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#5 All-Time Best E-commerce Website Builder (Build Online Store And Sell Fast)

There are e-commerce website builders that are user-friendly, scalable, and fairly priced. However, the ideal solution for you will be determined by your company’s needs and your level of familiarity with coding and other comparable tasks.

Though it may appear tough at first, if done right, launching an internet store can be quite fulfilling and successful.

You can rapidly create a great online store and manage the complexity of e-commerce with the help of a good e-commerce website builder.In this method, you may immediately wow clients and clinch business.

You can open an online store with the help of an e-commerce website builder, whether you want to sell digital goods, services, or physical goods. 

A couple of these systems are capable of managing several sales channels, scheduling appointments, and accepting payments. Others allow you to easily build an online store.

In this article, we will explore in detail the platforms we believe are best for setting up an e-commerce website Builder.

First, let us see how to identify an e-commerce website builder:

Choosing an e-commerce website builder

Person holding pencil near laptop computer

While on the lookout for your preferred e-commerce website builder for your business, it should fit your budget, match your digital skill level, and provide all of the features you need. 

Consider the following options to help you figure out which is best suited for you first:

The Features

If your firm manufactures and sells actual things, you may not need an event ticketing platform. 

If you charge for your services, appointment scheduling will be necessary, although low-stock warnings may not be.

The majority of e-commerce website builders include marketing, shipping label printing, inventory management, and other business operations support tools.

Use the built-in capabilities on your platform rather than seeking inventory management software and other solutions. It may be more convenient if your company is small.

If you want to launch your website as quickly as possible, choose a website builder like OLITT, Shopify or Wix. They offers plug-and-play designs and are simple to make any necessary changes.

Switching e-commerce systems is possible, but difficult. Therefore, strive to choose a strategy that will help your organization for many years to come.

For example, Squarespace may appear to be a terrific option if you are just getting started. However, it may not be the ideal solution if your ultimate goal is to sell items through several channels. 

The Prices

Always take time to Check that the subscription plan you are considering suits both your company’s budget and your existing feature requirements. Keep in mind that if your firm grows in the future, you can always upgrade.

That may be useful but if you utilize a third party, you will have to pay additional fees or be locked into their service. 

Some systems require you to choose your payment processor, which may save large businesses money but requires more research. 

The Skills

Although starting an internet business takes time, the learning curve should not be too high. Choose a website builder that is appropriate for your skill level. Even if it means that the website may not look exactly as you had envisioned. 

Rich company management tools are not worth having if you cannot use them. Utilize free trials to evaluate dashboards and features you expect to utilize, such as inventory management and ticket sales. This ensures they will not be a regular source of frustration. 

Let’s now dig a little deeper into the all-time best website builder:


OLITT Website

You can quickly construct and publish your website with the fantastic free OLITT website builder. 

When it comes to cost-effective solutions, OLITT is the finest e-commerce website Builder option. Why? It saves you the trouble of paying monthly or even annual fees by delivering a wide range of services and capabilities absolutely for free.

Now, due to its user-friendly layout, website construction is a breeze for both newbie and expert users.

The hard process of mastering intricate coding syntax is eased with OLITT, allowing you time to focus on fulfilling your idea.

Additionally, with so many layouts to choose from, OLITT has something to suit every need and desire. OLITT provides services for developing a portfolio, and personal blog, and serves as an e-commerce website builder.

OLITT also has the  built-in payment channels for simple cash collection and interaction with an online marketing platform. 

The best part about this platform is that you do not need to write a single line of code to construct a professional website in less than five minutes. 

They cover everything, so you don’t have to learn stuff like PHP, MSQL, or CSS.

They also provide free services such as:

  • SSL certificates.
  • DNS management.
  • hosting space.
  • SEO tools.
  • And domain names. 

Additionally, OLITT helps you hone your design talents and publish your website swiftly.

