Site Overlay Website Builder: All in One Site Maker website builder is built on the ideology to strong visibility with efficiency website building without having to code or hiring a professional. Founded in 2012 and having his headquarter at France the builder has become a gamechanger to a lot of website builders with its efficient and sleek overview.

The builder focuses on marketing, design and seos to make a website mobile friendly, safe and optimized for search engines. Very dedicated to entrepreneurs, and creative minds build their business and share their stories through websites.  

Features of


The builder offers ready-made professional templates for customization or you can also build your own from scratch. The templates are classified into different categories from websites, blogs, portfolio, or e-commerce site. Easy to navigate and add elements to templates.

Full Package Deal

With an account, you get a domain name, a hosting with storage. Everything you need to get started is catered for thus no downloads or upgrading required. This enables you to entirely focus on content creation and marketing.

Block Builders

With smartly designed blocks, creating a page becomes easier and enjoyable. The flexibility in customization enables you to bring out fully your own idea or creativeness. The builder has over 100 blocks created by developers with the possibilities of editing. Very efficient since its drag and drop.

Mobile Responsive

The growth of mobile user has changed the market scope. The mobile responsive design the platform offers ensures a beautiful look over any device used to access the website. Its so effortlessly that whatever you add to your website it will look professional.

Total SEO Optimization And Assistant

The websites are fully focused on SEO ranking and have clean codes thus respecting google rules. This also makes the website fast and visible. With the websites hosted on amazon servers the display speed on all device is super-fast and total secure. The website also uses cache system thus website always available.

The website is assigned a bot to act as an assistant and generate SEO friendly code to check that you have filled the title and description of your web pages. The titles of your image are essential for any professional and powerful website.

Monitoring Performance

The website builder is equipped with advanced tools to enable you track your traffic and visualize statistics about your website. You get to know number of visitors, sites visited, sources bringing traffic and data to optimize to improve your website.


  • The support system host three models. You can either live chat with experts within 4 minutes.
  • You can also read the documentation available to you or get a demonstration from experts.
  • there is an open phone line in case you want help.

Pricing on

The has no free plan but comes with four paid plans.

  • One page
  • Unlimited
  • Creation
  • SEO Boost pricing

Alternatives To

  • OLITT– helps you create fast-loading websites within minutes without touching any code. Simple and efficient to both developers and novice users.
  • WIX – boasts a feature-rich website builder software trusted by thousands of customers very reliable and user friendly.

Conclusion On

Are you ready to have a professional website? If yes this is the platform for you. Unfortunately, professionalism comes at a price as it doesn’t offer a free plan. With the outcome, it produces its worth every penny you use on this builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is website builder is a website building platform based on the ideology of strong visibility with an efficient website built without having to code or hiring a professional.

2. Is free? has no free plan but the cheapest plan cost 2$ a month to the most expensive customized plan of 180$ a month.

3. how do I stop my subscription?

Stopping subscription is made easier as you are required to use the interface and interrupt the subscription. However, you remain the owner of the domain, and the content of your site can be retrieved.

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