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AI Website Builder: Everything You Need to Know

Artificial intelligence is effortlessly implemented in modern website builders. These days, anyone can create unique, attractive websites without any prior knowledge of web programming thanks to modern technologies. All you need is an AI website builder.

It would sound fraudulent to suggest that by using artificial intelligence, a website can be created without writing a single line of code. With the advent of AI website builders, though, it is already a reality.

You don’t need to understand web development programming languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to create a superb online store or blog on your own thanks to these robust builders. The entire process is simple and takes less than an hour, so you don’t even need to hire a web developer.

Let’s get to the depth of these site builders and understand what they are, how they function, and their benefits and limitations. This way you can make an informed decision if you have to use any of them.

What is an AI website builder?

AI website builders are web developers who produce stunning websites swiftly and intelligently with little human input. They guarantee a significant simplification of the website creation process. Their intended audience is novices who would typically find it too difficult to build their own websites.

The AI website builder asks a series of questions to collect all the data required to create a website draft that is already customized with material specific to the industry.

They often give users the option to link to web profiles like Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business, from which they retrieve the company’s logo, pictures, and illustrative texts.

In comparison to more traditional website builders, the trade-off is typically limited customization and fewer features.

Features of an AI website builder

These are the feature to consider when testing the best AI website builders.

core features – Any functionality that the AI website builder omitted from your websites, such as contact forms, social media integration, restaurant menus, scheduling, and memberships, should be simple for you to add.

Simple editing – AI should advance your goals, not impose restrictions. You should especially check for the simplicity of use in the manual editing process and choose a builder that will allow you to take matters into your own hands if necessary.

Unique design – A competent AI builder should create a fully functional website that addresses the user in person.

SEO tools – The top AI website builders contain clever tools that assess your site’s performance, produce reports, and make suggestions for improvement.

Free SSL – AI builder should offer a free SSL certificate, preventing users from seeing a “not secure” warning when they access your website. This raises the ranking of your website in search results.

Content assistance – Smart design prioritizes convenience and speed. A high-quality AI-built website ought to offer tools for creating material, as well as suggested text or graphic content.

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How does an AI website builder work?

Name your AI website.

Choose a succinct, clear name for your AI website.

Type in the URL of your desired website.

Select the pages you want to recreate, such as the home page, the contact page, the about section, etc., and paste the corresponding URL for each page into the AI Builder.

Let the AI reproduce the structure and style.

The AI Builder will then continue to reproduce the layout and design components of that website, such as the color scheme, fonts, text and image blocks, etc., without copying a single line of code.

Complete your website by adding additional pages.

Increase the quality of your website by including more pages. The design and style cues from your homepage will immediately be carried over to any newly added pages.

Edit and customize your new AI website.

Once the initial draft is complete, make further edits to every area until it satisfies your needs. Add new texts and graphics and alter colors as needed to achieve your desired outcome.

Launch your AI website.

Test and publish your AI website on the App Stores of your choice.

Is AI website builder better than other types of website builders?

Traditional and AI website builders share nearly all characteristics and creation processes. The platform will create templates for users who will then customize and modify all the web pages. Once the users are done editing, the website will be ready for launch.

The primary difference is that AI website builders will offer more useful web design and development features. These tools can enhance the aesthetics of your website, streamline productivity, and do much more.

For instance, AI might start from scratch when developing personalized templates. As a result, your website will stand out from others and appear glamorous, in contrast to websites made with typical no-code website builders that may appear similar and boring.

The situation in WordPress is different. Even if you may build a fantastic website without knowing how to code, you will still need to sign up for a hosting service and pick up some technical knowledge.

Additionally, if you have a limited hosting budget, you will have to handle the majority of issues, such as malware removal and optimization, on your own. This could be difficult for beginners.

Advantages of AI website builder

No code development

You can create an AI website with Artificial Intelligence Website Builder without writing a single line of code. Using this software, even complete beginners can simply build their own website from scratch.

Lightweight website

AI website builder aids in the development of lightweight, fast websites. Even with sluggish internet connectivity, your website can still be easily accessed on desktop and mobile devices.

Secure and safe

Your website will be effectively protected from online dangers if it is built using an AI website builder. With AI Website Builder, data privacy and cybersecurity are guaranteed.

Low data consumption

An AI website created using AI Website Builder consumes considerably low data. Users can easily explore your AI website without exhausting their daily data limits.

Updating in real-time

You can edit your AI website in real-time using AI Website Builder. Even after it has gone live, you can still make modifications to your website.

Get a domain

You can buy a business domain for your AI website with the aid of the AI website builder. You may quickly design your website and launch it with your company’s domain name. This aids in boosting the credibility of your AI website.

Disadvantages of AI website builder

They are nascent.

Features and add-ons are under development. They can therefore be insufficient to effectively design your website.

Examples of AI website builders


Wix ADI is the best AI website builder. It’s a dependable authority tool that Wix’s website builder provides to guarantee optimum convenience, simplicity of use, and quick website building. It only takes a few clicks and no coding knowledge to use the advanced feature to build a fully functional website. To use Wix ADI, you only need to follow the instructions the system generates and observe how it builds a website for you, which is easy to use for everyone.

The integrated features that Wix ADI offers make it unique in the ease and speed with which websites may be developed.


Bookmark is a fully automated website builder that is primarily focused on creating responsive company websites, web stores, portfolios, and landing pages. Because of its distinct web design approach and extensive feature set, this is now one of the most remarkable and simple-to-use AI-powered website builders. It makes a modern, inventive, and one-of-a-kind impression.

Artificial intelligence design assistant (AIDA), the female representation of Bookmark AI, will be introduced to you when using the website builder. The service offers a beautiful visual editor and website builder, thus it has the technical foundation required to produce high-quality websites. 

