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Here Is A Comparison: OLITT vs Joomla

OLITT vs Joomla: Joomla is a popular Content Management System that had been touted to take over the lead from WordPress in 2010, but clearly Joomla has failed to live to its potential.

History of Joomla

Joomla was developed in 2005 by Open Source Matter, Inc using the MVC (Model-view-Controller) web application framework using PHP and MYSQL database, MSSQL database and PostgreSQL databases.

Joomla was developed as a fork of Mambo after a disagreement on Open Source values between Open source developers and Mambo trademark owners Miro International Pvt. Ltd.

The open source developers led by Andrew Eddie formed Open Source Matter, Inc. (OSM) to launch Joomla in August 2005.

Joomla Functionalities

Joomla is ideal for publishing web content such as blogs, corporate sites, forums, and general websites among others. Some of the top features include

Page caching, Printable pages, news flashes, language internationalization, RSS among others.

Joomla structure utilizes Templates or Themes, Extensions and Modules to extend its functionalities beyond the core functionalities.

Joomla was released as a free software under GPL, themes and extensions are available for both free and paid.

Other key functionalities include:

Menu Management – Allow creation and management of Menu items

Cache Management – Allow management of pages cache to improve on performance.

Multilingual – Joomla is available in over 75 languages globally.

Search Engine Optimization- Feature to help developers optimize websites for Search Engine Ranking.

Joomla is a complicated content management software and does not qualify to be a simple site builder like Olitt.

OLITT Vs Joomla Summary

Ease of UseJoomla is a complicated CMS and may require a Joomla developer to launch a website.Easy to use, no learning curve, no programming skills required.OLITT
SecuritySecurity of a Joomla website depend on the hosting provider, user require to install extensions to enhance Joomla website security.OLITT provides secure Websites by Default.OLITT
SpeedJoomla is not one of the fastest CMS but much of website speed depend on the hosting company. Joomla support a cache management but may not work the magic check out compression and CDN extensions and modules for more speedOLITT provide lightning fast websites by Default. Inbuilt CDN, and gzip compression technology ensures every Olitt Website is super optimized for speed.OLITT
Reliability (uptime)Uptime Levels of a Joomla Website depend on the Web Hosting provider. Consider a great Hosting company like Hostigator, Bluehost, Siteground, Truehost, AWS, Google among otherOLITT provides 99.999% uptime guarantee, High level of reliabilityOLITT
SupportJoomla Support is provided by a large community supported on several forums, most Joomla Webhosting providers also provide website support.Small community growing on OLITT forum 24/07 support is provided by OLITTOLITT- Joomla
Ready-made TemplatesThousands of Free Ready-made Joomla templates are available, paid templates are better.Hundreds of Free Ready-made templates are available on OLITT Marketplace.Joomla
SEOJoomla features an inbuilt SEO management functionality for Search Engine Optimization, additional SEO extensions and modules are available on the marketplace.OLITT Websites have inbuilt SEO functionalities that allow websites to be SEO friendly with minimal work.OLITT-Joomla
FunctionalitiesJoomla supports hundreds of usecases such as Online stores, Ecommerce, Blogging, Corporate Websites, Forums, Learning Management System, and any other usecases. Joomla can easily extend its functionality to support new usecases through extensions and Templates.OLITT is a relatively new platform therefore supports just the most popular use cases such Corporate websites, blogs, General Websites, Online Stores (under development)Joomla
BudgetA larger budget is required for developing and maintaining a Joomla website, but most reliable service providers offer a $3/month package. You may need to pay for a Template and Extensions as well.OLITT is one the cheapest Website Builder.OLITT

Conclusion of OLITT vs Joomla

Joomla require learning ( is complicated) to launch a website on Joomla, coding skills are not a requirement but introductory PHP, HTML coding skills will come handy in harnessing the full power of Joomla.

Unlike Joomla, OLITT require no coding skills to launch a website.


Is Joomla completely free?

Joomla is completely free and therefore the only costs you can incur while developing a website on Joomla is the Web Hosting cost, Domain Registration Cost and possibly paid template and extension fees which are very optional.

Can I drag n Drop on Joomla..?

Yes, there are extensions such as JD-Builder that have added the drag drop functionality to Joomla Check Out JD-Builder.

How popular is Joomla..?

Joomla is popular, it is the 4th most popular CMS after WordPress, WIX and Squarespace with more than 1.8M live websites as at 2019 survey. Read more

Which is better between Joomla and OLITT?

Take OLITT any day unless OLITT does not support your unique website functionality.

That is the complete face-off of OLITT vs Joomla.

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