Below are ways to utilize the OLITT website builder step by step:

  • To Begin, Go to the OLITT Website. Visit the OLITT website and look for the “Create a Free Website” option. With only one click, you may begin your journey to becoming a fantastic website builder.
  • Create an Account with OLITT by using your Apple or Google account for a quick and straightforward sign-up procedure. You may also create a new OLITT account with your email address and password.
  • Next, Select your preferred template because you have a range of templates to choose from, so take your time browsing through them and selecting the one that appeals to you. Select a template that suits your aim and style since it will set the visual tone for your website.
  • Make a Unique Website by rapidly adding, removing, and reorganizing information with OLITT’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Go ahead and use your imagination and let your vision guide you as you methodically design your website.
  • Finally, make public your impression and satisfaction concerning the OLITT website builder. OLITT provides a free subdomain for your website; alternatively, you may easily attach your domain name to your OLITT website.

Note that OLITT has simple plans with simple prices as well.

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Shopify Website

The number two list of All-time best e-commerce website builders is Shopify

The simplest and most dependable method to launch your business online is using Shopify. 

Shopify makes it easy to create an online store without the need for a large investment and less technical knowledge. 

Millions of businesses rely on Shopify, which is renowned for its attractive website designs, reasonable prices, and practical marketing tools.

More than 100 expert templates with built-in features, including:

  • SSL certifications
  • Domain hosting
  • Custom domains
  • Abandoned cart recovery, 

These and other potent tools will assist you in attracting clients, generating revenue, and managing daily operations. They are all available to you if you want to start a Shopify store. 

With Shopify’s native partner integrations, you may sell an infinite number of items both through your online shop and on various marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Over a hundred professional themes created by well-known designers such as Happy Cog and Pixel Union.

Customers may make purchases from any smartphone or tablet with an integrated mobile commerce shopping cart. 

You have total control over the HTML and CSS of your shop, allowing you to change any part of your e-commerce website. 

Below is a list of outstanding features to utilize while using Shopify:

  • Builds Websites that are search engine friendly to make it easier for prospective clients to discover you online.
  • Simple inventory management that monitors stock levels and halts sales when supplies run out
  • There are no restrictions on the number of items you may sell in your store.
  • You will never be compensated based on how much traffic your business receives if you have unlimited bandwidth.
  • Analytics and reporting have been made easier.
  • Integrate your Shopify POS system with the App Store to have access to over 4,000 marketing, sales, and customer care solutions for both physical and virtual enterprises.
  • It has a Mobile application for company management.
  • Customer support representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, email, and live chat. 

Note that Shopify costs $29 per month if paid annually, plus credit card transaction fees. However, with that starter plan, you still get an infinite amount of product listings. 

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Square Online

Square Online Website

Square Online, formerly known as Weebly, is an online store builder. Square Online allows anybody to establish a website for free, but to use your domain name or remove adverts, you must purchase a subscription. 

The free plan includes features such as real-time delivery and discounts; but, you will need to pay for more complex capabilities. Square payments are also accepted.

If you already use Square for in-person sales at your company’s physical location, Square Online is a simple e-commerce website builder. 

It is also one of the few free e-commerce website builders. However, its B2B sales tools and customization options are limited, and if you utilize Square Online, you must use Square to process payments.

Square Online is ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses wishing to create an online store.

It is also compatible with Square’s POS system, which NerdWallet strongly recommends because of its vast feature set and simple price. 

Loyalty programs and appointment scheduling are examples of these skills. 

Square Online’s free edition includes a website builder, POS connection, social media integration, and payment options. 

It allows you to ship things directly to your customers’ homes, as well as offer free in-store pickup and third-party local delivery.

Square Online free users must utilize Square for payment processing while customers can also choose to accept PayPal for a monthly fee.

Square Online also offers an endless number of product listings.

Using Square’s email marketing features—many of which are included in Shopify’s basic plan—will also cost you at least $15 extra per month.

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Squarespace Website

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop website builder that can be used for online retail sales if you upgrade your subscription.

