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OLITT: Free Website and Domain Builder for 2024

This blog post is about OLITT, a free website and domain builder. OLITT is a platform for anyone who needs to build their own website or register a new domain name. 

After you create an account, you can start building your site by adding content such as text, images, videos and more. 

Once you are satisfied with the layout of your site, it is time to choose a domain name! 

You can search through available domains by category like “Business,” “Personal,” or “Shopping.”

And if you are looking for a tutorial on how to get a free website and domain, this blog post is for you.

Who is OLITT?

Olitt is a free drag-and-drop website builder that hands you the tools you need to succeed online.

With this epic tool, you can create a website for free in under 10 minutes (and I will show you how in a minute).

Thanks to hundreds of free website templates, OLITT gives you a unique chance to actualize your dream of owning a website even if you don’t know anything about coding.

How to use OLITT free website and domain builder

Follow these steps to build a website using OLITT for free;

1. Go to Create a Free Website at

Go to Create a Free Website, Free Website Builder |

Head over to to be able to use the free website and domain builder.

2. Click on Create your free site

Click on Create your free site

To start, click on Create your free site.

3. Click on Create account

Click on Create account

Your next step is to create an account.

See, in order to use OLITT’s free website and domain builder, you need an account.

Now, you have three options:

  • Use email and choose a password
  • Create using your Google account
  • Use Apple account

The choice is yours.

Pick the one you are more comfortable with.

4. Click on Continue With Google

Click on Continue With Google

For this tutorial, we are going to use Google Account to sign up at OLITT for a free website and domain builder.

The upside of using this method is that you won’t have to remember any password. All you need is to login with your account and everything else is taken care of.

If you decide to use the first option (email and password), make sure to use a valid email address because you will be required to verify your email.

Also, pick a password you can remember easily.

5. Choose a template

Click on Books

The next step is to pick a template.

But before you do that, you need to choose a category.

See, OLITT has grouped its hundreds of free website templates under different categories (based on industry).

For example;

If you are creating an online shop, you will find an appropriate template for eCommerce websites under the Online Stores category.

In this tutorial on how to use a free website and domain builder, OLITT, we are building a website for promoting a book.

As such, the best template is under the Books category. 

6. Click on Create from Ebook V2

Click on Create from Ebook V2

Once you have picked a category and browsed all the available templates, go ahead and pick the one you like.

In the following steps, you will need to edit your new website;

  • Changing images and texts
  • Adding new blocks
  • Connecting a custom domain (should you choose to)

For example;

Here is how to upload a new image to OLITT;

First, click on the image you’d wish to change;

free website and domain builder

Then click on Change Image.

This opens up a new window where you can upload a new image from;

  • Your computer
  • Capture screen
  • URL
free website and domain builder

Just click on Upload Images (in fact, you can upload more than one image). Upload all the images you will be using in this project to avoid going back and forth.

Once the image is here, click on it and tap on Add image.

This action will add the selected image on the time (or replacing an existing one).

To change texts, the process is more of the same.

Double click on the text block.

free website and domain builder

And highlight the whole thing, then start typing your own.

Now, there is something even better; AI Writer!

free website and domain builder

OLITT’s free website and domain builder gives you access to a free AI Writer.

All need to do is provide two or three sentences related to your website, specify the number of words, and the AI will generate content automatically?!

Now, you may need additional features. That is where blocks come in.

free website and domain builder

For example;

If you’d wish to add additional text or image to your website, all you have to do is search for the image/text block, then drag and drop it onto the canvas!

Why choose OLITT?

Besides what we have already mentioned, OLITT free website and domain builder comes with;

  • Payments – Collect payments on your Landing Pages and Websites using ready made Stripe and Paypal Payment Integrations.
  • Google Web Tools – Track and Monitor traffic using Google Web Tools by adding Google Analytics & Tag Manager in the integration section
  • Custom Code – Integrate with any platform by adding Custom JavaScript to your page footer section. Popular integrations include Livechat, Help Desk, and Facebook Pixel.


OLITT has two plans (for now).

Free plan, where you get 1GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and can connect a custom domain for free, among other perks.

But if you need all the juicy parts, consider upgrading to the premium plan.

Coming just shy off $2 per month, you get;

  • Free hosting
  •  Unlimited Storage
  •  Free domain for 1 year
  •  10 Free Websites
  •  Connect Multiple Custom Domains
  •  Ticket & Live Chat support
  •  SEO & Marketing tools
  •  More Pre-built Websites

Get started today.

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