With AIDA, novice and seasoned web designers alike may create high-end projects with a wealth of features using a mix of popular drag-and-drop technology and a sophisticated AI-based web design technique.


Jimdo is a sophisticated website builder that runs on Jimdo. This is the ideal solution for users looking for simple web construction options to launch and manage commercial projects, one-page websites, etc. The basis of using the service is answering the questions that the system will automatically generate and then use to build a website.

The AI chat used in the dolphin web design process invites a user to respond to questions it has automatically generated. You must therefore supply information about your company name, industry, social media profiles, preferred logos, etc. What’s crucial is that the system won’t ask about your preferences for design; instead, it will choose the color scheme and any other relevant details.


SITE123 is a straightforward website builder with an easy-to-use interface. It can be used to create, maintain, personalize, and market various sorts of websites for business and non-commercial usage. The system has made a name for itself as one of the easiest DIY platforms that don’t need any prior coding or web design expertise. 

Although SITE123 lacks built-in AI technology, it is a wonderful choice for all user types. This is because of its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, integrable widgets, and free configurable themes.


Zyro is a cutting-edge website builder for small businesses that includes AI-driven technology. As a result, the program enables the rapid creation of projects with a polished appearance and all necessary features. 

To build up a website using the platform, no special abilities or prior knowledge of web design are required. With the technology, even a novice may launch a website by following the instructions it generates automatically. The system is very feature-rich, intuitive, and user-friendly.

With the Zyro website builder, you can launch your business online in a few simple steps. Select the template you want, make the necessary changes, create AI content, or add your own company information. Once everything is completed, you should publish the product and begin working on its ongoing promotion. offers an integrated website builder and hosting service. This makes it possible to quickly and easily create websites and put them on the system servers. 

What’s intriguing is that has distinguished itself as one of the most seasoned and feature-rich hosts. This gives its subscribers a variety of choices. 

Similarly, you can use the system to launch any form of a project even without any programming experience. This makes the platform a good choice for both site design experts and non-techies.


Leia is an artificial intelligence (AI) website builder that enables users to construct and manage spotless, unique sites entirely from scratch in under a minute. It enables the creation and publication of stunning responsive websites for all types of enterprises.

All you need to do is outline the features your project needs and explain how it should look. Also, pick the specifics that will affect how it functions. Then, lean back in your chair and observe how Leia creates your website. This is based on the data you provide while responding to the questions. Interesting fact, Leia is able to autonomously design, code, and launch your project.


B12 is an artificial design intelligence (A.I.) driven human-assisted website builder. It enables you to launch any project in under a minute. Currently, the technology powers over 3,000 niche-specific, personalized, and one-of-a-kind websites all over the world.

You only need to register with the system and respond to a few questions about your company specialty. This enables the AI to search the web, and create a draft of your project, then launch a website with B12. The designer will continue to work on customizing your project after you examine the draft and provide input. You will therefore receive the ready-made website that is customized to your needs in about a week.

10 Web

As a platform for artificial intelligence-powered web design, 10 Web AI Builder enables you to launch and rebuild any WordPress website. This is done in a matter of minutes with little to no additional effort. Being regarded as the new generation web development platform, the system makes use of powerful AI support. 

The website builder comes with a top-notch Website Editor. It is based on Elementor and enables the creation and customization of high-quality projects using the power of artificial intelligence.

Apart from WordPress websites, the system lets you move the available content from other website builders. An example of these builders includes Squarespace and Wix. Just a few clicks are required to complete this. 

You must make a copy of your project, and edit it with the system’s easy drag-and-drop editor. After that, you may then begin a new project. No matter what talents or web design knowledge you may have, anyone can complete this work.

Appy Pie’s AI website builder

You can easily start and customize web projects using Appy Pie’s AI website builder. This is achievable without any coding or web design experience necessary. The DIY builder is based on the Appy Pie platform. It uses built-in drag-and-drop capabilities to begin truly stunning creations in minutes. 

The method functions well on websites for online shops, and nonprofit organizations, as well as dining, drinking, and medical establishments. The framework does allow for the launch of further initiatives, though.

With the website builder, starting web projects doesn’t take much time or effort; instead, just a few simple steps are needed to get the job done. What you need to do is give the name of your website and list any special features you want to include in your project and launch a completed website. For everyone, that is really simple, quick, and hassle-free. is a free AI website builder and potent online marketing platform that guarantees effectiveness and creative flexibility. The software has several features for website promotion and design customization all in one location. The system’s built-in artificial intelligence tool and no-code visual interface make it quick and simple for everyone to use without the need to understand difficult programming fundamentals.


Gator is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder that includes AI templates, a wealth of design customization tools, social network integrations, an SSL Security Certificate, and unique features that allow you to set up and customize many kinds of web projects. The system is run by HostGator, which is one of the most popular and established hosts in the contemporary web design market.


Every business in today’s fast-paced world needs to automate its routinely repeated processes if it wants to increase productivity. They require a promising AI platform that can assist them in automating workflows.

The simplest method to satisfy every business’s requirement for automation may be to create an AI website. Making an AI website these days is not a difficult endeavor; one can easily use no-code platforms. You may easily create a stunning AI website using the greatest website builder.

The main objective of employing AI-powered web-building tools is to make website production easier for beginners who have never worked with website builders. The use of these technologies eliminates the requirement for programming expertise and significantly lowers the possibility of making an error.

As a beginner, all you need to do is respond to a set of pre-made questions about your company to provide the platform with the data it will use to automatically create a high-quality website for you. An unskilled user may find the process of launching the same website with a traditional website builder to be more challenging and time-consuming.

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