It gives templates for you to create your store. After you have chosen a design, you may change the wording, colors, and image to better represent your company.

Squarespace accepts payments solely through Afterpay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Stripe. The Commerce Advanced package allows for the sale of gift cards and subscriptions.

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up Squarespace’s e-commerce functionality, you can utilize the Shopify Buy Button to turn your simple website into an online store. 

Additionally, any Squarespace website can benefit from more than 100 payment options, sales and growth tracking, simple shipping connections, currency compatibility, and more.

Although Squarespace is a well-known website builder, it provides fewer product sales options than other providers.

However, Squarespace is an excellent choice for businesses that provide services and content since it allows you to create a gated membership website and receive payments in advance for online appointment booking.

Clients who make appointments through your Squarespace website may access your calendar and reschedule appointments on their own. 

You can synchronize appointments with your current digital calendar in addition to sending email reminders and getting alerts about new appointments. 

Even better, you could provide intake forms for consumers to fill out before their visit.

Squarespace lets you secure a piece of your website so that only people who have paid for access to your premium content or online courses can read it.

Squarespace enables you to use it for up to two weeks before asking for your credit card information.

Unfortunately, Squarespace’s e-commerce website builder does not directly link with the Google and Amazon marketplaces. So, If you sell on such platforms, you will need to list products manually or find a third-party plug-in to develop those linkages. 

Squarespace includes all of the product sales features you’d expect from an e-commerce website builder, such as shipping label printing, inventory management with low-stock notifications, and in-store order pickup. 

However, it falls short of the extensive shipping and inventory management services offered by Shopify.


Wix Website

Wix offers an easy-to-use website builder for constructing online stores.

Users may use the drag-and-drop builder to establish an e-commerce website for free, but they must upgrade to a premium plan to begin selling.

Wix provides several choices for managing your online business. Customers may use it to build abandoned cart campaigns, track orders, accept online payments, and sell through various channels.

Wix’s basic plan lacks inventory management capabilities like tax calculators, dropshipping alternatives, and low-stock warnings.

Large inventory stores may prefer e-commerce software with inventory-tracking tools.

Wix, on the other hand, caters to a wide range of business types, from drop shippers to ticket sellers. 

Wix works well for Companies who want a unique-looking website and the freedom to use the payment processor of their choice.

Wix customers may choose from over 500 themes for their websites. After you’ve chosen one, you may edit it with drag-and-drop tools.

In addition to product listings, Wix apps allow you to sell tickets, subscriptions to premium content, and other items. Wix offers print-on-demand and dropshipping services, as well as subscription boxes.

Wix offers its payment mechanism, but you are not compelled to use it. Wix will not charge you extra; instead, you may choose the best credit card processing vendor for your business. 

Wix supports sales in the marketplaces of Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. However, programs will be required to support these interconnections. 

Although app-based integrations have their purposes, direct connectivity is typically a better solution because third-party apps need additional software that you’ll have to learn and fix if something goes wrong. 

Wix is an exception, even though the bulk of our options, including their entry-level plans, provide unlimited server space for the items on your website. 

Unfortunately, you might not be able to get as much done with its Basic plan as you could if you only had 50 GB of storage and five hours of video. 


When you are involved in the comparison shopping process, it’s easy to lose sight of the initial purpose of picking an e-commerce website builder.

In the end, there is no ideal solution for everyone. Rather, look for the best platform that will allow you to give your customers the most convenient online shopping experience possible.

Consider the extra business tools that platforms offer in addition to the best e-commerce website builder. 

It is normally better to use a well-connected ecosystem that includes your payment processor, POS system, internet shop, and small business financing.

For instance, OLITT provides a unique and diverse set of tools to help you manage every aspect of your business. It also allows you to sell to customers online, offline, and everywhere in between with just one platform.

Therefore, it is no secret that selling things online with your e-commerce website builder is now easier, faster, and more scalable than ever.

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