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Live Composer: The 2021 Page Builder guide

The live composer is a complete front-end WordPress plugin reach in features and is a free drag and drop editor that allows one to create a professional website without having technical or coding skills. It’s also 100% open-source with the backing of experienced web developers.

Installation of Live Composer

To install the plugin on WordPress,

On WordPress dashboard click plugins tabs

Installation of Live Composer

Search live composer and add new

Click on activate

Activation of Live Composer

How Live Composer Works

This works on the already made post that can be designed using the composer and therefore you need to create a post and publish first.


 Features of live composer

  • It is free to use

Using is free since it Is an Open-source project meaning downloading and using is supported for free but some extensions are paid for?

  • Free and premium extension

The builder allows you to make the website livelier by the use of extensions. It has a variety of free extensions and paid premium extensions.

Free and premium extension
  • Live front-end editor

Live composer features a live editor in the WYSIWYG format. (what you see is what you get)

  • Over 25 modules to choose from

The builder offers a unique and beautiful layout with sets of designing modules like buttons and tabs among others.

Over 25 modules
  • User-friendly template system

Does it? Yes, the Template system of live Composer has the ability to save your custom design for later use, this will allow you to import and export to other websites while you can share with others.

User-friendly template
  • Mobile responsive editor

customizing in the editor gives you an option to view the presentation of any elements or pages in the mobile design view ensuring the site is mobile friendly.

  • Gutenberg compatible

The plugin can work along the Gutenberg block editor with no effects whatsoever.

  • Support for third party plugins
  • Internally optimized code for better SEO performance.


  1. The page builder offers limited pre-built templates and addons.
  2. No undo buttons, unlike other page builders.
  3. No global elements or sections
  4. Lack of customization options
  5. No pre-sale supports; Even with premium extension they don’t offer support with no contacts on their page


Should you use a live composer?.

In my view, it is a new competitor in the market but offers better features than most page builder plugins at relatively no cost. Usually an added advantage for bloggers and web developers.

In case you are dealing with complex websites, it will require you to use a better page builder than this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is the activator button missing in the homepage

WordPress automatically generates the homepage the best option is to Publish a new page and set it as the homepage ( WP Admin > Settings > Reading > FrontPage ). Now you can use a page builder on the homepage too

2) How do i install live composer?

  • To install the plugin on WordPress,
  • On WordPress dashboard click plugins tabs
  • Search live composer and add new
  • Click on activate
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