid plans are encrypted with SSLs (security socket layers). In general, this means your sites generate confidence with users knowing their communication or services are secured. Secondly, this improves the google rankings of the site.

SEO (search engine optimization)

The sole purpose of creating a website is to reach your targeted audience. The platform offers you a checklist list and will navigate you through the process boosting your site ranking as per your choices.

Mobile optimization

Designed to run on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones effectively automatically within the design.

Pricing of Strikingly website builder

The pricing comes in when choosing a good website builder with the value of money is a major consideration. This depends on the type of website you want to create. Moreover Strikingly offers a great deal for a personal and small start-up who might be restrained on cost but want a good website.

They have four types of plans

Free plan

This is a lifetime free plan that offers you a 5gb monthly bandwidth. this offers simple features such as blogs, contact pages, and social feeds among others. The best for entry-level with unlimited free sites and customer support.

free plan

Limited plan

A limited plan is a slightly upgraded plan with an increased bandwidth of 50gb monthly. It allows you to connect to your custom domain and can hold up to 2 limited accounts. It cost just 12$ a month

Pro plan

At 20$ a month you are provided double the limited account. It hosts 3 pro accounts with unlimited bandwidth. Creating multiple pages and removing the strikingly watermark (branding) with additional action buttons.

VIP plan

This is the most expensive plan consisting of all features of previous plans. At 59$ per month, the plan gives you the ability to run 5 pro websites with a free domain with added features with account management and priority customer service at the core.

strikingly pricing

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Alternatives has up to 5x the templates offered by strikingly and of better design and easy editing.

WordPress: the most flexible platform to build a website with several inbuilt plugins to guide you through.


Choosing a website builder narrows down to what the user needs. For speed to getting online over design, striking is best. Unfortunately, the limited creativity offered by the platform, building complex websites may be out of the question. Personal websites/blogs and start-up companies are ideal to use the web builder and with time as essential, this is the easiest builder you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do i choose the best/ low cost personal website builder?

by now lots of options are available to choose from. In my humble opinion, I will recommend using striking. It’s free and fast to make with no experience needed.

2) Is strikingly com safe?

Safe in terms of data security. I am assuming there is a backup running the platform. your data is readily available on request.

3) How difficult is it to make a website?

Technology has come to aid a lot of people and the presence of website builders has made it possible to create a website with no technical skills.

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